MAK Opening Grill with Smoke

Barbecue is a

Cooking with real wood smoke for flavor and tenderness might sound simple, but mastering this process requires devotion, attention to detail—and the right pit. At MAK Grills we innovate relentlessly for every pitmaster who refuses to settle for anything less than American made craftsmanship.

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MAK 2-Star General Grill - Pellet Grill - Pellet Smoker

Pellet grilling is a

Precision cooking requires precision engineering. MAK Grills are made in America (Oregon, USA) to exacting standards and designed to be greater than the sum of their parts. Able to maintain temperatures as low as 170°F and capable of searing at temperatures up to 600°F, MAK turns the art of grilling into a consistent science.

Use these 5 Tips for Cold Weather Pellet Grilling the next chance you get.

Outdoor cooking is a
way of life.

Barbecue is more than a pastime, it’s a commitment. Which is why every MAK Grill is built at our factory in Oregon by American workers who manage everything from design to support. MAK is committed to versatility, reliability, and the best customer service available to ensure a lifetime of outdoor cooking.

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