Two-Star General


A Triumph of American Industry

Each MAK Two-Star General Grill is hand-assembled in Oregon using locally-sourced 304 stainless steel, from the body to the hardware. Our industry-leading funnel FlameZone system not only facilitates easy transitions between smoking and grilling, but also reduces pellet consumption and temperature recovery time in cold weather. The warmer/smoker box holds food at safe serving temperatures or allows you to cold smoke foods like nuts or cheese. Unmatched in its versatility, consistency, and build quality, the Two-Star General continues to lead the way in outdoor cooking.

Remotely control your cooks with the included wi-fi module.

Two-Star General Product Quick-Info

  • Directional Arrow Icon 429 SQ.2 COOKING SPACE
  • Thermometer Icon 170°F - 600°F COOKING TEMPERATURE
  • Smoke Cloud Icon 170°F - 190°F SMOKING TEMPERATURE

Product Info & Specifications

Two-Star General Description

Since we introduced the MAK Two-Star General Grill in 2009, we’ve constantly improved our flagship model to make it one of the best performing pellet grills on the planet. Not only does this pellet grill look great, it smokes (grills, bakes, roasts, etc.) as good as it looks! And every MAK is designed, crafted, and shipped with pride right here in the USA.

One of the biggest differences between MAK Grills and other pellet smoker manufacturers is our unending quest to engineer and design pellet grills as close to perfect as possible. MAK’s Two-Star General is a top-quality outdoor cooking appliance that eliminates the need for multiple backyard cooking units. From cooking over direct heat at high temperatures to making sure all the grease goes to the right place, our constant goal is to make your barbecue experience stress-free. Once you start cooking on a Two-Star, any other outdoor cooking device will quickly be forgotten.

Here are just a few of the outstanding features that set the Two-Star apart from other pellet grills:

  • Easier assembly with two leg panels instead of four individual legs.
  • FlashFire™ ignition for sure start-ups every time you want to cook.
  • We have the ONLY pellet grill igniter with a Lifetime Warranty.
  • FlameZone® with improved grease run-off, quicker high-temperature attainment, and better heat recovery.
  • Classic black high-temp powder coat finish helping hide grease and sauce drips.

Each MAK Two-Star General Grill ships with:

  • A bottle of our exclusive MAK sauce
  • 1 twenty-pound bag of pellets
  • 2 K-style meat probes
  • Your choice of upper grate


  • Rust-proof  body made of marine-grade 304 stainless steel.
  • DA matte finish hides scratches and makes cleaning easier.
  • Stainless steel rivets and screws maintain integrity at crucial stress points.
  • Stainless steel hopper and warmer box lids provide extra working space.
  • Four stainless steel hooks keep tools handy at all times.
  • 3-inch medical-grade nylon locking casters hold up under tens of thousands of travel miles per year.


  • FlashFire™ igniter heats up to 2000°F in seconds to get your grill up to temp as quickly as possible. Rated for 90,000 on/off cycles. Lifetime warranty included.
  • Pellet Boss® controller manages your cooks in real time with our proprietary algorithms. Program your favorite cooks for ease of use. Wi-Fi included.
  • Use up to three K-style meat probes to monitor your cook. Program alerts, or change setpoint temperature based on internal meat temps.
  • Commercial-grade roaming thermocouple monitors the internal grill temperature and communicates with the Pellet Boss controller in real time.


  • The Warmer/Smoker Box maintains a temperature roughly 100°F cooler than the main chamber, allowing you to keep food warm or cold smoke cheese, nuts, salt, etc.
  • The Funnel FlameZone® enables direct-heat cooking, helps reach high temperatures quickly, improves grease collection, and reduces pellet consumption.
  • Rear louvered vents exhaust heat evenly, allowing hot smoke to circulate while ensuring cold smoke exits the chamber. Smokestack designs draw heat to one side and exhaust hot smoke prematurely, causing hot and cold spots.
  • Up to 2 full and 1 three-quarter stainless steel slide-in upper grates add more cooking surface and allow you to load your grates in the kitchen while bringing your smoker up to temp.


  • 20 lb pellet hopper capacity, more than enough fuel for a typical overnight cook.
  • Pellet Hopper Dump Door allows you to change pellet varieties in seconds or winterize your grill.
  • Removable stainless steel firepot allows easy disposal of pellet ash.
  • Two-quart internal grease drawer collects grease. Use a mini aluminum loaf pan as an easy lift out liner.
  • Interior ash clean-out cover easily lifts off so you can brush ash into the internal grease drawer for disposal.


  • Eight foot long power cord. It’s long enough so you can move the grill away from the house and still keep it plugged in.
  • “Classic black” high temperature powder coat. Helps to hide grease and sauce drips.

Two-Star General Specifications

  • Grill Dimensions: 49” H x 60” W x 25” D
  • Cooking Surface: 429/859 in.2 (19.5″ Deep x 22″ Wide x 14″ Tall)
  • Grill Weight: 235 lbs.
  • Construction:
    • 16 gauge 304 Stainless Steel body
    • 16-gauge aluminized steel leg panels
    • 14-gauge stainless steel internal components
  • Warmer/Smoker Box dimensions: 285 in.2 (19″ Deep x 15″ Wide x 5″ Tall
  • Hopper Capacity: 20 lbs.
  • Grease Collection: 2 Qt. interior Stainless steel grease drawer
  • SMOKE Mode: 170°F-190°F
  • Cooking Temperature Range: 200°F-600°F
  • Finish: Classic black high-temp powder coat
  • Casters: 3-inch heavy-duty polycarbonate locking casters
  • Spec Drawing available here

Shipping Informaton

Please contact us for shipping details and costs for those living in Alaska and Hawaii.

Minimum shipped weight of the MAK 2-Star General Grill is 300 lbs.

Customers who live in extreme rural or secluded areas will be responsible for paying additional shipping charges which are not covered under our regular residential delivery. Please inquire prior to making your purchase with us. Call (503) 623-1234 or email: [email protected]. Someone MUST be available to receive the grill at time of delivery.

When placing orders online, please allow 3-5 days for grills to ship from our facility. For accessory-only online orders, please allow 2-3 days. Thank you!

11 reviews for Two-Star General

  1. Ron Coates

    I recently purchased the Two-Star General. From pre sales questions to delivery it was easy to see Mak was the right choice. Mak uses top notch carriers for delivery. The freight company called to schedule the delivery a day prior to arrival. The next day I received a call about an hour prior to delivery. On time and no damage. Mak does a great job packaging the grill for shipping. Everything was protected well.

    Assembly of the Two-Star was a breeze. It definitely helps to have another person. While asembling my new Mak the quality is quite evident. The fit and finish are awesome. You can also tell by the gauge of the metal used that this is a product made to last.

    Once I completed putting the grill together it was time to load it with pellets and do an initial burn in. The Pellet Boss powered up and worked flawlessly. For anyone questioning the decision to purchase a Mak, relax once you get one you will be more than happy.

    I have really enjoyed the cooks I have had so far. My first cook of baby back ribs turned out awesome. I followed that with a brisket that had a smoke ring that was out of this world. My other two cooks were a pork shoulder and a whole chicken. My results nay not have been competition worthy but I will say my food was better than ninety percent of the locals places. My coworkers love it when I bring in leftovers.

    I purchased several accessories with my grill. The most important of which I think is the upper rack. To me either get a full or three quarter upper to give you the best capacity. I also purchased the sear grate to make my Mak more friendly while doing direct heating tasks. The Teflon finish on it and the griddle are awesome.

    If you are looking for a pellet smoker made of high quality materials by American Craftsman that will last for a long time, invest in a Mak.

  2. Richard W

    I have had a 2 Star General since Oct, 2011, and it’s been a solid workhorse for me. Great for slow or fast grilling. Pork butts to steaks and smoked salmon. Solid, quality built cooker. I’ve never regretted this purchase. Had an issue a year ago with the temp probe. MAK tested my probe and controller, and returned them to me but with a new probe. Excellent service! I highly recommend a MAK grill.

  3. Rob Powell

    I got my 2 Star General back in 2017. Been in love ever since. I requested that my 2 Star be buried with me when I die. This is hands down the best grill I have ever owned. I have owned a lot of grills and smokers in my lifetime as I am sure a lot of you all have too. Most grills/smokers are great the first season and then the problems start, and they make the slow death to the junk pile. NOT the 2 Star, many season on it now, and it is still like it is brand new. The quality of the construction is fantastic, and very easy to use. I use it year round. I live in North Idaho were we measure snow by the feet. It has never let me down. When I first bought the 2 Star I was concerned about being able to be grill a good steak.
    It wasn’t a problem at all. Popped out the smoke plates and set it to grill let it come up to temp. Grilling is simple. Clean up is simple to, comes apart easy and goes back together simply as well. Customer service is the best. I ordered the super smoker attachment from a third party vendor. It was dropped shipped from MAK. I had put a PO box as the shipping address and they where shipping FedEx. They called me to verify that that the post office would accept the shipment. Who does that in this day and age. MAK has earned my respect and a customer for life. That last thing I will leave you with is, is don’t be put off by the cost and don’t be hesitant about spending the money. It is worth every penny, and it will last a lifetime in my opinion. If I added up all the money that I have spent over the years on grills and smokers, I would be money ahead if I would have just bought a MAK grill years ago. Made in the USA.

  4. jon neumann

    I have grill number 857 cant begin to remember when I bought it but other than a few upgrades this has been the best smoker/grill i have ever had in over 40 years of bbq. Totally the best service and technical help in the industry!

  5. Michael Waynick

    After months of research and years with a Weber Smokey Mountain, I decided to purchase a Mak 2-star for my grilling and smoking needs. I was worried about jumping into pellet smoking with buying such a high end product, but I couldn’t be happier with the grill or the customer service, which is bar none. The shipping process was fast and the unit was unloaded right in my garage. It took a couple hours to assemble and the instructions were clear. I fired it up that day and tested it out with grilled chicken. That weekend, I tried a brisket and pork shoulder and they turned out amazing. I was always concerned the pellet grill wouldn’t have the smoke flavor I enjoyed so much with the WSM. I can honestly say, I like the pellet smoker results even more.

    The can tell the features on the Mak are well thought out. The new roaming thermocouple is genious, and I love being able to get the exact temperature right at the grate. I’m not sure of any other grill on the market that allows you such precision and I’m grateful to have it. The pellet drop is amazing for quickly changing out which pellet you want. The grill is also capable of reaching temperatures that allow for a great sear.

    I’m no doubt a life-time customer of Mak. In 30 years when I’m ready for a new pellet grill (not because this one will be broken, becuase it’s built like a tank), I’ll be turning to Mak for my next grill. Keep up the good work, you make a lot of people proud to own your product.

  6. Bill Conyers

    I have owned my MAK Grill for over 7 years. During that time, I have never eaten better tasting food anywhere. There are many types of pellet grills on the market and I’m sure they all have their special niche. But if you want to sear a steak and then slow cook ribs, not too many grills have that capability. Another thing to think about, these grills are made in Oregon and the support staff is second to none. Through the years of owning this grill, I have needed some support. I’ve always received outstanding service and technical advice. I will go as far as to say, I have never gotten better service and support from any company anywhere. So when you’re in the market for a Pellet Grill, these are the guy’s you want to buy from. I’m so happy I made the investment on my MAK Grill!!

  7. Danny

    Wish it was possible to give 10 stars for my 2 star! I am very happy I decided to invest in this grill. The best thing since sliced bread IMO!

  8. Ben Butler

    We love our two star general. In fact this is our second one. I was your 49th customer when you guys first started. Now I’m your 2003 customer. Your customer service is second to none do anything I can think of.
    Thanks you guys for such a wonderful product. Will enjoy it for years.

  9. Greg Lafferty

    Absolutely love this thing! I am going on year 3 and use it all the time. There is a guy 4 doors down who also smokes and we have a smoke off competition about 3x eavh year and then everyone in the neighborhood brings different dishes and hang out and enjoy… the Mak 2Star makes me look good! Here is what i like about it
    Produces plenty of smoke, easy to controll, long smoke from 1 fill of the hopper, consistent temp, large temp rang with great 180 degrees smoke setting, cold smoking on warmer tray, thick heavy duty stainless steel, built to last, plenty of room (smoking a 17# Turkey today)

  10. Brandon Reinhart

    Just excellent. A day after I got my Two Star General I’ve been cranking out the best smoked chickens and ribs I’ve ever been able to make. Temperature control is excellent. Cleaning is easy. Everything is accessible and manageable. Definitely designed with heavy use in mind. I get very consistent smoke and consistent results.

  11. James P.

    I’ve had my 2-star general since 2008. I knew it was a beautiful piece of art with some really awesome features. I definitely told myself, this is a lifetime product, which is kinda how I justified the cost. But I certainly didn’t really know how long it would last or would Mak even be around in 10-20 years to sell me parts to keep it going? Well, Mak is still here and I’m still able to get parts at a super great price with excellent customer service. The grill still looks just about brand new. People cannot believe how old it is. I still use it almost every night. I’m still figuring out new ways to use it. I used to be all low and slow. Lately I’m going higher heat for grilling chicken wings and cooking pizza. I love the cold smoke option on it. Many years at Christmas I’m giving smoked cheese as a gift. I probably shouldn’t spill my secret but I make smoked Cheez-it crackers on the cold smoker and blow people away with that complex flavor! Anyway, the grill is so awesome and I still love it so much.

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make a change to a finer quality grill.

I have been the owner of another pellet grill since 1990... I thought it was time to make a change to a finer quality grill, and what a change it was. I am a believer after just the first meal. For newcomers to pellet grills, just start with a MAK be happy you did. For those who want a change, the MAK is the way to go. All the features, even cooking, warming tray, adjustable temperature controls, and heating speed are impressive You did a great job designing this unit.
-Troy S., California