one-star racks & grates

MAK Griddle


The MAK Griddle provides nearly 164 in.² (Full Griddle: 328 in.²) of griddle surface. The MAK Griddle features a hard anodized finish. A great accessory for breakfast lovers.

mak rib rack

Rib Rack

Cook up to 8 slabs of baby back or spare ribs at one time with our high-quality stainless steel Rib Rack.

MAK Searing Grate

Searing Grate

Our MAK Searing Grate produces mouthwatering, restaurant-quality sear marks on your favorite cuts of meat. Hand-welded from aircraft aluminum with a hard anodized finish.

The Upper Grates, a great accessory for your Mak Grills.

Upper Grates

Designed to slide directly into place, these Upper Grate options will add 50%, 75%, or even double the cooking space of your grill. Simply load the grate with your food and slide into place.


one-star storage accessories

MAK 1-Star Side Shelf

One-Star General Side Shelf

Manage even the most elaborate cook with 247 square inches additional work space on the side of your MAK One-Star General.

This One-Star-Bottom Shelf is a favorite Mak Grills accessory for the One-Star General Grill

One-Star Bottom Shelf

This handy shelf adds more than 500 in.² of storage space beneath the pit of your One-Star Grill.

MAK 1-Star Side Shelf

One-Star General Front Shelf

The MAK One-Star General front shelf makes prep at the grill much easier while also holding a roll of paper towels for easy access.


other one-star accessories

This is the Universal Accessory Hanger for Mak Grills

Accessory Hanger

Store your MAK Grill Power Cord in a safe place, or hang extra tools and towels. Literally, any accessory that you could hang on an accessory hanger can be hung on our MAK Accessory Hanger.

MAK 2-Star General Interior Shot


The MAK Funnel FlameZone System revolutionizes pellet grilling. Generate more smoke, more efficiently. Switch to grilling quickly and effortlessly. Reach searing hot temperatures, faster.

Use our FlashFire Igniter to Ignite the fire in your Mak Grill

FlashFire Igniter RetroFit Kit

Reaching over 2000°F in seconds, the FlashFire™ Igniter minimizes heat-up times. Rated for 90,000 on/off cycles and backed by a lifetime warranty, this is the last igniter you'll need to buy.

If you have a Mak Grill then you need one of our Grill Covers to keep it protected

Grill Cover

Keep your grill protected with this handsome black cover imprinted with the MAK Grills logo. Fits on either the MAK 1-Star General or the MAK 2-Star General Grill, with or without all or some of the shelves in place.

K-Style Probe Coiled Up

K-Style Meat Probes

The K-Style Industrial-Grade Meat Probe sets a new industry standard for reliability, accuracy, and durability. Rated for 650°F, this USA-made probe will help you cook to perfection for years to come.