Made in the USA

MAK Grills are truly “Made in America.” In fact, in July of 2013 we became the first—and to this day only pellet grill manufacturer—to be in the Made in the USA Hall of Fame!

This is a fundamental part of who we are and will never change. 

Many former “made in America” brands have moved manufacturing offshore. Others import materials and components but assemble them here so they can still make the claim. In doing so, they often sacrifice reliable quality standards. If you’re charged the cost of American parts and manufacturing, you should be able to expect the benefits they bring, without worrying about delays in production and gaps in supply lines due to viral pandemics. 

Our grills aren’t just assembled here. We domestically source our materials, many from right here in Oregon. Components like our auger, auger motor, and K-Style Industrial Thermocouple Meat Probes are made in the USA to our exact specifications. Our Pellet Boss Controller is designed, tested, and built within driving distance of our shop in Dallas, Oregon, where all of our grills are made. Even our hats are fully made in the USA by a veteran-friendly company that also manufactures caps for branches of the United States Armed Forces.

It’s something we take seriously. As a small business in a small community we know how important it is to preserve American manufacturing and gainful employment opportunities. As a precision sheet metal manufacturer that is very proud of our product, we refuse to compromise quality by outsourcing. That’s why we were Made in the USA Certified in 2011.

Service to country and community is something we live. Bob is a United States Marine Corps veteran, as is our support lead, Dennis. Shipping and purchasing are handled by two Navy veterans. Several veterans are involved in the manufacture and assembly of our grills.

Dallas is a small community and supporting it has been a driving factor behind MAK since the very beginning. We aren’t just an employer and patron. We are actively involved in the community. We manufacture items for the city and local businesses, donate to charitable organizations, and sponsor an annual BBQ competition.

The current status quo is to outsource our economy to maximize profit. We have chosen not to go down that path. Instead, we maintain our own exacting quality control standards and build extraordinary products with integrity.

When you purchase a MAK, you directly support American engineering, construction, and employment. In return, you receive an outstanding product designed to the highest standards for a lifetime of wood-fire-flavored family meals.