About MAK Grills

Our Story

MAK Grills is a family and veteran owned company located in Oregon. We manufacture exceptional pellet smokers. When the economy took a turn in 2008, we were faced with a choice: innovate or downsize. It was no choice at all—we needed to create a product in order to save jobs. As a family of lifelong backyard BBQers with over 50 years of precision sheet metal fabrication experience, pellet grills were a natural choice. 

We loved the precision control and genuine smoke flavor you can only get with a pellet grill but found that pellet grills weren’t without their shortcomings. They traditionally had problems reaching high temperatures and holding set temperatures. Unprotected steel firepots welded into the grill would deteriorate over time and fail, causing the whole grill to be replaced. Cleaning out the firepot was also more difficult. We spent a year and a half asking pellet grill owners what their ideal outdoor cooking machine looked like and listening to what they said. Then we went to work building it for them.

The first generation of MAK Grills was revolutionary. MAK Grills were the first to contain a direct heating system, the Flamezone. Our controller was the first one advanced enough to maintain and recover temperatures quickly and accurately. The first removable 304 stainless steel firepot made cleaning a breeze and made failures improbable and not likely to result in the replacement of your entire grill. 

Over the years we’ve continued to work closely with our customers to innovate even further. We were the first company with a Wi-Fi capable controller, the first to use a ceramic igniter, and the first to introduce a roaming thermocouple. These advances and others have earned MAK Grills several Vesta awards for quality and innovation. We continue to follow our customers’ lead in terms of innovation, which has led us to adopt the use of industrial grade K-Style meat probes.

MAK Grills stands out as a manufacturer that cares about building long-lasting, innovative, American made products. We’ve designed our grills to exceed your expectations and deliver an unparalleled outdoor cooking experience. We also care about people. The name MAK is an acronym for Matt, Alex, and Kal, our children. We pride ourselves on our ability to sustain American manufacturing and provide jobs that pay a fair wage. We stand by our products and provide our customers with world class service. 

If you’re looking for a good group of people who are as passionate about outdoor cooking as we are, join the conversation happening in the MAK Pellet Grill Fans Facebook Group.

We love talking BBQ and our products. Give us a call and let us welcome you to the MAK family!


The Pellet Boss

To put it bluntly, no other pellet grill on the market even comes close to the level of temperature control, and fuel consumption allowed by the MAK Pellet Boss® controller. Exclusive to MAK Grills, and a standard feature on each and every American-Made MAK grill, the Pellet Boss is one of the reasons our grills are in a class of their own.


This innovative control is fed information from the industrial thermocouple inside the grill to manage both fuel and fan speeds. The result is extremely accurate temperature control. Simply set your desired cooking temperature in 5-degree increments and use up to three meat/temperature probes. When your food reaches the programmed probe temperature, an audible alert lets you know that the food is done.

For more advanced cooking, you can create custom cooking programs which change the grill temperature using pre-set meat probe temperatures or time. The Pellet Boss® also lets you set elapsed time and/or countdown timers with audible alerts. The Pellet Boss will quite simply give you ultimate control over your grill, and allow you to recreate the same results over and over.


We spent years developing the FlameZone® for our grills and created it to incorporate a funnel which forces more hot air from the fire-pot upwards to the cooking grate level. This allows us to achieve hotter cooking temperatures more quickly, reduces heat recovery time whenever the grill lid is opened and produces perfect results every time it’s used. The FlameZone® and Quick Change Grease Pan system are made of 14 gauge stainless steel so it will last for decades, rather than just a few years.

Relax. It’ll be Done When it’s Done.


If you aren’t in a hurry, or just know that good thing come to those who wait, you can place the stainless steel covers over the top surface of the FlameZone®, redirecting the smoke and heat into the cooking chamber so that it encompasses everything on the grates. This setup is so versatile, it can be used to smoke, barbecue, roast or bake just about anything on your MAK Two or Three-Star General Grill.

Finish With Style.

Want to give that steak perfectly crispy sear marks? Add the specifically designed Sear Grates to the FlameZone®, and the specially designed ports channel intense heat directly under the food, so you can finish your cook in style.