MAK Grills Recipe Book

Check out our Beef Recipes & Tips. You will enjoy the outcome!

Beef Recipes

From cooking up mouthwatering burgers and perfectly seared ribeyes to smoked tri-tip and all beef hot dogs, beef is as it has always been, king of the grill.

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Check out our Poultry Recipes & Tips. You will enjoy the outcome!

Poultry Recipes

Pulled, smoked chicken, blackened turkey legs, smoked duck. Hell, even Turducken. All that and more, is possible on your MAK.

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Check out our Seafood Recipes & Tips. You will enjoy the outcome!

Seafood Recipes

To many, the gifts of the sea are the most treasured of all. From the perfect smoked salmon, to a beautifully seared scallops, MAK makes it better.

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Check out our Pork Recipes & Tips. You will enjoy the outcome!

Pork Recipes

Often the king of the smoker, everything from smoked bacon on the griddle to succulent pulled pork, we have all this wonderful, magical animal can provide.

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Check out our Veggie Recipes & Tips. You will enjoy the outcome!

Veggie Recipes

No meat? No problem. We have recipes for grilled squash, Roasted street corn, grilled snap peas and zucchini, and so much more.

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Check out our

Other Recipes

Think you can’t do pancakes on a grill? Or lasagna? Or smoked cheese? Think again. Just about anything you can cook indoors you can on a MAK.

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Drop it while it's (still) hot.

Want to add your culinary perfection to our ever-expanding catalog of pellet-powered masterpieces? Submit your recipe here, and if we choose your creation to our book you’ll receive 20% off any single accessory we offer.* (excludes the smoker box and flame zone)

Mak Grills Video Vault

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about MAK, grill maintenance, grilling techniques, and more, but were too embarrassed to ask! Browse through the MAK Video archive, and find everything from smoker tips and instructional videos, to recipes and beautiful finished products.