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With a primary cooking surface is 429 in.2, and room to add up to double the cooking space, the MAK One-Star General represents outstanding value in our line of American-made pellet smoker/grills. In fact, has included it in their Top 10 Best Value Backyard Smokers list since 2013.

And with our pellet hopper dump door, it’s easy to swap out pellet varieties in seconds. This is a MAK original feature missing from most other pellet grill lines. To top it all off, the One-Star comes with our exclusive FlashFire™ igniter, which has a LIFETIME warranty. No other pellet grill has anything like it.

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One-Star General Description

Our One-Star General Grill is precision crafted using aluminized steel, the same material used in the manufacture of home ovens. This type of steel creates exceptional heat refraction, which is one reason why the cooking temperature in our grills holds within ten degrees of the setpoint temperature.

Mak Grills engineer and manufacture our grills to exacting standards so they will last for decades of cooking pleasure. Our grills are designed for easy, uncomplicated assembly, so that you can get your grill put together and start cooking on it in an hour or less.

Here are just a few of the outstanding features that set the One-Star apart from other pellet grills:

  • Easier assembly with two leg panels instead of four individual legs.
  • FlashFire™ ignition for sure start-ups every time you want to cook.
  • The only pellet grill igniter with a Lifetime Warranty.
  • Pellet Boss Digital Controller with 15 separate functions from Smoke to Grill.
4.2/5 (9 Reviews)


  • Three inch heavy-duty locking swivel casters all around. Gives you the most mobility possible. Easy to lock and unlock.
  • ”Classic black” high temperature powder coat. Helps to hide grease and sauce drips.


  • FlashFire™ igniter.The quickest, surest way to get your grill fired-up. Comes with a lifetime warranty. A MAK Exclusive!
  • Pellet Boss® digital controller has 15 separate features and an improved LCD display making it easier to read from the top down. It’s also Wi-Fi ready. A MAK Exclusive!
  • Uses up to three programmable meat probes to monitor internal meat temperatures, ensuring the perfect result every time.
  • Commercial grade Thermocouple for precise temperature measurement and grill temperature control.


  • Slide In Upper Grates. Add more cooking surface by using one of our optional slide-in stainless steel grates. Three sizes to choose from.
  • Rear exhaust louvers provide consistent cooking throughout the entire cooking chamber.


  • Pellet Hopper Dump Door. Change pellet varieties in seconds, rather than having to scoop them out by hand.
  • Removable Stainless Steel firepot. Allows easy disposal of pellet ash. A MAK Exclusive!
  • Automatic Auger Stop. A safety feature that stops auger movement whenever the pellet hopper lid is opened.
  • Twenty pound pellet hopper capacity. Holds enough fuel for all night cooks.
  • Interior ash clean-out. Leave the shop vac in the garage. Simply lift the cover and brush the pellet ash into the two quart grease drawer for disposal. A MAK Exclusive!
  • Interior Stainless steel two quart grease drawer captures grease and pellet ash. We eliminated the grease bucket that can lead to trouble for kids, pets and critters.


  • Eight foot long power cord. It’s long enough so you can move the grill away from the house and still keep it plugged in.

One-Star General Specifications

  • Grill Dimensions: 49” H X 40” W x 21.5” D
  • Cooking Surface: 429/858 in.2  (19.5” x 22” x 14”)
  • Grill Weight: 160 lbs.
  • Construction: 16 gauge aluminized steel body
  • 14 gauge Stainless Steel interior components
  • Hopper Capacity: 20 lbs.
  • Grease Collection: 2 Qt. interior Stainless steel grease drawer
  • Smoke Temperature Range: 170°F-190°F
  • Cooking Temperature Range: 200°F-450°F
  • Finish: “Classic Black” high temperature powder coat
  • Casters: 3 inch heavy-duty polycarbonate locking casters

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Customers who live in extreme rural or secluded areas will be responsible for paying additional shipping charges which are not covered under our regular residential delivery. Please inquire prior to making your purchase with us. Call (503) 623-1234 or email: Someone MUST be available to receive the grill at time of delivery.

One-Star General Reviews

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  1. 5Rated 5 out of 5

    Tim Heckman

    This is the best made American product that I’ve ever purchased. The hardware, design, paint, grates, and all the internal components are top notch and high quality. Even the included hex wrench set is Made in the USA! Nothing was overlooked. The unit is so much larger and more impressive in person. The black paint is absolutely beautiful and looks as if it wont scratch off that easily. Quality, quality, quality. I’d leave 100 stars if I could. Proud to be a MAK owner. You guys represent what American quality needs to be!

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The Gold Standard for Pellet Grills

In my previous career as the Director of Manufacturing for a local machine shop,I know quality products when I see them, and the MAK One-Star is simply amazing for its quality of workmanship! Most impressed with: American made product. Quality of construction. Nice selection of additional accessories available. Pellet Boss control: Simply amazing. An overwhelming amount of positive reviews/rating of your products.
-Stephen F, Oregon