The last grill you'll ever need.

Each MAK Grill is designed, sourced, and built in the USA to strict standards. All materials and parts are chosen for durability. The most cutting edge technology is used to engineer every part. Our expert machine operators and fabricators construct each grill.

For us, this isn’t just a point of pride. It’s our way to give back to the MAK family that helped us create the best pellet grill possible.

When you get a MAK, you won’t find gimmicky “features” ready to fail. But you will find a grill that redefines your outdoor cooking experience. With a MAK, pellet cooking is easier. More consistent. And more fun. A MAK Grill isn’t just another pellet grill. It’s the last grill you’ll ever need.

MAK One-Star General

One-Star General

No other pellet cooker puts out as much clean blue smoke as the MAK One-Star General. Easy to clean and use, this smoker will handle all your low 'n' slow cooking from now on.

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MAK Two-Star General

Two-Star General

Sear, smoke, or cold-smoke on the MAK Two-Star General. With that much versatility, this really is the last grill you'll ever need.

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all-stainless two-star general

All-Stainless Two-Star General

The standard for pellet grills just got better. Unrivaled versatility now comes in 100% 304 stainless-steel.

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Three-Star General

If you need to feed an army, the MAK Three-Star General is the only grill for the job. Ready for installation as a built-in, or keep it mobile with a roll cart.

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