Everything tastes better with
Real smoke.

Food was meant to be cooked over an open flame, releasing distinct flavors and aromas. By combining precise temperature control with the unmistakable flavor of smoke from real wood pellets, we have created nothing short of the perfect pellet grill. At MAK, we settle for nothing less than perfection. Each and every time.

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A grill with a reputation that
demands respect.

Every so often, recognition and awards are accredited based upon nothing but character alone. Such is the case with the Two-Star General. Hand made with sweat and love in Dallas, Oregon, this is quite simply the last pellet grill you will ever need. Capable of both cold smoking cheese and tactfully flash searing even the most delicate seafood, the Two-Star simply does it all. All of this wrapped up in a body made of 16-gauge, 304 Marine-Grade Steel, and you get a grill worthy of Eisenhower… and he had way more than two stars.


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  • Along with the arrival of warm weather, is the arrival of our local farmer’s market. We can taste that fresh produce already! Fresh veggies on the MAK can’t be beaten. Do yourself a favor and visit the Polk County Bounty Market Facebook event page for more information. #makgrills #farmersmarket #pelletgrill #twostargeneral #pelletsmoker #bbqsmoker #woodpelletgrill #americanmade 
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  • The MAK Rib Rack (No, unfortunately not a rapper name) is constructed of 304 stainless steal wire for a lifetime worth of smoked ribs. This bad boy allows you to cook up to 8 slabs of baby back or spare ribs on your MAK at one time! 
For more information on this product or for some expert tips on how to smoke a perfect rack of ribs, visit our website at makgrills.com!
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Use these 5 Tips for Cold Weather Pellet Grilling the next chance you get.

The best find a way to
stand out.

Respect isn’t given, it is earned. And at MAK, our attention to detail has earned us a place as the most awarded pellet grill in the industry. AmazingRibs.com has recognized the One-Star General as one of the Top 10 Best Value Backyard Smokers since 2013. MAK has also won numerous Vesta Awards, an annual, peer-reviewed accolade judged on both quality and innovation.

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