Grilling Green

The Greenest Way to BBQ is on a MAK Pellet Grill! Grilling Green!

  • MAK Grills use a renewable biomass fuel made from recycled hardwood sawdust. The sawdust is formed into clean-burning wood pellets. This reduces landfill waste, turning a waste by-product into a usable fuel product. Start Grilling Green.
  • You’ll eat healthier when you cook on a MAK Grill. Compared to gas or charcoal-fueled grills, our indirect cooking system reduces Benzoapyrene exposure to the food you cook and eat.
  • Cooking on a MAK Pellet Grill is safer than cooking on gas or charcoal grills. There are no open flames to cause flare-ups or burnt food. There is no explosive gas used in the lighting or operation of a MAK Grill.
  • MAK GRILLS operate at a 98.8% efficient burning factor. This reduces particulate emissions and reduces the grill’s overall carbon footprint.
  • MAK Grills are designed and manufactured to last for decades, utilizing non-rusting stainless steel in the manufacture of our critical components. These are grills that WON’T end up in a landfill or dump.