Sold in packs of three. 14 oz. Bottles. See below for more information about individual sauces.

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DEVIL’S PUNCH – Our hottest sauce! Literally. If you like it hot, this is the one for you. Using Habanero peppers for a base, this is one sauce sure to leave a sheen on your forehead, and remind you how many taste buds you have on your tongue!

HICKORY – The flavor of the West can be found with our Hickory Grilling Sauce. This tomato based sauce packs lots of flavor, and compliments beef, pork, chicken, even lamb with that traditional barbecue flavor.

HONEY BOURBON – We combined the sweetness of honey and bourbon for award winning flavor. Not too sweet, with a nod to an American original, bourbon. Our Honey Bourbon sauce adds wonderful flavor to everything.

HONEY STINGER – We call this one the “sweet-heat” of our grilling sauce line. A little spicy with a sweet side to it. You may tingle a bit, but you won’t get stung. Absolutely fabulous on pork ribs.

RUM – Yo ho-ho and a bottle of MAK RUM GRILLING SAUCE is the life for us! A very flavorful sauce indeed. This sauce is also a great marinade for chicken and pork.

WHISKEY – You don’t have to be of legal age to enjoy this great grilling sauce. A nice touch of whiskey to help bring out all of the flavor of this savory tomato based sauce.

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