MAK Grills Pellet Boss Controller with Integrated Wifi

Greetings MAK Family,

We are thrilled to announce that as of June 1, 2021, all MAK Grills will come standard with MAK Mobile Wi-Fi, an add-on currently priced at $300. Since we introduced convenient grilling with wi-fi in 2011, it has been one of our most popular features, and we’re proud to bring that convenience to every new MAK owner.

This is a change we’ve always wanted to make, and now is the perfect opportunity due to various supply line changes and rising materials costs facing all U.S. manufacturers. As a result, this upgrade will come with a price increase for the MAK One-Star General Grill and the MAK Two-Star General Grill.

As of June 1, 2021, The MAK Grills One-Star General will retail at $2199. The MAK Grills Two-Star General will retail at $3199. Though the price of the base models will increase by $200, the inclusion of the previously $300 wi-fi add-on will result in a net savings of $100 for a feature highly recommended by an overwhelming majority of owners who have used it.

MAK Mobile allows you to operate your grill using any device with a web browser. Change and set grill temperatures, set meat probe alerts, graph cooks for future reference, and receive text or email notification alerts anywhere, anytime.

The All-Stainless Two-Star General and the Three-Star General will not increase in price.

Thank you for supporting U.S. manufacturing and being part of the MAK Family.