MAK Owners are our marketing department.

These comments are just a few of the thousands of amazing reviews we’ve received from our grill owners over the years. Thank you to each and every one of our incredible MAK family members.

Here’s what grill owners are saying about their MAK Grills:


I’ve had my 2-star general since 2008. I knew it was a beautiful piece of art with some really awesome features. I definitely told myself, this is a lifetime product, which is kinda how I justified the cost. But I certainly didn’t really know how long it would last or would Mak even be around in 10-20 years to sell me parts to keep it going? Well, Mak is still here and I’m still able to get parts at a super great price with excellent customer service. The grill still looks just about brand new. People cannot believe how old it is. I still use it almost every night. I’m still figuring out new ways to use it. I used to be all low and slow. Lately I’m going higher heat for grilling chicken wings and cooking pizza. I love the cold smoke option on it. Many years at Christmas I’m giving smoked cheese as a gift. I probably shouldn’t spill my secret but I make smoked Cheez-it crackers on the cold smoker and blow people away with that complex flavor! Anyway, the grill is so awesome and I still love it so much.

-James P. 

This grill is a 100% American made culinary gem. After doing extensive research, I knew the MAK 2-Star General was my prime choice. And when I learned they made an “all stainless” version, I was sold! The all-stainless model puts this already great grill into the “legacy” category meaning it will outlast me. I’m certain I’ll be gifting it to my (now) 6 year old son when he’s all grown up. Assembly took about 1 hour with a helping hand. I upgraded my grill getting the front shelf (a must have!), accessory hook (for the chord), 2 searing grates, and a full size griddle pan. Everything about this grill is pure quality, crafted perfectly with precision, and solid. MAK Grills must be proud of pulling off a 100% American made masterpiece! I certainly am!

-John B. 

“I’ve cooked on every kind of grill/smoker/egg/pit/etc and I can say without reservation that my MAK 2 Star General is by far the best. I’ve been known to tell people who are asking how in the world do I serve such awesome brisket/ribs/butt/chicken/etc that this grill is like cheating! If you can screw up a piece of meat on this grill you can screw up a soup sandwich! I have friends who own other brands of pellet grills, some even more expensive, that do not work as well as my MAK. Plus, every part of the grill is of the best quality. 5 stars for sure.”

– Lee W., Austin, Texas

“I am very excited that my first ever grill is a MAK 1 Star General made right here in Oregon! As a single woman with no grilling experience, I have always been intimidated by gas and charcoal grills. Pellet grills appealed to me because they require no dangerous chemicals to operate. I try to buy American made products whenever possible, however, so I was thrilled to learn about MAK  grills. Thank you for providing jobs to Oregon residents, and for making what all reviews and discussion boards I’ve read promise to be top quality smoker grills! I hail from the south. My heart is dancing with anticipation over my first pellet smoker bbq! It’s going to be amazing! When I visited my local dealer, I was blown away by the clearly superior materials used in the MAK’s construction, as well as the very thoughtful design. I am looking forward to a long and happy life together! Thank you!!!”

– Kathleen. J., WA.

“I have owned my 2-Star General Mak Grill for several years now, and it remains my favorite cooking appliance of all time. It has incredibly robust construction and stands out as a well-made grill. The Pellet Boss provides outstanding control and consistent performance. I have the mobile module and this technology works flawlessly, allowing mobile control during longer smoking recipes and a freedom to pursue other activities while cooking. Over the years, I’ve installed other upgrades, and I have to applaud the outstanding service I have always received–I feel I get personal attention from staff that know me and want to support my experience. Smoking has become a staple of our cooking activities–I smoke 40 pounds or so every year for our small brewery’s annual tasting party, smoke the turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas (smoking has won the head-to-head taste test with roasting and deep-frying) and provide the main dish for large and small get togethers.
In short, my experience with Mak Grills has been nothing short of outstanding. This has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. If I ever buy another smoker, it will be a Mak, and I would recommend this grill to anyone.”

– Ned Calonge., Denver, CO

“I have had my 2 Star General for a number of years and continue to love it. It is built like a tank and customer support has always been terrific. Finally, you can update it as Mak develops more ways to improve on what is already an awesome grill.”

– Lee P., Saint Helena, CA

“The day my MAK showed up my smoking life was changed forever. Hands down better than any pellet grille I’ve ever owned in the past. The temp control is amazing no matter the weather outside. A++++ will never own another brand again.”

– Jim D., San Jose, CA

“This is the most well built and engineered grill I have ever seen. The competition is nowhere near the MAK standard in pellet grills.”

– Eric S., Ione, CA

“I am completely thrilled with the build quality and attention to detail on my 2 Star General Grill. Thank you!”

– Thomas C., Chatsworth, CA

“Just want to give a shout out to Dennis Ogg in the Sales & support group. My 9 year old 2-Star experienced a thermocouple failure 3 days before Christmas. The first real issue I have had on my smoker. The timing was the worst as I already had a 10 lb USDA “Prime” Prime Rib ready to go for Christmas dinner with the family. Not only did Dennis provide a manual work-around for the non-functioning thermocouple he also hot-shotted a brand new Pellet Boss Controller, WIFI capable, and the new thermocouple along with two of the new probes (double plug) at a very reasonable price. Received all of this Christmas Eve day at 12:02 pm (2 minutes late FedEx!!! 🙂 ) I had everything installed and functioning in a couple of hours. It would probably take Dennis 20 minutes but I’m slow and methodical. Anyway, Christmas Prime Rib was a home run, rave reviews from the partakers, perfect grill temperature control, great smoke flavor. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have a super high quality pellet smoker made in the USA!! Thank you MAK Grills!!! I’m good to go for another 9 years.”

– Richard C., Conroe, TX

“MAK Folks…This grill is simply amazing!”

– Charles B., Mt. Prospect, IL

“This may not be a ‘feature’ in the traditional sense– but the fact that it is actually made in the USA (not just assembled) matters to me.  Beyond that, the versaility– smoke, grill, bake, cold smoke– fueled my curiosity. Once I got to see one in person, though, that’s when I really appreciated it.  Well built, clean and simple design, easy to use and repair. Of all the things, the lid really made my wife happy. Some other brands we looked at had lids that went raised up instead of rolling back, which made them difficult for her to consider using.  Since we both like to cook, that was an important discovery. I also like the thoughtfulness that seems to have gone into the accessories. Though I haven’t purchased any yet, they all seem to serve a common sense purpose that enhances the cooking experience.”

– Benjamin T., California

“There are many things to brag about with this grill. What I like most is the grill’s ability to hold a consistent temperature while I am cooking. Also, the build quality is remarkable.”

– Lee N., Tampa, FL.

“Phenomenal construction… in my previous career as the Director of Manufacturing for a local CNC machine shop that specialized in clean room parts and production, I know quality products when I see them, and the MAK 1 Star is simply amazing for its quality of workmanship!  Very concise and well-written instruction manual.  Most impressed with: American made product.  American made product.  American made product… you get the idea.   Pellet Boss control: amazing, simply amazing.  Quality of construction.  Excellent packing and shipping.  Extremely fast shipment.  Nice selection of additional accessories available.  An overwhelming amount of positive reviews/rating of your product(s) on various forums/websites.  After several months of vast research, it is my opinion that MAK is the gold standard for pellet smokers/grills.  Are there other good ones?  Yes, but my research put MAK at the top.”

–  Stephen F., Oregon  

“I love the fact that I can slow cook for as many hours as needed.  I’m impressed with the constant temperature control without having to babysit the grill.  I even use it at -20°F.  It’s performed very well here in Alaska.”

–  Earnest D., Alaska

“MAK team: Thank you for the outstanding service– really second to none!  I am so glad to be part of the MAK family and spreading the word about your grills and service.  Have a great day!”

–  Glen C., California

“I have cooked on so many different cookers over the years, it’s ridiculous! Gas, wood, briquette charcoal, lump charcoal, pellets… I have owned and sold way too many cookers. For the last few years, I have been cooking exclusively over lump charcoal on a couple of kamados.  Love them– but with my acquisition of a MAK 1 Star last month, I am BLOWN AWAY!!! These MAKs really are all that, and more!  Thanks, MAK for building one of the finest cookers on the market, and refusing to take short-cuts!   I have found MAK to be a “you really do get what you pay for” cooker.  Just one guy’s testimonial ?”

– Robb W., California

“I was very impressed with the reviews that the grills have received on all fronts.  After purchasing and using the grill, I can say they were all well deserved. I love the grill and have been using it like crazy.  Coming from a charcoal grill that I had to constantly babysit to make sure the temp stayed steady, the thing I love the most is the set it and forget it aspect of the MAK. I can decide I want to smoke something and immediately can set the temp, throw the meat on, and not worry about it.”

– Joe G., Kansas

“You can add me as well to the excited and well pleased MAK owners!  I am newer to smoking and never could believe how easy and simple it is to use a MAK 1.  The versatility of what you can cook and the add-on options to the MAK Grills are superb!  But just as important is the easy cleaning of the MAK. I have found that out first hand. Very well designed.  Extremely pleased with the outright amazing results of the dishes I have served to my family and friends. Hats off, and thank you.”

– Travis, California

“Thank you Bruce, I really appreciate the level of customer service shown.  It’s one of the reasons I chose a product made in the US, MAK has only confirmed my belief in paying a little more upfront is worth it in the long run.”

– Scott F., Montana

“Impressed with Pellet Boss controller, heavy duty construction, American Made, optional accessories.”

– Dave C., Iowa

“Love that it is American made.  Impressed with: versatility and cleanup.”

– Brittanie R., Wyoming

“I have been involved in specialty manufacturing and retailing a large part of my life.  I have dealt with every type of customer that exists, from die hard loyal to scammers. I have taught employees and business owners what customer service means, and how it affects company/product image and the bottom line.  What it all boils down to is managing expectations, and, where reasonable, exceeding customer expectations. I recently had one of the most exceptional customer service experiences I have ever had. What I can say is that the management at MAK Grills knows and understands what good customer service is.  They understood my needs and expectations, and exceeded them in every aspect. As a result, I will be buying a 2 Star General as soon as I can. A good friend has already purchased a 2 Star after consulting with me. I can guarantee I will recommend MAK to any serious griller I meet! Thanks for the exceptional service, MAK!”

– SR, California

“I can’t believe I waited this long to buy a MAK 2 Star.  Definitely well worth it. Impressed with: Made in the USA.  Quality construction. Being able to cold smoke. Sear a steak if you want with the FlameZone.  Easy ash and grease removal. Pellet dump/ease of changing pellets.”

– Dave D., Washington

“Do not change what you are doing.  You have designed and constructed an awesome product.  Impressed with: Pellet Boss controller, stainless steel construction, FlameZone, and American Made.”

– James G., South Carolina

“I was pleasantly surprised it came with real Allen wrenches and a full set at that.  Unlike with most products that require assembly, I didn’t need to run to my toolbox to get a real tool.  Impressed with: quality, features (grilling, smoking, baking, cold smoking), made in the USA.”

– Allyn N., Nebraska

“This is our second MAK Grill!  That speaks for itself!”

– Cal C., California  

“The Pellet Boss controller is the reason I selected this grill.  The programming options make long cook times easy. Also, I am considering the {optional for the 1 Star General} FlameZone option for direct cooking, and I am happy this is available.”

– David F., Delaware

“I purchased an (other brands) grill for about $600.  When I researched and discovered the MAK, I canceled my order.  Impressed with: Not made in China– made in Oregon. Meathead’s test reports.”

– Raygene O., Oregon

“American made– durability, quality of construction, ease of use.”

– Tom J., Wisconsin

“I have grilled extensively with my 2 Star, using the standard grate and the searing grate.  Both provide great results and you can get nice grill marks if you are into that sort of thing.  On the HIGH setting, I measured the temp at the grate using an infrared gun at 650+. I guarantee you it is hot enough to cook steaks and burgers and chicken and whatever else you desire… MAK is great at reverse-sear cooking– you can get a lot of wood flavor via lower temp baking before doing the sear.  I used the MAK as my only grill/smoker for a while. I got rid of a {charcoal} kettle and a gas grill, and stopped using my offset-firebox smoker entirely once I got used to the MAK. The MAK can do anything, and do it very well. All cookers have their own personalities– you just have to learn their nuances and adapt.”

– Paul T., Colorado

“Impressed with: Sturdy build and reputation of a great working controller.”

– Benjamin D., Alaska

“Impressed with: Stainless steel material and USER programmability.”

– Brian B., Oregon

“Unpacking it now, and the grill looks extremely well built.  Replaced another good smoker, but reviews on forums convinced me to spend a lot of money on this item, and so far I am pleased.  The MAK cooking videos are a huge plus. The dealer was very nice, and I was very pleased with the owner and associate. Quality craftsmanship is a huge plus, but the Pellet Boss, Remote Boss, and stainless steel were the biggest selling points, but like I said above, it has stellar reviews.  Most grills I have researched have numerous negative reviews, but not the MAK. I hope to be another very satisfied customer.”

– James A., Missouri

“Can go to a smoker to a regular barbecue grill just by taking out a metal plate.”

– Eric A., Idaho

“Impressed with how it holds the heat.”

– Marc L., California

“Heavy construction, cold smoker, controls.  American made, great reviews.”

– Denis C., Washington

“I wanted to purchase a good grill made in the USA.  I was delighted to find your grills were made in Oregon.  What I was looking for was a pellet barbecue with quality construction; one that I could count on to last for years.  I don’t mind paying more for quality. I’m tired of all the disposable garbage being made overseas. I’m sure that on paper, overseas production seems like a good idea to increase your profit margin, however, I’m confident that I’m not along in my quest to buy well-constructed, American made products.  Thank you for making a grill worthy of my purchase. I hope your company continues to grow and prosper.”

– Deanna C., Oregon

“I’ve had pellet grills for 15 years went thru 2 other competitors grills. They died and didn’t get the job done as well as Mak. The construction of the Mak grill is just the best the features are ones others try to duplicate. The flame zone takes this grill into the all around bbq machine. Low and slow with an abundance of smoke or 500 plus to sear your steaks. Plus and additional smoker box to warm your food or smoke cheese or nuts etc. What’s not to love. The Mak mobile gives you grill control no matter where you are. You set the temperature it gets there quickly then keeps it there all night long. Love my Mak. Made in Oregon out of American material. Kiss those Chinese boxes good bye. Smoke on!”

– Mike O., Oregon

“We’ve had the 2 Star for just over 3 years now. We use Bear Mt Hickory pellets and make sure we dump pellets during raining weather or if we don’t use the pellet grill daily. I haven’t had to dump pellets in a while now 🙂 Used to not be a big veggie eater, now we just nuke the veggies and roast them in the MAK with olive oil, salt, and pepper. I call it candy. Brussel sprouts have never tasted better. If I get feisty I might put some grated cheese on the cauliflower and broccoli. We make pizza like it’s no one’s business. I buy pre-made dough from winco and top with veggies. Pre-heat the pizza stone in the MAK while it’s warming to 400, then add the pizza using a peel with parchment under the dough. Cook 5 min, remove parchment, then finish up for a crispy, perfect pizza. We make up to 3 pizzas at a time with only 1 extra grate. I could actually make 4 at a time. Our savings alone in pizza has been about $500 a year (2 pizza fixings plus pellets for a cost of about $10 every other week vs $30 pizza every other week). Crazy, right? Expensive? Oh yeah! Healthier and cost savings over time? You bet! Made in Oregon? We only make the best :)”

– Katalin P., Oregon

“I purchased a MAK One Star 6 or 7 years ago and my only complaint is that I wish I had sprung for the Two star! I have cooked briskets, pork shoulders, ribs, steaks, turkeys and hundreds of chickens, from whole to pieces. Everything comes out so tasty and moist it is AMAZING. If you are in the market and considering a MAK. Know that you cant go wrong. They stand behind their products and have answered a number of my questions quickly and as friends, not like it was a burden. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

– Doug W., Oregon