New Recipe Contest Series!

MAK Grills Recipe Contest

What are you MAK-ing on your pellet grill this year? We want to know! Our passion for smoked meats is strong, but our passion for our fellow pellet heads is stronger. That being said, we’ve decided to do something different this year and host a MAK Grills recipe contest series. We’re asking you to grill up some amazing dishes, snap some pictures and submit your recipe to us.

There will be a contest every month which focuses on a different category of meat. For the month of February, we’ll be focusing on… Drum roll please… beef! We’re talking steak, beef tenderloin, brisket, ground beef, roasts, jerky, etc. We want to see you go where no pellet griller has gone before.

Mak Grills Recipe Contest For March 2019

How Do I Enter The MAK Grills Recipe Contest?

It’s simple. You’ll hop on our website and click “Recipes and Tips”. You’ll then scroll down until you see the words “Drop It While It’s (Still) Hot” and click on the “Submit Recipe” button below. Or, to make things even easier, you can simply click here to be taken directly to the recipe submission page. In the section where you type the recipe’s name, enter in this format: [recipe name] – contest submission. Once you’re done filling out the recipe’s details, you’ll simply click “Submit”.

Please note that you can submit your recipes throughout the course of the month and there’s no cap on the number of recipes you’re allowed to enter. In fact, the more the better! The cutoff for recipe submissions will be the last day of the month. We’ll then announce the winners the following Tuesday, along with next month’s contest category.

How Do I Win?

Ah, the million dollar question. The winner will be chosen based on two criteria: the most unique and best-tasting recipe. All monthly winners will qualify to become a grand winner. There will be a total of three grand winners who will be chosen at the end of the year and will be determined under different criteria which are:

  1. Most recipes submitted
  2. Best tasting recipe submitted
  3. Most unique recipe submitted

The next burning question aside from “How do I win?” is “What will I win?”. We actually have more exciting news! We’re putting together the first-ever MAK recipe book and all monthly winners will have their recipes featured in it. The grand winners will receive extra special recognition in our cookbook along with a gift basket filled with exclusive MAK Swag that isn’t available for purchase.

We’re super excited to kick off our first ever contest series and see what crazy dishes our fellow pellet heads put together! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a ring.