MAK Grills Testimonials

Here's what other MAK owners are saying about their grills:

“This is the most well built and engineered grill I have ever seen. The competition is nowhere near the MAK standard in pellet grills.”

– Eric S., Ione, CA

“I am completely thrilled with the build quality and attention to detail on my 2 Star General Grill. Thank you!”

– Thomas C., Chatsworth, CA

“MAK Folks…This grill is simply amazing!”

– Charles B., Mt. Prospect, IL

“There are many things to brag about with this grill. What I like most is the grill’s ability to hold a consistent temperature while I am cooking. Also, the build quality is remarkable.”

– Lee N., Tampa, FL.

“I cooked some chicken thighs on it last night. Very nice! Now I am going to try some two inch thick Rib eye steaks tonight, The display that shows the internal meat temp when the meat is done allows me to cook without having to cut into the meat to see if it is done.”

– Daniel G., Cove, OR.

“Phenomenal construction… in my previous career as the Director of Manufacturing for a local CNC machine shop that specialized in clean room parts and production, I know quality products when I see them, and the MAK 1 Star is simply amazing for its quality of workmanship! Very concise and well written instruction manual. Most impressed with: American made product. American made product. American made product… you get the idea. Pellet Boss control: amazing, simply amazing. Quality of construction. Excellent packing and shipping. Extremely fast shipment. Nice selection of additional accessories available. Overwhelming amount of positive reviews/rating of your product(s) on various forums/websites. After several months of vast research, it is my opinion that MAK is the gold standard for pellet smokers/grills. Are there other good ones? Yes, but my research put MAK at the top.”

– Stephen F., Oregon

“I love the fact that I can slow cook for as many hours as needed. Impressed with the constant temperature control without having to babysit the grill. I even use it at -20°F. It’s performed very well here in Alaska.”

– Earnest D., Alaska

“MAK team: Thank you for the outstanding service– really second to none! I am so glad to be part of the MAK family, and spreading the word about your grills and service. Have a great day!”

– Glen C., California

“I have cooked on soooo many different cookers over the years, it’s ridiculous! Gas, wood, briquette charcoal, lump charcoal, pellets… I have owned and sold way too many cookers. For the last few years I have been cooking exclusively over lump charcoal on a couple of kamados. Love them– but with my acquisition of a MAK 1 Star last month, I am BLOWN AWAY!!! These MAKs really are all that, and more! Thanks MAK for building one of the finest cookers on the market, and refusing to take short-cuts! I have found MAK to be a ‘you really do get what you pay for’ cooker. Just one guy’s testimonial “

– ? Robb W., California

“Was very impressed with the reviews that the grills have received on all fronts. After purchasing and using the grill, I can say they were all well deserved. I love the grill and have been using it like crazy. Coming from a {charcoal grill} that I had to constantly babysit to make sure the temp stayed steady, the thing I love the most is the set it and forget it aspect (of the MAK). I can decide I want to smoke something and immediately can set the temp, throw the meat on, and not worry about it.”

– Joe G., Kansas

“You can add me as well to the excited and well pleased MAK owners! I am newer to smoking, and never could believe how easy and simple it is to use a MAK 1. The versatility of what you can cook, and the add-on options to the MAK Grills are superb! But just as important is the easy cleaning of the MAK. I have found that out first hand. Very well designed. Extremely pleased with the outright amazing results of the dishes I have served to my family and friends. Hats off, and thank you.”

– Travis, California

“I am very excited that my first ever grill is a MAK 1 Star General made right here in Oregon! As a single woman with no grilling experience I have always been intimidated by gas and charcoal grills. Pellet grills appealed to me because they require no dangerous chemicals to operate..I try to buy American made products whenever possible, however, so I was thrilled to learn about MAK grills. Thank you for providing jobs to Oregon residents, and for making what all reviews and discussion boards I’ve read promise to be top quality smoker grills! I hail from the south. My heart is dancing with anticipation over my first pellet smoker bbq! It’s going to be amazing! When I visited my local dealer, I was blown away by the clearly superior materials used in the MAK’s construction, as well as the very thoughtful design. I am looking forward to a long and happy life together! Thank you!!!”

– Kathleen. J., WA.

“Thank you Bruce, I really appreciate the level of customer service shown. It’s one of the reasons I chose a product made in the US, MAK has only confirmed my belief in paying a little more upfront is worth it in the long run.”

– Scott F., Montana

“Impressed with: construction and Pellet Boss. Replacing other pellet grill.”

– Jim D., California

“Great grill… thanks for the great support!”

– Chris M., Oregon

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss controller, heavy duty construction, American Made, optional accessories.”

– Dave C., Iowa

“Love that it is American made. Impressed with: versatility and cleanup.”

– Brittanie R., Wyoming

“I have been involved in specialty manufacturing and retailing a large part of my life. I have dealt with every type of customer that exists, from die hard loyal to scammers. I have taught employees and business owners what customer service means, and how it affects company/product image and the bottom line. What it all boils down to is managing expectations, and, where reasonable, exceeding customer expectations. I recently had one of the most exceptional customer service experiences I have ever had. What I can say is that the management at MAK Grills knows and understands what good customer service is. They understood my needs and expectations, and exceeded them in every aspect. As a result, I will be buying a 2 Star General as soon as I can. A good friend has already purchased a 2 Star after consulting with me. I can guarantee I will recommend MAK to any serious griller I meet! Thanks for the exceptional service, MAK!”

– SR, California

“Can’t believe I waited this long to buy a MAK 2 Star. Definitely well worth it. Impressed with: Made in the USA. Quality construction. Being able to cold smoke. Sear a steak if you want with the FlameZone. Easy ash and grease removal. Pellet dump/ease of changing pellets.”

– Dave D., Washington.

“Do not change what you are doing. You have designed and constructed an awesome product. Impressed with: Pellet Boss controller, stainless steel construction, FlameZone, and American Made.”

– James G., South Carolina

“Best controller of all pellet grills. Well built, pride in workmanship, 304 stainless.”

– George S., California

“I was pleasantly surprised it came with real Allen wrenches, and a full set at that. Unlike with most products that require assembly, I didn’t need to run to my tool box to get a real tool. Impressed with: quality, features (grilling, smoking, baking, cold smoking), made in USA.”

– Allyn N., Nebraska

“This is our second MAK Grill! That speaks for itself!”

– Cal C., California

“The Pellet Boss controller is the reason I selected this grill. The programming options make long cook times easy. Also I am considering the {optional for the 1 Star General} FlameZone option for direct cooking, and I am happy this is available.”

– David F., Delaware

“Impressed with: High Temps, all stainless, grease catch, searing option. Oregon/USA made.”

– Alan B., Oregon

“I purchased a {other brand} grill for about $600. When I researched and discovered the MAK, I cancelled my order. Impressed with: Not made in China– made in Oregon. Meathead’s test reports.”

– Raygene O., Oregon

“American made– durability, quality of construction, ease of use.”

– Tom J., Wisconsin

“This may not be a ‘feature’ in the traditional sense– but the fact that it is actually made in the USA (not just assembled) matters to me. Beyond that, the versaility– smoke, grill, bake, cold smoke– fueled my curiosity. Once I got to see one in person, though, that’s when I really appreciated it. Well built, clean and simple design, easy to use and repair. Of all the things, the lid really made my wife happy. Some other brands we looked at had lids that went raised up instead of rolling back, which made them difficult for her to consider using. Since we both like to cook, that was an important discovery. I also like the thoughtfulness that seems to have gone into the accessories. Though I haven’t purchased any yet, they all seem to serve a common sense purpose that enhances the cooking experience.”

– Benjamin T., California

“Our new MAK Grill is amazing!! It is so much better than our {other brand} pellet grill. Impressed with the high quality in which it is made.”

– Tom S., Oregon

“This is our second MAK Grill (One 2 Star, One 1 Star) Love the MAK.”

– Darrell H., Oregon

“Top quality, made in USA product. Excellent controlls.”

– Barry H., Illinois

“Love our grill. I have two different friends who plan on buying one after seeing our grill. Impressed with temperature consistency.”

– Dan D., Minnesota

“Excellent temperature control. Much better than the {other brand pellet grill} it replaced.”

– Chuck J., Oregon

“I have grilled extensively with my 2 Star, using the standard grate and the searing grate. Both provide great results and you can get nice grill marks if you are into that sort of thing. On the HIGH setting, I measured the temp at the grate using an infrared gun at 650+. I guarantee you it is hot enough to cook steaks and burgers and chicken and whatever else you desire… MAK is great at reverse-sear cooking– you can get a lot of wood flavor via lower temp baking before doing the sear. I used the MAK as my only grill/smoker for awhile. I got rid of a {charcoal} kettle and a gas grill, and stopped using my offset-firebox smoker entirely once I got used to the MAK. The MAK can do anything, and do it very well. All cookers have their own personalities– you just have to learn their nuances and adapt.”

– Paul T., Colorado

“Impressed with: Sturdy build and reputation of a great working controller.”

– Benjamin D., Alaska

“Impressed with: Stainless steel material and USER programmability.”

– Brian B., Oregon

“Unpacking it now, and the grill looks extremely well built. Replaced another good smoker, but reviews on forums convinced me to spend a lot of money on this item, and so far I am pleased. The MAK cooking videos are a huge plus. Dealer was very nice, and I was very pleased with the owner and associate. Quality craftsmanship is a huge plus, but the Pellet Boss, Remote Boss, and stainless steel were the biggest selling points, but like I said above, it has stellar reviews. Most grills I have researched have numerous negative reviews, but not the MAK. I hope to be another very satisfied customer.”

– James A., Missouri

“Can go to a smoker to a regular barbecue grill just by taking out a metal plate.”

– Eric A., Idaho

“Impressed with how it holds the heat.”

– Marc L., California

“Heavy construction, cold smoker, controls. American made, great reviews.”

– Denis C., Washington

“I wanted to purchase a good grill made in the USA. I was delighted to find your grills were made in Oregon. What I was looking for was a pellet barbecue with quality construction; one that I could count on to last for years. I don’t mind paying more for quality. I’m tired of all the disposable garbage being made overseas. I’m sure that on paper, overseas production seems like a good idea to increase your profit margin, however I’m confident that I’m not along in my quest to buy well-constructed, American made products. Thank you for making a grill worthy of my purchase. I hope your company continues to grow and prosper.”

– Deanna C., Oregon

“Impressed with the controller and that it was made in the USA.”

– John A., Wisconsin

“Impressed with the ease of use, versatility of the product, and the great consistent results.”

– Steven M., Texas

“Impressed with the durability and quality. It was great to have a factory tour.”

– Mick T., Oregon

“Impressed with : Made in America, quality construction, good reviews.”

– Marthinus D., California

“Impressed with the controller, customer service and smoking ability reviews.”

– Doug J., Iowa

“Impressed with: stainless steel, cold smoker box, design.”

– Richard G., Texas

“Very nice build quality.”

– Tracy L., Washington

“Impressed with: ease of use and temperature consistency.”

– Matthew E., Pennsylvania

“I love the MAK and it is totally hands-free. I also have the Super Smoker Box, which is great. I have been using the grill for a year now, and in a recent storm, the grill blew over and filled with water, causing the pellets to jam the feed tube. Thanks for the quick response with a new motor to get me up and running! Funny note… I often get up before dawn to start smoking. If my neighbors see/smell the smoke, they will come over and throw some meat on along with mine. I often go out to pull what I am cooking, and find a few other cuts on there! It’s all good, as I usually get a sample plate later. We’ve all become better cooks as a result of the MAK. Rugged, durable, consistent, and high precision materials/assembly. I am a mechanical engineer, and have a number of other grills and smokers. The MAK and my 18″ Kettle are my go-to-grills. I use the MAK at least once per week, usually more when I am not working out of town.”

– John M., Pennsylvania

“Impressed with: American made, overall capabilities, Pellet Boss.”

– Gary B., Texas

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss, temp control, heavy gauge housing.”

– Dennis B., Utah

“Impressed with all stainless construction in the firebox {interior}. Made in USA. Pellet Boss reputation.”

– Andrew F., California

“Impressed with stainless steel construction and the pellet dump door.”

– Steve M., Oregon

“A bit pricey… but a quality investment compared to past grills and smokers I have previously owned. Keep it American, and Keep the Quality!”

– Luke P., Montana

“It is able to maintain its temperature in any type of weather.”

– Holly D., New York

“Impressed with great reputation and quality of product.”

– Ken C., Oregon

“Impressed with quality and customer service reputation.”

– Michael K., Arizona

“I love this thing!! I have been smoking meats for a few years, and recently moved to an apartment that doesn’t allow charcoal grills. After speaking with Dave at Bart’s Blazin Q, I was sold on MAK. I love the Pellet Boss!”

– Sidney W., California

“I spoke with Bruce this morning and he diagnosed a problem I was having with my 2 Star General. He outlined the parts I would need, and told me he would have them shipped to me ASAP. I followed his direction, isolated the issue, and I look forward to receiving the new igniter so I can get back up and running soon. Bruce is an excellent representative of the company. He provides excellent advice and provides superior customer service. Thank you!”

– Kevin B., Washington

“Very well made, and can be used for grilling and smoking.”

– Russell L., Oklahoma

“Impressed with: The temperature control and the quality of the product. The materials used seem to provide value for the cost.”

– Bryan T., Alberta Canada

“Please make Bob & Betty from Eastside Barbecue the 2015 winner of the MAK Grills Inaugural Chairman’s Dealer Award {*not a real thing*}. The best grill comes with the best service in Eugene, Oregon. Impressed with: Superior manufacturing and latest technology, three year warranty period. This is my third MAK (owned #777 and #1444) but purchased #2616 due to the 2015 build improvements. Knowing I have Bob Griffin to service my grill made all the difference in deciding to make this luxury purchase.”

– Jerry G., Oregon

“Impressed with: Full wi-fi control– although an app would be appreciated! Functionality of the Pellet Boss, Construction quality, accessories.”

– Phillip S., California

“The grill is awesome.”

– Susan O., California

“Impressed with: Build quality (ie type of stainless steel), engineering considerations, ability to preform high heat and smoking.”

– Leonardo D., California

“Impressed with the ease of use.”

– Otis L., Alabama

“Impressed with: pellet hopper dump door, industry leading Pellet Boss temperature controller. MAK Grills are still the very best, and I’m VERY happy with my purchase. Keep up the great work!”

– Michael S., Minnesota

“Meathead from was the reason I made this purchase. Maintains a consistent temperature through the cook.”

– William M., Missouri

“Impressed with: the price compared to all the features included.”

– Tyler S., Texas

“Impressed with: Regulated temp control over long cooks.”

– Mark B., California

“Impressed with: auto pellet feed, constant reliable temperature control.”

– Trent S., Oregon

“Quality, made in USA, Oregon company.”

– Joe D., Oregon

“Bob & Betty (Eastside Barbecue) that I purchased from are amazing. This is my 3d MAK.”

– Mike T., Oregon

“Tight temperature control.”

– Dan M., Texas

“Impressed with: precise temperature control and ease of use.”

– Troy S., Georgia

“Impressed with the automation, since I have a toddler now.”

– Timothy C., Massachusetts

“While I have only had my MAK for about 4 weeks now, it has really impressed me. Temperatures stay consistent, it produces a ton of smoke, and it is built really well. Very easy to assemble as well. Impressed with the fact that it’s American made, has top quality materials, the Pellet Boss and its user settings, the removable fire pot, having the temp probes, and how easy it is to move around on my patio. I also really like the design of the hopper. It honestly puzzles me why more pellet grill manufacturers don’t do what MAK does, because it’s simply the best.”

– Tom M., California

“Impressed with: Ability to grill and smoke @ precise temps. Strength of material used.”

– Tom K., Oklahoma

“Impressed with steady cooking temps, versatility, and sturdy build.”

– Curtis B., Oregon

“Impressed with: Construction, made locally, reputation.”

– Ronald K., Oregon

“Impressed with: Location and positive reviews, more cooking space.”

– Thomas P., Oregon

“Impressed with: Overall design and construction quality. Pellet Boss and Remote Boss.”

– Donald H., Arizona


– Josh P., California

“Impressed with: construction, Pellet Boss, easy empty of pellets, and She’s just a beauty!!!”

– James T., California

“Impressed with: heavy gauge stainless steel and Pellet Boss controller.”

– Ron L., Colorado

“Impressed with: Stainless steel construction, quality craftsmanship.”

– Jim R. Iowa

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss, Flame Zone, and Wi-Fi capability.”

– Chad H., Idaho

“Impressed with the workmanship, functionality, central heating (firepot in center) stainless steel construction.”

– James O., Kansas

“Impressed with overall features, not one specific. Fact that it has more features than any other grill.”

– Benjamin S., Kansas

“Impressed with the quality of the cooking ability, and temperature control.”

– Perry B., Missouri

“Impressed with: Controller, Flame Zone, temperature control, cold smoking/warming chamber.”

– Brennan M., Utah

“I must say the quality of construction is everything I was hoping for. I have an instant read thermometer and using the probes for the unit reads exactly the same. The meat comes off moist and with a delicious smoky flavor. Friends tell me the ribs I smoke are some of the best they’ve ever had. Impressed with: the hopper, the grade of material that was used, and the reviews that it received.”

– Frank S., Utah

“I look forward to cooking on what, by all accounts, is the best grill money can buy. Impressed with the high quality of materials, paired with my inability to find hardly anything negative about them in over a month of overly extensive research. (FYI my wife could not be happier that I have finally purchased a new grill, she was tired of the researching!)”

– Brian H., Washington

“Impressed with the Pellet Boss. I did not set out to buy a pellet smoker. The capabilites and the ease that the Pellet Boss offers changed my mind. The cost was a deterrent, but I bit the bullet and bought it. I’m very happy that I did get it, and it has helped me turn out some pretty good BBQ.”

– Dennis C., Utah

“Great online reviews, and end-user commentary.”

– Joel C., Washington

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss, construction/stainless steel, cold smoker, customer service.”

– Patrick L., Virgina

“Impressed with: Workmanship, high quality materials, Pellet Boss.”

– Neal K., Washington DC

“I’m anxious to cook next weekend– too bad I have to work for a living! Rob (The Grills Store) and Bruce (MAK Grills, Mr. Barbecue) are very knowledgeable & inspiring representatives of the MAK Brand. Impressed with the high quality construction & the Pellet Boss.”

– John F., Maryland

“I narrowed down my purchase to a MAK 2 Star, {another pellet grill}, and {another pellet grill}. All 3 smokers/grills are quality American made products. Each has their strengths. In the end, the MAK’s attention to detail in your design, the quality of your workmanship, and the unsurpassed versatility of your design won my business. Impressed with: Quality! Quality! Quality! Unsurpassed versatility!”

– Roger K., Kansas

“Impressed with: the technology leads competitors, the stainless/quality of the build, what I read about consistency of temps on, ease of use, less time needed babysitting the grill, ease of cleaning.”

– Jim G., Iowa

“Heard great things about build quality, Pellet Boss, and customer service. Wi-Fi was the deciding factor in picking MAK over {other pellet grills}.”

– James H., Iowa

“I own a company that designs and manufactures metal products in the USA myself, and after assembling the MAK, I can understand now why it costs as much as it does. It’s extremely well made and very well thought out. Damn I’m excited!”

– S.W., Texas

“I just want to let you know how impressed I am with your customer service. I really appreciate your speedy response to my email, and having Matt walk me through the troubleshooting was wonderful. He is a very knowledgeable and great teacher. I’m really glad I bought a MAK: American made, versatile cooking, quality!”

– Cindy W., Utah

“Impressed with: Programmability, high heat for direct grilling, American made.”

– Thomas A., Arizona

“BBQ Island was an awesome dealer. They did a really good job selling me. I am very glad I did, very grateful. Impressed with: the ability to have the Flame Zone and the QUALITY. It’s so hard to see that in the shop with all the sea of grills. But when it hit the house, it just shined. BBQs are for cooking, MAK Grills are for soul food.”

– Michael R., Arizona

“My friend has one, and the food they cook tastes great! Impressed with: the excellent workmanship, fit, and no sharp edges.”

– Mark B., California

“Quality reputation, and made in the USA.”

– Mark V., Oregon

“Impressed with: reputation of performance and durability.”

– Chris S., Oregon

“American made in Dallas Oregon– great quality! The grill is top notch.”

– Daniel O., Oregon

“We are so impressed with our MAK grill. Everything we have cooked so far has been so delicious! We like the pellet feed, the timers, the probe, but most importantly, that it’s all USA made.”

– Larry L., Utah

“Liked the first one so much, we purchased a second one for our other home.”

– Dave D., Washington

“Impressed with: Wi-Fi, grease trap, warmer box, stainless steel, Matt in Support!”

– Scot B., Wisconsin

“Impressed with: Quality of the grill interior and quality of the electronics.”

– Andrea B., Washington

“After seeing {another pellet grill} display at Costco, we researched other pellet grills. Found that MAK was made in the USA, and the {other pellet grill} was not.”

– Annette M., Texas

“Thanks, Katrina, for answering my questions today on the phone. Impressed with: Quality of construction, owner feedback.”

– Darla J., Texas

“Impressed with: Quality of construction and design compared to other pellet grills.”

– Fred D., Ohio

“Impressed with: How even the cooking was throughout the surface of your entire grill, and the temperature control. I’m moving to pellet grills to avoid the problems with propane: lighting, filling tanks, etc. This grill is going to be more for my wife (ease of use).”

– Jonathan H., Minnesota

“Impressed with: ability to precisely control what the smoker is doing over an extended period, and to be able to control and record things on a computer.”

– Barry M., Georgia

“First time to use a pellet grill, and I love the MAK. Bob at Eastside Barbecue was very helpful in my decision to buy a MAK. He really knows the ins and outs of the grill. Impressed with: Made in the USA. I looked at other grills, but none are built as well as the MAK. Proud to be a MAK owner.”

– John P., Oregon

“Impressed with: Made in USA. Very sturdy and great quality materials. 3 Meat probe connections. Pellet Boss is awesome.”

– Mike H., Colorado

“Quality craftsmanship, made in USA.”

– Rhonda L., California

“Very impressed with the craftsmanship and quality of materials. I have worked in stainless steel fabrication, this is top notch—can’t wait to start smoking.”

– Tom C., Michigan

“Impressed with: Made in USA. Pellet Boss.”

– Mark Y., Oregon

“American made, dealer recommendation. Looked at several different grills, all makes and models. Just impressed with workmanship and quality.”

– Bev D., Wyoming

“My husband and I try to buy made in USA whenever possible. It’s an extra bonus that it’s made in the next down over, and we buy local to help the economy here in our state. Thank you, MAK Grills, for being here for ALL of us!”

– Scott & LeeAnn M., Oregon

“This MAK 2 star General is my 2nd wood pellet grill. Colorado BBQ Outfitters is an excellent retail store—outstanding knowledge and support. Two key items I was looking for in my 2nd wood pellet grill: ability to get direct heat (grill/sear) and well built/quality of construction. Additional items that convinced me ot go with the investment was: Pellet Boss reputation for temperature control, and warmer/cold smoker box. Well thought out features.”

– Jim N., Colorado

“Impressed with: the ability to empty the pellet hopper. Also important was the stainless steel construction, the Pellet Boss and the ability of the Pellet Boss to change based on the meat thermometer (reading).”

– Paul L., Minnesota

“Thank you for manufacturing an American made quality product. I try to only purchase American made products. My [other pellet grill] finally gave up, but I refused to replace it due to the fact that they move manufacturing overseas.Thank you.”

– Gary H., California

“I assembled my MAK and was very impressed with the fit and finish of the unit. I have never seen this type of quality in a BBQ before. The attention to detail is unbelievable.”

– Andy G., California

“Thank you. What a difference from the others. Bought a MAK. I will never go back. Replacing other pellet grill.”

– Randy W., Oregon

“Impressed with the high recommendations from several pit masters.”

– Steven B., Utah

“What a difference between smoke flavor from the [other pellet grill] to the MAK. Glad we made the investment. Also like that it is made in USA!! Impressed with: hopper door for easy pellet change, damper door on bottom for easy cleaning.”

– Jeanette S., California

“I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my new MAK 2 Star. It arrived very quickly as promised. It assembled very easily (great instructions and all the parts went together without forcing or struggling).But the best part is how it cooks!! After seasoning the MAK, I smoked a bunch of chicken thighs (which I cooked all the time on my gas grill) and they were great. My wife said that they were the best I ever made. Then for Thanksgiving I smoked a beer can turkey and ham shank (at the same time) and they both came out perfect. We had family and friend here for dinner and everyone loved both (I think everyone went back for seconds on the meat).We’re having a bunch over on Saturday and I’m going to smoke a pork shoulder for pulled pork. With my MAK 2, I am very confident having guests on my first attempt”

– Stan J., CO

“As background, I was a life-long stick burner and gasser. Then my neighbor bought a pellet grill at Costco. Great tasting food, but he started having issues with it soon after he purchased the grill. Of course I needed to one-up him, so I started an extensive research process. All results seemed to point to MAK for my needs. I ordered a One Star General in the spring of ’12 and it’s been in use at least weekly since. No problems and more than 100 perfect meals to date. It’s nearly impossible to ruin a meal with this grill, but more importantly it adds an exquisite taste to everything. Your guests, even those not “into” grilling, will rave.In terms of quality manufacturing, nothing compares. It seems to weigh nearly twice as much as the Costco bargain brand, all the seams fit, the closures are tight, the screws all align and it has the best computer-based cooking controller on the market.
I had an opportunity to visit the business in Oregon last year and saw the precision manufacturing and assembly process first hand. There are no shortcuts, virtually all components are assembled by hand, and there are numerous quality control steps at every station. The MAK grill is not a “use it 4-5 years and replace it” investment. Simply stated, while these units may cost more than a lesser “bargain brand”, I expect it will be the last grill I’ll ever need to buy — well worth it!”

– Dave, Sausalito, CA

“If you are thinking of getting the best smoker money can buy then look no further than a MAK.”

– Scott – MA.

“Absolutely the best purchase I’ve ever made, and this was purchased at the same time I bought my dream home. That says a lot. There is not one bit of buyer’s remorse. The first time I tried a brisket off of it, I knew it was worth every penny.”

– Mark Bidinger, MI

“I am approaching the two-year mark of ownership of my two-star grill. On behalf of everyone this grill has cooked/smoked for: my family, the engineering department at my work, all of my neighbors at the block party, everyone at a memorial service, and a co-workers church group (That was 100 people!), I would like to say thank you for making a product that has never failed me when I was on deck as the provider of the main course, all while hitting the meat quality mark 100% of the time. I originally chose your MAK Grill based on the material, quality of the build, recommendation of the dealer (Sam’s BBQ), and lastly (I know this seems odd) but how “accessible” it is to use from a wheelchair (I am a wheelchair user) and I can tell you the MAK shines in that department. You unknowingly created a monster. At first it was just for personal use, then after I had a few friends and co-workers over on several occasions I started getting requests to smoke meat for their occasions (and no I never charge, I do it all “at cost”, in fact, I have probably donated several bucks) and so on. To date, the largest group I have provided the meat for was the 100 mentioned above (Three 18 pound Briskets, yes it can be done if configured creatively). The testament to how good the MAK smoker does is when I smoked 23 pounds of meat for the 19 people in my department at work. I brought Styrofoam leftover boxes figuring there would be plenty using the 1/2 pound per person rule. I WAS WRONG, I watched in horror as 19 people consumed 23 pounds of meat (brisket and pulled pork) in less than an hour, with sides! (it was during our lunch hour). I can honestly say my MAK grill may have the most hours on it of any unit sold. I say this because I use it an average of three times a week, and that average includes winter! When temperatures drop below 40, I made a ‘blanket’ out of a ceramic product we use at my work called Kaowool and encased that in Nomex, kind of like a pillowcase. I drape it over the top (the sides remain exposed) to retain heat. Outside of an igniter problem (covered under warranty), my MAK still performs flawlessly. Well, I just wanted to take a moment to send a ‘Thank you’ letter to let you know one little MAK grill has literally pleased and fed hundreds of people.”

– R. Hyde, OR.

“Thank you for such a great BBQ, Grill, and Smoker. I’ve found that cooking steaks on my MAK is even better than cooking on a charcoal grill. The charcoal grill takes 6 min. on one side 5 min. on another side. After warming up my MAK I found it got so hot that even my old 6 and 5 method was too long. The grill adds great sear marks to the steak too. The MAK is way ahead of the [other pellet grills], that I pawned off on my sister. Thank you!”

– Dale, Tillamook, OR.

“I just wanted to say thank you for such great service! I received my new igniter and I’m up and BBQing again. You guys produce a great BBQ that outperforms any other pellet BBQ I’ve ever had. At one time I had three different ones. The MAK is the only one left in use. All the others are gone or retired. Thanks!”

– M. Pratt – OR.

“My other pellet grill kept failing at the wrong times. The digital controller, hot rods, temp probe were always giving me problems. The barbecue body felt sloppy and lose right from the start…think Yugo. As an owner of a local company that sells worldwide and a passionate pro-American (HAAS CNC machines) manufacturer for over 25 years, I was appalled to learn post-purchase where my former pellet grill was made. I just assumed it was in Wilsonville. The MAK Grill’s quality backed up by the fact it was ‘Made In The USA’ confirmed again that we, as American manufacturers, have a duty to our country to build and sell the very best and not just be a broker for Chinese manufacturing. Shame on the weak-minded American companies for selling our skilled workers out for profits! The Pellet Boss controller is fantastic and very “Apple” like in it’s the intuitive format. I was able to get up and running in minutes but was amazed at the custom programming and the multiple probe and alarm options. Good on you for holding up a tradition of excellence! ‘If you build it, they will come!'”

– Brian Lawson, OR

“Just had to let you know I’m celebrating the delivery today of my MAK 2 Star General. What a pellet grill! The workmanship is fantastic! Temperature control amazing! I thought I loved my other pellet grill, but it’s an entry-level Chevy compared to the MAK being a top of the line Cadillac! Cooked a pork loin roast today and I’m SO looking forward to trying countless new things! WOO HOO!! (Can you tell I’m excited?)”

– D. Chaney, OR

“I’d like to commend Mak Grills on the overall excellent build quality of this grill. Mak Grills are producing a very high-quality product. It’s a product that I’m proud to own, and I enjoy using very much. My wife and I are very pleased with the purchase.”

– Brad K., WA

“I wanted you to personally know that I tested my MAK 1 Star smoker this weekend after I purchased it last week and IT IS AWESOME!!! EASY TO START, EASY TO USE, EASY TO CLEAN UP. I was raving about it yesterday and then everyone raved about the pork shoulder that I smoked for dinner last night. I’ve had every smoker made under the sun(Propane, Wood, Charcoal) and am ashamed of the money, effort, and time that I’ve wasted all these years but it seems it’s all led to this…which makes up for the other poor purchases made. I Love this MAK GRILL!”

– Bill Fox, TN.

“We bought the 1 Star, brought it home and smoked a whole turkey. It is not often you have a product that works right out of the box with no tweaking. This is an amazing product and we are glad we made the purchase. The turkey was the best we have had and the family, including my 80+, want to come and live with us so we can use the MAK Grill. Thanks for providing a great product that is American Made and that works just great!”

– K. Davis, Milwaukie, OR

“I love my new MAK! Feel free to share and tell everyone that I say your product ” MAK 2 Star General”, is beyond even my wildest type “A” expectations. I highly recommend everyone to step up to the new way of Smoking.”

– Jeff Jones, DDS ( Doctor of Digital Smoking ) Texas

“As I mentioned before, I’m loving being a part of the MAK Family and your second-to-none grills and accessories; and I look forward to many years of grilling, and showing off my grill. I’m even thinking of upgrading to a Two Star one of these days, but I really like the size of my One Star. I’ll continue to spread the word about the best grills on Planet Earth! One very happy griller, on my MAK General One Star (#37)”

– Don Sommer, WA.

“I will admit that when I placed my order for one of your grills, I was more than a little apprehensive about the price. Having just put the grill together today, I understand. I manage a number of Industrial Machinery Mechanics and I see a lot of equipment, the build quality of this smoker is ridiculous. If it cooks a fraction as well as it’s built… I’ll find out Saturday. I suspect I’ll be buying the grilling grate next. I think it’s the only thing I didn’t get. I intend to drive my neighbors crazy this summer. Thanks!”

– Tom Hoopes, MN.

“What impressed me the most, is the design and features found in the MAK that no other pellet grill has. A great built in the USA product!”

– Henry Dickerson, OR.

“As a union plumber, I support American-made products. The quality and craftsmanship of the MAK sold me on your unit. I am a firm believer that paying a little extra for something that is built quality strong, and comes with such a great reputation as yours, is well worth the price!”

– Gary Canter, WI.

“Top quality materials and construction, along with durability was the core factor of my decision to choose MAK over any other brand of pellet grill”

– Joe Carman, WA.

“I was impressed with the fact that you can actually sear a steak, AND smoke with the MAK GRILL”

– Gary Burton, OR.

“I really like this smoker. It’s well designed and built. I can’t believe how good the food I smoke tastes. The Pellet Boss is THE BOSS! Not having to ruin a night’s sleep during a long smoke is wonderful. And on top of all that, the MAK is built in the USA.”

– John P. Hester, IL.

“I have worked in the steel industry since 1976, and the build quality of the MAK is excellent.”

– Stephen Boyles, OH.

“My other pellet grill seems like a toy compared to the MAK. Beyond ‘Made In the USA’, your tolerance and QC are simply amazing. It was very satisfying putting the MAK together!”

– Dan Relf, NV.

“Just got back from Tahoe few days, ago where the MAK performed admirably in 23-degree foul weather snow storms–great product, glad I bought it–just wish we were there for the Thanksgiving turkey and the Christmas prime rib.”

– Paul Lundsman, CA.

“This has to be my favorite purchase in the last 5 years. I am cooking all the time again and love the build quality of the 2 stars and I work at a metal fab shop and have had 2 [other pellet grills] in my life and can not explain how much better your grill is built than theirs. I love the fact I get barely any temp fluctuations at the low temps when I set it.”

– Kevin Queen, CA.

“Thanks for making a grill where the screws actually worked and the directions for assembling the grill were easy to read and follow. Thank you for being MADE IN THE USA!”

– Mark Baird, TX.

“This grill rocks! BBQ’d some burgers on it (not grilled, bbq’d) and they are the best burgers I’ve ever made at home. But on top of making great food, the materials and construction are impressive. Very well built, well thought out. I am a fan!”

– Greg Gibbons, CA

“As a career tool and die maker, I’d like to thank you for making a quality product in the USA. This along with the fact that your company is a smaller, locally owned facility was the deciding factor for me, along with the excellent reputation and reviews I have read on your product.”

– Roger Caron, OH

“As a long-time “Pellethead”, I love how my MAK cooks. It’s able to reach super searing temperatures or create genuine wood smoked barbecue too. I love all of the features on the Pellet Boss control. This is an incredible cooking machine!”

– Bruce Bjorkman, Cooking Outdoors With Mr.Barbecue-KXL Radio.

“The MAK GRILL makes the food taste amazing, and the clean-up is a breeze. This grill is built to last and is easy to use!”

– Rod & Sue Dunham, OR.

“I just want to compliment you guys on a doing such a great job with this grill, everything about it screams quality. It was a joy to put together and it made me proud to see what a well thought-out and well-built piece of equipment you are selling. I look forward to many happy years with my MAK and I will be a bullhorn of word of mouth advertising for you guys.”

– Tom Carter, CA.

“The MAK GRILL has everything I wanted. Superb craftsmanship and American made with a 3-year warranty. If you’re looking for a pellet grill look no further than MAK Grills.”

– Rick & Chrystal, PA.

“We have been proud MAK owners for a year now. We compete in the professional BBQ circuit. The MAK is a great grill and smoker combined into one unit. It’s easy to use and easy to clean. Our MAK GRILL has been in and out of our truck dozens of times and is still in perfect working condition.”

– Chris Juencke, CA. – Smokin’ Yankee’s BBQ Competition Team

“I have owned 5 of the most popular name brand smokers. Not one of them compares to the MAK. The Pellet Boss digital controller is by far the best on the market. The first time I did ribs on the MAK, my wife Jan said: ‘these are the best you have ever done’. She said exactly the same thing the first time I did pork butts on it. It is absolutely foolproof. I’ll never be without a MAK.”

– Larry Rudolph, KY.

“I had already decided to buy another brand of pellet grill until I discovered that they shipped the manufacturing overseas, I was truly disappointed. Then I came upon your wonderfully constructed pellet grill!! This thing is a tank. I’m sure I will get many, many, many years of enjoyment out of this gem. Thanks for building American!”

– Chris, Racine, WI.

“I just completed assembling my grill. My compliments on the quality of the unit and the ease of assembly. The shipping container was well protected so the unit arrived in perfect condition. I am looking forward to getting started with it”

– John, Scottsdale, AZ.

“The quality of this grill is amazing!! In the class of Sub-Zero kitchen appliances or Bentley autos. So well thought out. All screws are the same size. All parts were present. All parts fit perfectly. All parts are top quality. I just wasn’t expecting anything this good. I’ve never smoked anything before so this is going to be an adventure.”

– Larry, San Diego, CA.

“Thanks for making the quality US made grill. I purchased this because I wanted a grill made in the USA. I’m also excited about your control system!”

– Mark Nickerson, KS.

“I am very excited to see an American made product fabricated to such high standards. I was so excited about the quality of the manufacturing and packaging I did not want to get the grill dirty or throw the packaging away. Now I am looking forward to tasting some pellet grilled food.”

– Mark, Dublin, CA.

“Made in Oregon!! Highly recommended by the dealer.”

– Lauri W., Washington

“Keep up the quality you provide now. I can’t believe how close this grill stays to the set point. I have been cooking on [another pellet grill] for over twenty years and the high and low temp varies as much as 40 degrees.”

– Ron W., Nevada

“Looks like a normal grill… it ISN’T! Several times I questioned my sanity for paying $3000 for a grill and all the extras… I don’t question it now. I made 2 whole chickens, 4 pork chops and 10 hamburgers one right after the other, and all were fantastic.”

– Doug H., Virginia

“These are amazing grills- more advertisement needed. I don’t think many people know about wood pellet grilling—delighted with a great product.”

– Bill B., California

“The quality of the grill is amazing!! In the class of Sub-Zero kitchen appliances or Bentley autos. So well thought out. All parts were present. All parts fit perfectly. All parts are top quality. I just wasn’t expecting anything this good. I’ve never smoked anything before so this is going to be an adventure. There isn’t a cut of meat, fish or fowl that I haven’t managed to ruin on my gas grill.”

– Larry A., California

“Versatility. The fact that it is an all in one outdoor cooker, slow smoker, searing, grilling steaks, baking machine. Best grill I’ve ever owned, from gas bbq grill, stick burner smoker, ahhh… finally the MAK 2 Star General.”

– Marc A., California

“Smoke. My previous smoker didn’t do a third of the job this one does. Thanks for making a great product.”

– Steve A., Iowa

“The food I have cooked so far has been so moist and flavorful—thanks for making a great product!”

– Donna A., Oregon

“Love the grill. Great temp controls and easy to use. I’ve owned many grills and smokers— my [other grill] is gather moss on the deck. Easy, high quality, American made.”

– Shawn A., Oregon

“Bought it because it was made in America. It is fantastic.”

– Ardis A., Washington

“Quality of construction, manufactured in the US, ability to sear, ease of cleaning, cold smoking ability.”

– Eric A., Oregon

“Great quality! Never cut corners! Your product has loads of great value, a high quality product that will last a lifetime.”

– James A., Nevada

“American made right here in Oregon!! I’ve been periodically looking for an upgrade for 7 months. After seeing it in person today, I had to buy it. It’s very well built and I can’t wait to try it out!”

– Chris B., Oregon

“Fantastic Grill/Smoker. Love it. I’ve done one chicken, two St. Louis Ribs and a Salmon tonight that rocked. Best thing we’ve bought in years. Love that the system if all self contained and is so simple to use. You guys have done a great job at taking all the worry and difficulty that can come w/ smoking. Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to cook some more great chow. Thanks!”

– Ron B., Arizona

“Assembled the grill in one hour last night. Thanks for screws that actually work and directions I can read. Thanks for being MADE IN THE USA!!!!”

– Mark B., Texas

“Easy to use and understand. Easy to control temp and cook times.”

– Shane B., Washington

“This is the best made, best functioning product. Many independent reviewers rank you # 1!”

– Keith B., Oregon

“This grill speaks for itself. It makes grilling and smoking a pleasure. Impressed with: ease of changing from smoking to grilling. The heavy construction. Simple to clean. Everything!!”

– Doug B., Illinois

“When the control board on my popular branded pellet grill that was manufactured in China caught on fire and melted, I realized it was time to buy American. MAK grills are top notch, made in the USA quality. This will be the last grill I ever buy. Pretty much everything impressed me.”

– Eric B., Oregon

“The dealer himself owns a MAK 1 Star and loves it. He was thorough on explaining why he loves his MAK grill : durability & the even temp inside—for example there are less hot spots or cold spots compared t other pellet grills. The size inside was also impressive & he mentioned what all he could fit at once.”

– Ahmed B., California

“Awesome customer service from MAK and Big Poppa’s. Pellet fired as well as better temp control versus gas—going to be able to cook much better food than before.”

– James B., New York

“Impressed with: temperature control, construction and versatility (grill, sear, smoke, cold smoke, etc.) but most important to me is the reputation of MAK standing behind your product and having dealers like Sam (Sam’s NW Barbeque).”

– Aaron B., Oregon

“Your MAK in action video sold me on the grill. The food looked so good I had to buy a grill. My first ribs tasted great. Impressed with: the ability to set a grill temperature and walk away. I do not have to check the grill every ten minutes to see if the grill is getting hot.”

– John B., Pennsylvania

“Great product reviews and quality USA construction!!”

– Royce B., Alabama

“Impressed with: The Meathead ( Gold Rating!”

– Adam B., New York

“I was impressed with everything. Was going to purchase [other pellet grill]… SO glad I researched pellet grills first!”

– Lyle B., Colorado

“Absolutely the best purchase I’ve ever made, and this was purchased at the same time I bought my dream home. That says a lot. There is not one bit of buyer’s remorse. The first time I tried a brisket off of it, I knew it was worth every penny.”

– Mark B., Michigan

“Impressed with: the versatility and the fact that it was manufactured in Oregon (USA).”

– Mitchell B., Washington

“I bought my MAK based on the community feedback on the forum, and the advice I got from Big Poppa Smokers. The videos were great too! I just got the grill delivered and assembled yesterday. The build quality is great! Can’t wait to start cooking on it!”

– Mark B., Massachusetts

“Easy to use. Push a button, now I don’t have to stay up all night keeping the fire going. My friend also loves his.”

– Greg B., Missouri

“All in all, the best darn smoker I’ve ever seen. Great job.”

– Scott B., Massachusetts

“Easy to clean, hopper access, cold smoker/warmer box, warranty, made in Oregon, replaceable parts for future maintenance, stainless steel, and from everything I read online, your customer service is the best!”

– Alfred B., California

“Was in the market for a pellet grill when a friend recommended MAK. Once I saw it side by side with [another pellet grill], I knew that I wanted the MAK one instead. Looks great. I love the Made in USA quality. Impressed with: the build quality and the Pellet Boss (specifically the ability to accurately hold a temperature and the programmability.)”

– Michael B., Missouri

“Quality made in America product that has an excellent controller.”

– Paul B., Ohio

“Made in USA and made with quality parts to last a long time.”

– Erick B., Illinois

“Meathead ( says it is the best, and I trust his advice.”

– Bobby B., Washington

“Outstanding customer service.”

– Robert B., Idaho

“Thanks for keeping it made in the USA.”

– Brad B., Colorado

“Results in wonderful BBQ!!! Solid and American made”

– Tom B., Missouri

“Quality built. I had [another pellet grill] that I used twice and took it back because it would not hold temp. We seasoned the MAK and it went to 500° no problem.”

– Mike B., Minnesota

“Impressed with: ease of use. I’ve had ‘manual’ bbq/smokers in the past and the automation of the MAK makes the long bbq sessions a breeze!”

– Darrin B., Colorado

“This is my second MAK grill. This one was for my cabin. I also have a 2 star for my house. Good product, works well, cooks great. Thanks.”

– Robert B., Washington

“Set the temp and walk away.”

– Jeff B., Kansas

“A good sturdy product made in USA.”

– Virginia B., Oregon (who is 83!)

“My [other pellet grill] was considerably inferior in workmanship. That’s obvious. This looks like it’s going to be a great grill for me. Just a well built pellet grill in stainless steel. What more could you ask for?”

– John B., Oregon

“Just wanted to say that my new wife and I are very excited to now have this smoker. We decided on this smoker after reading lots of reviews. Impressed with: Build quality.”

– Aaron B., Idaho

“Impressed with: Flame zone—nothing beats wood fire steaks. Just purchased the MAK Mobile upgrade for my 2 Star General.”

– Rebecca B., Wisconsin

“Plugged it in and away it went. Set it and forget it.”

– Mikal B., Washington

“Please don’t compromise the quality and the workmanship of your products by outsourcing the manufacturing overseas, continue to produce a high quality American made product! Impressed with: The Pellet Boss and the cold smoke capability, also the workmanship.”

– Dave B., California

“Impressed with: The Flame Zone. Grills a steak like it should be cooked.”

– Edward B., Nevada

“I love this smoker!! I’ve never smoked any food in my life, and after reading the instruction booklet was on my way to smoking my first rack of ribs in minutes. Thank you!! Impressed with: ease of use and quality of construction.”

– Charles B., California

“I have worked in the steel industry since 1976 and the build quality seems excellent.”

– Stephen B., Oregon

“I was originally wanting [another pellet grill] but research on the internet and reviews made me think twice about their quality. Everything I saw about MAK Grills was very, very positive, from the quality of the grill to how it performs. The fact they were made in Oregon was a plus as well.”

– Brian B., Oregon

“We have used our MAK four times now, and have been very impressed with how easy it is to use and also the excellent taste of our food.”

– Greg B., Oregon

“Impressed with: Quality and the dedication and enthusiasm of the MAK family owners—plus made in the USA!!”

– Ed B., Colorado

“Your grill looks great, excellent sheet metal work. Very well thought out. Lots of common sense fabrication, and I am beyond particular.”

– Chris B., Washington

“What a great product! It actually does everything it claims to. In the first couple of weeks we’ve cooked pizza, tenderloin, turkey burgers, ribs, grilled steaks, brisket, vegetables, etc. I’ve lost track of whether or not we have a stove in the house… thank you! Impressed with: versatility, warming/cold smoker box, quality, ability to really grill.”

– Fred B., Utah

“Built like a brick house. That’s why I spent the extra money.”

– Robert B., Utah

“Quality build with good stainless steel. Advanced Pellet Boss features. The ability to grill as well as BBQ, and cold smoking is interesting.”

– David B., Alaska

“I read articles like the equipment reviews on Amazing Ribs website. Good advertizing. I’m new to pellet smokers—in fact, new to smoking. Looked like the easiest way to learn without a lot of trial and error.”

– Max B.,

“I was impressed with the quality and construction of the grill from top to bottom. Impressed with: the workmanship & quality of materials used in manufacture of this product.”

– Dan B., Oregon

“It is a great and beautiful grill. I am super impressed with it. Thank you.”

– Todd B., California

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss, USA made, excellent reputation for quality and customer service and internet information.”

– Dennis B., Colorado

“Impressed with: construction and temperature range, with ability to smoke and cook foods fast. AMERICAN MADE is also a plus…”

– Reece B., Texas

“Very excited to see an American made product fabricated to such high standards.”

– Mark B., Ohio

“Love the grill so far! Impressed with: Quality of manufacturing, ease of use, well designed.”

– Tom B., Virginia

“Love everything about it!! Made the transition from [another pellet grill] and the comparison is significant!!”

– Carla B., Oregon

“Impressed with: the quality and thickness of metal components.”

– Richard B., California

“I liked that you can smoke and grill on the same unit, including searing a steak. The awards impressed me, and good reviews made it seem like a sound purchase and choice of grill (that I hope will be the last we ever buy). I like the durability and construction and that it is made in America. I also like supporting a small family business.”

– Lisa B., Oregon

“I wanted a pellet smoker, and your product seemed to be rated highest by owners for performance and durability.”

– Ned C., Colorado

“Impressed with: temp stability, quality construction and design.”

– Dean C., Oregon

“Your customer service is amazing. Thanks for the immediate call back to my assembly question. You and Big Poppa make a great team. This grill is bomb-proof. Have used it twice in the 24 hours since getting it. Spatchcock chickens and a pork shoulder. Awesome!!”

– Glen C., Washington

“Thanks again to Bruce, he made this decision and easy one for me. He was excellent in answering my questions and putting any concerns of mine to rest, even though he did have to pull double duty the day I spoke to him. Thanks again, I look forward to many years of fabulous food/fun with your product. Impressed with: The ability to grill or smoke. The warmer tray. As a Union plumber I support American made products, the quality and craftsmanship that I had read about on sold me on your unit. I am a firm believer that paying a little extra for something that is built quality strong and comes with a reputation as yours is well worth the price.”

– Gary C., Wisconsin

“Very well built, great controller”

– Philip C., Missouri

“Impressed with: quality of construction, and the ease of turning out top quality BBQ with the Pellet Boss.”

– David C., Oregon

“Top quality materials and construction—Durability was the core factor of my decision to choose a MAK. Impressed with: durability, stainless steel, positive online reviews.”

– Joe C., Washington

“Unit was well packed, it’s nice to put something together where the parts actually fit without forcing, bending, and the holes actually line up. After working 30 years in manufacturing, I can tell that your employees care about the product. Great job! Impressed with: the Pellet Boss. I’m looking forward to an overnight programmed cook.”

– Jeff C., Nebraska

“We love and use this grill 3-4 times a week. We found that we can cook our entire meal on the grill.”

– Troy & Dee C., Wyoming

“Impressed with: Quality and Innovative design.”

– Mike C., Oregon

“As a career tool and die maker, I would like to thank you for making a quality product in the USA. This, along with the fact that your company is a smaller locally owned facility, was largely the deciding factor for me, along with the excellent reputation and reviews I have read on your product (even in the short time it has been on the market).”

– Roger C., Ohio (Written in 2010, our first year of business!)

“Thanks for being made in the USA! Love the cold smoker/warming tray.”

– Enrico C., California

“The Flame Zone sold me on this grill! I love to smoke, but seem to grill more during the week.”

– Bill C., Massachusetts

“Impressed with: Quality of construction, automatic temperature control, wood fired flavor but with fast start-up.”

– Tom C., California

“Called with questions and got excellent support from Matt. Impressed with: good reliability, quality, excellent reviews and customer service.”

– Harvey C., Texas

“Wonderful product, has exceeded ALL expectations so far.”

– Tom C., California

“Impressed with: the ease of cleaning and the quality of construction.”

– Bob C., Washington

“Kudos on making it in the USA and being proud of it! The fit and finish is excellent.”

– Don C., Pennsylvania

“Great grill. Best ribs I have ever cooked.”

– Brian C., California

“Impressed with: The Holding temperature consistency.”

– Matt C., Alaska

“Impressed with: the quality of the parts used compared to [another pellet grill]. Made in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! God Bless America!”

– Mario C., California

“Assembly was super easy. American made in Dallas, Oregon! Best pellet grill on the market.”

– Jonas C., Oregon

“Impressed with: construction quality. Precise temperature regulation. Expandable options, larger smoker box, etc. I’m looking forward to getting the wi-fi module at some point, hopefully soon.”

– Aaron C., California

“Impressed with: quality of workmanship, advanced level of computer control.”

– David C., Oregon

“Impressed with: quality, stainless steel, temp controller.”

– Jim C., Washington

“This is definitely a top of the line smoker; plus is looks great. Impressed with: wi-fi feature, the easy clean design (hopper, grease pail) and the warmer/smoker box.”

– Isaac C., California

“Impressed with: grease collection system. And the programmability of the controller.”

– Brian C., Colorado

“Impressed with: the Pellet Boss, and I have heard about your wonderful customer service.”

– Joe C., Colorado

“Impressed with: Made in USA. Stainless racks, programmable cooks.”

– John C., California

“Made in America is huge. Attention to detail from Bob, Matt and the entire staff if very impressive. You have fine tuned a well thought out smoker/grill. Special thanks to Bob, you make it very easy to recommend your products. One more happy customer. Impressed with: The smoke or grill feature on the same grill is very important to me, not to mention all of the other great features.”

– Brad C., Kansas

“Impressed with: reputation for quality and customer service, made in USA, ability to sear, multiple temperature probes, clean out features in bin and grill body, ability to use remote, built close to me in Oregon.”

– RJ C., Washington

“I was looking at buying [another pellet grill] at first, and while I was searching through forums, someone mentioned MAK. And that they will never use any other grill after owning one. That caught my interest, so I googled MAK grills and tried finding some negative reviews on your grills….. nothing…. But…. Praise…. Every owner of a MAK was more than happy with their grill. Some just said that they wish they would have made the purchase the first time, and not wasted money on the cheaper made in China pellet smokers. I hope you continue to make your grills in America, and am proud to say I’m the owner of a MAK 2 Star General Grill that’s made just down there in Dallas, Oregon. Impressed with: pellet dump door, cold smoking, grilling system.”

– Dennis C., Washington

“Impressed with: the separate cold smoker and the hopper that holds a whole bag of pellets. Made in the USA!!”

– Donna C., Oregon

“High quality design, and Made in the USA!”

– Rob C., Illinois

“Impressed with: the ability to change pellets quickly and easily, and the general ability to dust out the ash.”

– Alan C., Colorado

“Very nice features throughout, & my brisket last night was awesome!”

– Richard C., Illinois

“Impressed with: USA made, value compared to the other higher end grills, review on”

– David C., Texas

“Impressed with: construction and made in the USA.”

– Matt C., California

“I am very pleased with the grill. I wanted a grill made here in USA and of high quality. Fit the bill in both categories. Fine control of temperature, reviews and quality of construction most impressed me.”

– Wilton C., Colorado

“Impressed with: temperature control, size of cooking surface.”

– Arthur C., Ohio

“Impressed with: Temperature control, the company, and thoughts from other MAK owners.”

– Terrel C., California

“Great grill. Food tastes amazing. Impressed with: Pellet Boss, 304 stainless, cold smoker, Flame Zone.”

– Julius C., California

“Everything was perfect! No problems what so ever!”

– Lee C., Mississippi

“Nice to see Made in the USA!!”

– DeWayne C., Colorado

“My husband is putting it together now, and we can’t wait to use it. Impressed with: the way the smoke is extracted, bin holds more pellets, clean up of the grill afterwards, being able to just set it and go. The fact that you can cook and bake on it as well. We cook with propane, so this will save us a lot of money in the long run.”

– Linda C., Oregon

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss and construction quality.”

– Stephen C., Newfoundland Canada

“Impressed with: Local company, USA made product. Good sturdy product. Also lots of good comments on the Internet.”

– Rod C., Oregon

“Love the grill, great taste. Impressed with temp control, no Flame ups.”

– Bill C., California

“Solid, quality construction, looks very nice, made in Oregon.”

– Allen C., Oregon

“Impressed with: the build quality. Sturdy and should last a long time. Great tasting food first try. Being an Oregon company is great.”

– Chris C., Oregon

“Can be used for grilling OR smoking and the ability to use with wi-fi is impressive.”

– Richard C., Texas

“Sam (Sam’s NW Barbeque) was a huge help and I enjoyed doing business with him. The service from MAK Grills has been great too, especially Felicia. Thank you and I am looking forward to throwing on a salmon. Impressed with: Durability.”

– Jeff C., California

“Impressed with: Thickness of the gauge stainless and steel with powdercoat used in the construction of the unit. Hardware, lock washers, and an allen tool pack. Great materials and quality throughout.”

– Brian C., Massachusetts

“Impressed with: overall quality.”

– John C., California

“Your grills have a great reputation on the smoking forums, and the build quality from what I’ve seen so far supports that. Best feature: MADE IN USA!!”

– Steve C., South Carolina

“Impressed with: The Pellet Boss, construction quality (made in the USA) and easy cleaning.”

– Rob C., California

“Beautifully made.”

– Tom C., California

“I’m looking forward to the (wi-fi) that will work with the Pellet Boss… that is very very cool. Impressed with: the absolutely solid stainless steel construction, enclosed electronics, pellet empty out door, removable stainless steel firebox, and the Pellet Boss temperature gradient and other functions.”

– Jerry C., Oregon

“Impressed with: Completely American Made!!!!! Quality of construction!!!!!”

– Michael C., California

“Impressed with: Made in USA! Durability, quality.”

– Dale & Dusty C., Oregon

“Love the grill, Pellet Boss, 20# pellet holder, and side/cold smoker.”

– Scott C., Arizona

“While expensive in and of itself, for my purposes this purchase made sense, in that I can have one unit that will eliminate the need for an individual smoker, and charcoal, and a gas grill. Leaving me with more room, less upkeep, and a superior design and construction that will likely last a lifetime if I maintain it properly. American made was a requirement of mine as well. Contrats… well thought out design and exceptional construction.”

– Lyle C., Kansas

“Build quality is very good!”

– Donnie C., Florida

“Very impressed with how well they are made, and that it was made in the USA! My dad had [another pellet grill] for years, then purchased this MAK Grill for my birthday present. So excited to get smoking and can’t wait for the cookbook! Also you have wonderful people selling your product at Eastside Barbecue. Very friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, wonderful people!”

– Cristi C., Oregon

“Impressed with: quality when compared to [other pellet grill]. Made in USA, and Oregon; ability to add accessories; controller functionality; simplicity.”

– Kirk C., Oregon

“Impressed with: Smoke output, quality of construction, use on competitive circuits.”

– Scott C., Texas

“I just completed assembling my grill. My compliments on the quality of the unit and the ease of assembly. The shipping container was well protected, so the unit arrived in perfect condition. I am looking forward to getting started with it.”

– John D. Jr., Arizona

“Sorry for not registering , but FOUR years later, I can tell you I have enjoyed my MAK Grill very much. I have a reputation in my community for serving the best BBQ. I love it. Reliable, works incredibly well, but most of all the results I get are extraordinary!”

– John D., Arizona

“Bruce, thanks for the great customer service! I do appreciate the craftsmanship of this grill. The Pellet Boss is another great feature.”

– Steve D., Idaho

“You have to love a grill for the cost of one of these, but I DO. ALL YEAR. Can’t figure out these people who put the BBQ up for the winter! I’m telling all of my friends about this grill and even a couple of gals at the bank.”

– Jeff D,. Missouri

“Quality is top notch! All stainless construction and Flame Zone.”

– Darin D., Wisconsin

“Impressed with: cold smoking, temp control in 5 degree inc. 304 stainless, EVERYTHING.”

– John D., Utah

“It’s a pellet grill that gets very hot… so we can sear steak. Also I really appreciate it is made in America. And the support/help has been great so far.”

– Josh D., Oregon

“We bought the 1 Star, brought it home, and smoked a whole turkey. It isn’t often you have a product that works right out of the box with no tweaking. This is an amazing product and we are glad we made the purchase. The turkey was the best we have had, and the family, including my 80+, want to come and live with us so we can use the MAK Grill. OK, that might not be the best part of this, but we are thrilled with the product and the results. Thank you for doing what you say you do. Providing a great product that is American made and that works just Great!”

– Kayleen D., Oregon

“Impressed by: Stainless steel, Cold smoke box, high quality, excellent reviews.”

– Steve D., Virginia

“I like the fact that you seem to be doing a lot of innovating. My wife hates your innovation as I am spending a lot of money.”

– Chris D., Washington

“This smoker is well built, I’m really impressed! Looks good also.”

– Richard D., Kansas

“It’s GREAT! It heats up very fast! Is built very well! I love the Flame Zone! Love the warming box! Love the wheels for EASY rolling. Love the big pellet hopper with slopes on all sides. The cool down mode is great to have. The venting on both ends is great. Of course the Pellet Boss and it’s setting, timer and all it does are outstanding. Finally it just cooks outstanding food!”

– Derek D., Oregon

“Amazing Ribs website helped me to select your grill. Paul from California Pellet Grills was also helpful. Am replacing an electric and my natural gas grill as well.”

– Dan D., California

“Impressed with: Eastside BBQ, quality, and features, made in Oregon & USA.”

– Richard D., Oregon

“Impressed with: capabilities of the Pellet Boss and the cold smoke box. And, of course, made in the USA.”

– Marcus D., California

“I LOVE THIS GRILL!!! It is so much better built than my friend’s [other pellet grill] and after looking at [another pellet grill] you guys have it nailed. The hinge on the door is so much better than anything I have grilled on and can have it closer to a wall when cooking, that is a great feature. Impressed by: The meat sensor probe slots, the temperature control setting are in smaller increments and hinged lid is a lot better also than [other pellet grill].”

– Mike D., Oregon

“Being stainless steel and built in the USA contributed highly to my decision on purchasing a MAK grill. The removable firepot is a great feature to allow cleaning. The quick change pellet door feature allows me to change pellets easily for different foods without wasting pellets. The cold smoke box feature sold me on the grill. I can’t wait to smoke my Alaskan Red Salmon this summer.”

– Claude D., Alaska

“Impressed with: ease of use, quality, made in USA.”

– Emil D., Ohio

“Eastside BBQ has given our area great support over the years, you are lucky to have Bob as a dealer.”

– Kirk D., Oregon

“Impressed with: quality of construction, US Material and labor, ease of cleaning, feature packed controller, and optional accessories.”

– Casey D., Oregon

“Impressed with: quality of workmanship, and customer testimonials!”

– Dennis D., California

“…I don’t know how one would improve on perfection.”

– Mark D., Oregon

“Impressed with: programmable thermostat and the sear zone pan.”

– Lew D., Illinois

“Eric Nelson was very helpful, would recommend him to anyone. Did research on the internet about the smoker, and also Eric was very helpful and knowledgeable when I talked to him over the phone prior to purchasing.”

– Dean D., Nebraska

“Sam’s BBQ was great! He was so detailed about my purchase and did everything I could have asked for.”

– Jeremy D., Arizona

“Great built product. Impressed with: remote boss, design and all the features that one else has. Also, Oregon and USA made.”

– Henry D., Oregon

“Impressed with: Quality, flame zone, Stainless Steel, made in the USA, made in Oregon.”

– Cheri D., Oregon

“Impressed with: temperature control set it and forget it. Coming from [another pellet grill] that had to be babysat.”

– Mark D., California

“Impressed with: Smoker Box, construction, grilling option.”

– Phil D., California

“Impressed with: Wi-Fi capability, and consistency of temperature.”

– George D., New Jersey

“The staff at Meme was outstanding. Their product knowledge and customer service are unsurpassed. I had never done business with them but will return often for anything I need. Impressed with: quality of craftsmanship, materials used in construction, reputation conveyed during research and the knowledge from the dealer.”

– Toby D., California

“Made in AMERICA!!”

– Brad D., California

“I’ve been doing business with Bob at Eastside Barbecue for over 3 years and was referred to him by friends. He is awesome! He does a great job representing your products. MAK’s build quality is far better than my ex-pellet grill. Made in OREGON USA, not China!”

– Scott D., Oregon

“Meme marketplace did an excellent job of describing your product. They were helpful and provided excellent customer service. Impressed with: design considerations such as quality of stainless steel, angled pellet area, cooking area, and Made in the USA, plus the video on your website.”

– Thomas D., California

“Impressed by: Temperature controls, build quality, Flame Zone feature.”

– Dan D., Illinois

“This grill really sold itself. I was planning on getting [other pellet grills] but the searing capabilities of the MAK and build quality made me spend over my budget. Impressed by: searing capabilities, build quality and the very nice stainless steel.”

– Donald D., California

“Used twice already, chicken and pork steaks, both were better than any I’ve done before. Impressed with: large enough for a turkey and temperature control. Also the cold smoking feature.”

– Thomas D., Oregon

“Impressed with: direct heat, wi-fi, accessories.”

– Jeff D., Oregon

“Impressed with: should last forever.”

– Don D., Oregon

“Made our first turkey and it was great! We chose it based on reviews.”

– Mary D., New York

“Called and talked to Bruce at MAK who made the deal happen. He is a great spokesman for your company. Was thinking of buying a stick burner and after a lot of research decided on the pellet. I figured I would use it a lot more and was a great investment. Then I spoke with Bruce and he helped me make it official. Called my friends at Unique Outdoor Living and have smoked 2 awesome times since then. Thanks, MAK! Impressed with: Temp controls and the ease of use. In addition to that, the great reviews about MAK on the internet. SO many people call MAK the king of pellet grills, it really made it an easy choice. Can’t wait for my next book!”

– David D., California

“Built like a tank.”

– George D., Michigan

“Impressed with: overall features and build quality. Love the burning/temperature control, Wi-Fi capabilities, ease of changing pellets and cleaning, size, and thickness of metal and construction quality. The capability of grilling and cold smoking were a bonus.”

– Jay D., West Virginia

“Impressed with: build quality, innovations, low cooking temp possible, controller.”

– Paul D., California

“Impressed with: Size of the grill area on the MAK 1 Star.”

– David D., New Hampshire

“Impressed with: temperature control and smoke control.”

– Daniel D., Michigan

“Impressed with: the Pellet Boss and the Remote … I love them! I also really like the ease of being able to change out the pellets.”

– Bruce D., California

“Impressed with: American Made, reviews, rewards, functions.”

– Steven D., Arizona

“Impressed with: Stainless construction, and many features such as pellet quick change, and warming/cold smoking area.”

– Alan D., Oregon

“Impressed with: Quality of construction and good temperature control.”

– Fred D., Washington

“Quality made in America!”

– Keith D., California

“The hole alignment is superb. I didn’t catch any burrs, anywhere on edges or holes. The grease bucket is overbuilt, I won’t need another one, way to go. The Pellet Boss is what sold it.”

– Nate D., Oklahoma

“Impressed with: The Pellet Boss system and the ability to grill at a higher temp when I had to.”

– Colin D., California

“Impressed with: The Pellet Boss with build in probe outlets.”

– Tim D., Tennessee

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss, Warmer box, construction quality.”

– David D., Nevada

“Bob and Betty (Eastside Barbecue) are the best… Also please thank the person that packaged my grill… it arrived in Wisconsin and was perfect… thank you! Impressed with: solid construction, and the fact that it is made in America. Even better that it is made in Oregon.”

– Kelly D., Wisconsin

“Impressed with: The Pellet Boss and overall well thought out design.”

– Duane D., California

“Impressed with: The control, American built, thickness of materials.”

– Peter D., Washington

“Thanks for the tip on the store in Houston TX, I bought their last MAK grill in stock. Impressed with: overall quality and well thought out features that other pellet grills did not have.”

– Darrell D., Texas

“Great product—extremely versatile—using the probe makes for perfect results. I take it to the Go Kart races and cook for 12-20 people—the grill is awesome! Then I bring it home for my own pleasure.”

– Don D., California

“Impressed with: Wi-Fi, controlling your grill from your phone while at work, I will love this feature.”

– Paul D., Virginia

“Wanted a smoker—never had one before. Liked review at by Meathead. Set it & forget it controls.”

– Scott D., Texas

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss and reputation for a quality build.”

– Steve E., Oregon

“Well built. Not having to babysit the wood burning process. Just the right size for me.”

– Diane E., Utah

“Impressed with: The ability to sear and cold smoke. And then, of course, the fabulous Pellet Boss. As well as all of the support! Answering of questions before I purchased from Bob, Bruce, and Matt. That service alone would make me want to purchase a grill from you. Thanks for taking customer service seriously.”

– Brent E., Virginia

“Thanks for keeping fellow Americans employed. As time goes on, I think more people are going to wake up and realize that saving money on foreign products now ends up costing a lot more down the road. Thanks again for a quality product.”

– William E., Iowa

“Impressed with: Controller features, superb construction materials, easy pellet removal, Great reviews and comments on the forum.”

– Pamela E., Indiana

“Quality in workmanship is outstanding.”

– Tim E., California

“Built like a tank.”

– Gene E., Washington

“Impressed with: MADE IN USA, and proud to have it produced in our home state of Oregon. We appreciate the holes punched out in exact alignment. Nicely done in quality heavy gauge stainless steel. We first saw the MAK Grill at the Albany, OR Home Show about three years ago and were very impressed then.”

– George E., Oregon

“Impressed with: construction, pellet boss, hopper capacity, finish, smoke output, assembly ease.”

– Roger E., Texas

“Impressed with: ease of operation, quality of construction.”

– Gary E., Washington

“Impressed with: cold smoking, and made about 15 miles from home!”

– Kathy E., Oregon

“The guarantee that a Bruce comes with every grill! Bruce Bjorkman is the best!”

– Glenn E., Florida

“Very well made! Looking forward to receiving the cookbook and to making our Thanksgiving turkey on the grill.”

– Deb E., Oregon

“I like the control for temp and the temp probe set up.”

– Allen E., Oregon

“Impressed with: Stainless steel, pellet drop, ash drop, smoker/warmer and consistent internet raves for product and customer service.”

– Fred E., Oregon

“Impressed with: made locally, stainless steel, reviews.”

– Harold E., Oregon

“Grilled my first steak on this grill last night and the flavor is outstanding. The grill was easy to assemble and simple to operate.”

– Rich E., Oregon

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss. Pellet door and easy to empty the ashes.”

– Tim E., Minnesota

“Bob (Eastside Barbecue) is a wonderful spokesman for MAK Grills. Bob was very patient in guiding me through the learning process. He always had time for me to ask more questions. My wife and I are very comfortable with our choice. I know if I have more questions or a future problem, Bob will be there for us. Impressed with: MAKs high regard on many bbq blogs. MADE IN DALLAS OREGON!”

– David F., Oregon

“Thanks for making a quality USA made grill. I purchased this because I wanted a grill made in the USA. I’m also excited about your control system.”

– Mark F., Kansas

“Impressed with: Build quality and the high praise of your service in the BBQ forums.”

– Patrick F., Minnesota

“Impressed with: Construction! Quality of unit! Versatile! American Made!! God Bless!!”

– Dennis F., Oregon

“Thanks to Bruce and the team for helping me with every step of my purchase! Impressed with: renewable resource cooking, quality of build, less potential for the accumulation of heterocyclic alemines during the cooking process on pellet grills, great support from Bruce.”

– Chris F., Virginia

“Impressed with: Clean pellet fuel, made in USA, solid construction, pellet boss controls.”

– Time F., California

“Hi Bob & Co. We LOVE our MAK grill, it is a real conversation piece with our friends, and the food taste is ALWAYS GREAT!!! We look forward to many years of good cookin with the MAK: Easy smokin, smokin easy, as Sterling would say. Keep up the good work, thank you!”

– John F., California

“I design a lot of sheet metal products and love to see quality builds like yours. Impressed with: even heat like the convection oven. My wife had a fit when I came home with it. Then I showed her how easy it was to use and the versatility compared to our charcoal grill and she is hooked.”

– John F., Missouri

“Impressed with: Made in USA, stainless steel construction, ease of cleaning and changing pellets.”

– Jim F., Missouri

“Overall great machine. I have no gripes. The quality of materials are without a doubt the best feature of this grill.”

– Bryan F., Alabama

“Impressed with: Everything, but especially that it is locally made.”

– Rob F., Oregon

“Versatile and extremely well reviewed by Spent quite some time doing research on which pellet grill I was going to purchase. Selected yours because of the rave reviews and happy customers.”

– Will F., Texas

“Impressed with: Flavor of the meat!!!”

– Cortney F., Oregon

“Impressed with: Build quality and innovation. And your company is sort of local.”

– James F., Washington

“Quality, made in USA, Electronics”

– John F., North Carolina

“Easy to use.”

– Cecilia F., Wyoming

“Thanks for staying local. It made the difference.”

– Charles F., Oregon

“I cooked on the MAK 1 last weekend and the pork shoulder turned out fantastic!”

– Bill F., Tennessee

“Impressed with: Build quality, flavor of food, temp control with three probe capability. Even heat distribution on the surface of grill rack. Even with a full second rack, temp is within a couple degrees. Great product.”

– Michael F., Washington

“Impressed with: Remote Boss and Flame Zone.”

– Craig F., California

“Impressed with: Made in America, and every review I read after I decided to get a pellet grill had nothing but positive remarks. It is a real pleasure to buy something so well thought out and quality constructed.”

– Dennis F., California

“Wood fired and MADE IN USA.”

– Ron F., Montana

“Impressed with: Everything… but mostly made in the USA.”

– Lou F., Tennessee

“The quality of the product is as advertised. The grill has great fit and finish, and excellent cooking ability.”

– David F., Mississippi

“Impressed with: Programmable, size of hopper, searing ability.”

– John F., Colorado

“The reason I researched MAK was because of the product review at The reason I bought it was the quality build and the Pellet Boss. Handmade in the United States.”

– Harry F., California

“Impressed with: reputation and quality.”

– Jonas F., Colorado

“Impressed with: build quality and the cool controller.”

– Rob F., Texas

“Great MAK experience so far and I have not even used the grill. Assembly was a breeze. Can’t wait to get smokin’! Impressed with: Not in any particular order, Pellet Boss, Flame Zone, easy cleaning, cold smoker, reputation, quality, made in the USA.”

– Jon F., Washington

“Impressed with: Construction, awards, made in America and not in China!!!”

– Greg F., Oregon

“Quality made in the USA.”

– Dennis F., Oregon

“The heavy gauge materials are nice. After years of BBQs being made overseas, it’s great to buy American products again that feel like they were built to last. We are new to pellet BBQs but have been heating with high-end pellet stoves for years. The electronics are great. We cooked a chicken with the probe and extra smoke cycle with some red bell peppers on the side. First, try and in front of my company, it was a big hit. THANKS.”

– Jed G., Texas

“Impressed with: Consistency! Amazing smoker/grill.”

– Andrew G., California

“The packaging of the product was excellent and set up was relatively easy. Impressed with: Positive comments, solid construction, precision temperature control, integrated temperature probes, large hopper.”

– Michael G., Colorado

“All the research I did suggests this unit is the best in the price point I was shopping. Also made in USA meant a lot.”

– Don G., Arizona

“The specs for the grill were quite impressive, from the gauge of the metal to the temperature range. I also liked the Pellet Boss controller and the ability to program routines for the entire cooking process.”

– David G., Maryland

“Impressed with: The reviews and positive feedback available on MAK Grills.”

– Joseph G., Texas

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss, programmable software that lets me program the temperature to smoke for 4 hours and then change temperature to 225 for 8 hours without having to attend it. Set it and Forget it. Quality of materials and construction.”

– John G., Colorado

“Replacing my charcoal, gas AND bullet grill.”

– Tom G., California

“Great grill. I like the stainless fire box and the variable speed fan. It comes up to temp quickly. I’m looking forward to playing with the cold smoke. I don’t miss my [other pellet grill]. A good upgrade. The MAK is a nicely sized grill.”

– Dale G., Oregon

“Great BBQ!!!! Impressed with: The electronic set up!!!!”

– Bob G., Oregon

“Impressed with: the ability to set it and forget it.”

– Michael G., Kansas

“Really like that you can empty out the pellet hopper easily if you want to, that’s a great idea. Used it twice now, am impressed with the capabilities. Jimmy at MeMe Marketplace is so friendly, patient, and polite. He is a great dealer. We must have gone their 15 times to really look at the MAK and ask him questions. We had bought [another pellet grill] with all of the extras for a really decent price… But then, we got to really look at it, and we decided that it was crap compared to the MAK quality and features. [Other pellet grill] can keep their cheaply made in China grills, thanks anyway! I like the fact that there are no sharp edges, the door rolls up into the other part of the good, and the cold smoker box is great. Can’t wait to use that part to smoke some cheese and other stuff. Like that the pellet hopper is angled so that nothing can get stuck, and also that you can change out the pellets easily. Also the fact that you can easily remove and clean the ash pot. Overall it’s a very well thought out grill. Powder coating is nicely done. Quality, workmanship, and features are all well thought out and there is obviously pride in workmanship and attention to detail.”

– Michael G., California

“This grill rocks! I just got it today, BBQ’d some burgers on it (not grilled, BBQ) and they’re the best burgers I’ve ever made at home. But on top of making great food, the materials and construction are impressive. I expect it to last 20 years. Very well built, well thought out. I’m a fan.”

– Greg G., California

“Impressed with: made in America, construction and materials.”

– Melanie G., Colorado

“Best pellet grill out there, outclasses all other pellet grills. Also, the grill was packed as all things should. Best packing I have seen. The whole grill is beyond anything out there.”

– Rory G.,

“Impressed with: made in USA, stainless steel construction, electronic controls, lid design, fact that you can grill on it.”

– Shawn G., Oregon

“Impressed with: local, veteran-owned.”

– Gary G., Oregon

“Impressed with: the wireless interface, which we didn’t purchase this time, but will be ordering in the next few days.”

– Jason G., Virginia

“Impressed with: Number 1: made in the USA. I’m retired Air Force and keeping it stateside is big!”

– Matt G., Illinois

“Impressed with: Made in the USA, cold smoking ability, all stainless construction, Pellet Boss… you know, the whole Maryanne.”

– Steve G., Oregon

“The electronic Pellet Boss was the deciding factor in the purchase.”

– Albert G., Michigan

“Looking forward to my new grilling ventures! Replacing a gas grill.”

– Tim G., California

“Love the Pellet Boss!”

– John G., California

“Impressed by: Made in USA & quality compared to other grills. Also is highly regarded by other owners.”

– Neil G., Tennessee

“Have completed quite a number of cooks with great success. Really like the grill!!”

– Dan G., California

“I’m very happy with my purchase, keep up the good work. Everything about the grill stands out. Well built, nothing cheap or cheap looking about this grill. I’m new at pellet grilling but know I will continue to be impressed.”

– Terry G., Arkansas

“Impressed with: stainless, quality of construction, electronics, well thought out.”

– Will G., California

“Just finished assembly, have not used yet but I’m already impressed. All my friends out here have [other pellet grills]—don’t be surprised if you start doing more business in Nebraska!”

– Dan G., Nebraska

“Sam at NW BBQ is a great advocate of MAK grills. He was very helpful when I called to get more information on the MAK. He also had some really great things to say about your product, the people involved, and your company in general.”

– Brad G., Oregon

“Impressed with: ease of use and cleanup.”

– George G., Wisconsin

“Impressed with: cold smoker, warmer, flame zone, Pellet Boss.”

– Willie G., Washington

“Neil Spector is very knowledgeable on grilling and the benefits of grilling on the MAK. Would highly recommend him to anyone. Impressed with: made to last, ease on cleaning the stainless steel, attention to function, i.e. dump shoot for pellets, dump drawer for ashes.”

– Harold G., Missouri

“Impressed with: Technology. American made. Quality of build. Cold smoker/warm box. Appearance. Customer service. Reputation.”

– Jerry G., Oregon

“I tried the smoked cheese and smoked avocados. They were great! Impressed with: the fact that you can use it as a smoker or a grill, and the cold smoking feature.”

– Jeff G., Texas

“I was looking to replace my gasser, and a co-worker told me about [another pellet grill]. I had already decided to buy the [other pellet grill] until I discovered they shipped the manufacturing overseas, I was truly disappointed. So I decided to see what else was available, and that’s when I came upon your wonderfully constructed pellet grill!! This thing is a tank. I’m sure I will get many, many, many years of enjoyment out of this gem. Thanks for building American!”

– Chris G., Ohio

“This is my second Two Star Grill. I liked the first so well I wanted another one!”

– Tom G., Oklahoma

“Impressed with: quality of construction, cooking style flexibility, quiet operation, MADE IN AMERICA.”

– Doug G., Oregon

“Impressed with: quality, warranty, controller.”

– John G., Oregon

“Very well built smoker, the other makes I looked at were very light metal.”

– Craig G., Florida

“Impressed with: Quality of manufacturing and locally made.”

– Carolyn G., Oregon

“There are too many things that impressed me to name just one… the Pellet Boss, the smoke/grill combo, the quick change pellet hopper, the cold smoking/warming drawer, and all the heavy stainless steel. This grill is a winner.”

– Mark G., Iowa

“Impressed with: Controller flexibility, Wi-Fi enabled technology, positive feedback from social media sites. Quality of grill stood out against all competitors.”

– Jeff G., Colorado

“Impressed with: The American made quality. I am very impressed by the quality and attention to detail.”

– Chad H., Colorado

“Impressed with: well built, can smoke and grill, capacity.”

– James H., Oregon

“I am impressed!!! This is one well built grill! I have been on a quest to buy “the Last Grill I will every Buy” since the 1990’s. I started at that point with [high end infrared gas], which led to [another infrared gas grill]. Then a friend of mine got turned on to [other pellet grill] last Fall. What great food!! The problem for me was that [other pellet grill] seemed to be cheap quality for the price… that led to some research, and here we are today with me as a VERY pleased customer!!!! Keep up the good work!!! Impressed with: Stainless steel construction. Pellet Boss with temperature control. American Made. It’s hard to choose just one!!”

– Jeff & Julia HM., Pennsylvania

“Am so excited to have a great USA made grill.”

– Ken H., Washington

“Impressed with: the ability to smoke, bake, AND grill product, so cooking versatility. Upon putting it together, the quality of the components (and heft)!”

– Kevin H., Massachusetts

“Thank you for manufacturing a great, high quality product in the USA! After assembling the grill I was even more impressed with the materials and build quality.”

– David H., Oregon

“It’s nice to find a product that’s made in the USA—where quality still stands for something! I replaced [other pellet grill] that was only 6 months old, to get the quality of made in America. Wish I had found MAK first. Keep up the great work and first class quality!”

– Matt H., California

“This is a great grill. We cooked on it the first night we got it. The weight of this grill is built to last us a lifetime. Thank you for putting quality in your product. We are proud owners.”

– Bill & May H., Oregon

“Impressed by: heavy structure, warmer/smoker box, flame zone. Plus features like the ash clean out door and the pellet hopper dump door.”

– David H., Oregon

“Great reviews, talked to friends after learning about MAK and got very favorable opinions. Super build quality!”

– Tim H., Oregon

“Impressed with: High heat. Flame Zone. Pellet Dump Door.”

– Scott H., Alabama

“I came to your plant and met with Bruce for a few minutes, he was very helpful. I was quite impressed with the videos on YouTube, very informative and helpful. I found Sam’s NW BBQ, he was very helpful and informative. Impressed with: temperature range, gauge of metal, Pellet Boss.”

– Greg H., Oregon

“Impressed with: cooking videos, the design, and built like a tank with 304 stainless steel.”

– Jim H., Oregon

“Impressed with: Made in America, On-line reviews, stainless steel construction, ease of use i.e. emptying hopper, clean out ashes, large capacity cold smoker, grilling and smoking capabilities. We also appreciate the consistent temperature of the grill as we had [other pellet grill] for a very short time, which was of inferior quality and quite contrary in these areas.”

– Jim H., Washington

“Impressed with: Fan and temperature control, excellent build quality.”

– Stephen H., Oregon

“Be sure to build something built in the USA. We had [other pellet grill] for quite awhile. When we needed parts we found out that everything was built in China now. Those new gear drives for the auger did NOT last, if they worked at all. Impressed with: Certified built in the United States.”

– Vicki H., Oregon

“Impressed with: MADE IN AMERICA. Quality of materials and build. Features, especially the direct heat option, the pellet dump door and the cold smoker.”

– Kevin H., California

“Impressed with: Number one thing, made right here in the United States of America. Sell American, Buy American. Love the stainless steel construction and the thought that went into this machine. Like that the hopper pellets slide smoothly into the auger without clogging.”

– Bob H., California

“Impressed with: Stainless steel construction and versatility. Also USA made.”

– James H., Oregon

“Impressed with: All of the features [other pellet grill] doesn’t have. I have always owned [other pellet grills] and I am very excited to have this new grill. I will tell others about it.”

– Doreen H., Utah

“I have always cooked with charcoal and wood, and with the pellets and controller it is so easy, and the temp stays perfect. It’s a great grill and I have shown several fellow BBQ cookers this and they are now looking to make the move to a better grill.”

– Don H., California

“Love it!!!!”

– Mike H., California

“Impressed with: cold smoking box, ability to sear, quality of build, American made.”

– Michael H., California

“Love ability to smoke food as well as grill. Tastes better w/ pellets! No more [charcoal brand] taste!”

– Rob H., Washington

“I like the webpage for the wireless, stainless steel, and made in USA.”

– Rob H., Nebraska

“I only buy American. There is a difference!!!”

– Sheryl H., California

“Impressed with: temp control, direct/indirect, cold smoke, quality construction.”

– Kevin H., Idaho

“Impressed with: program it and walk away. I started the grill in 25° weather. I did the burn in for half an hour and achieved 495°. Very Impressive. After that I programmed 32 lbs of pork butt, and after loading in a smoking period for the first part of the program, I switch it to a meat probe alarm at 195°, and a 250° set point. It held very close to that temperature every time I checked, and made the task literally labor free. I went over and ate Sunday dinner at my parents house while the grill did all the work. Great stuff!”

– Scott H., Illinois (now a MAK dealer!)

“Grill gets hot enough to sear meat.”

– Dean H., Oregon

“Impressed with: Built in the USA. Solid construction and a local company to work with.”

– Tim H., Oregon

“I can’t believe how good the food I smoke on it tastes. The Pellet Boss is the boss. Not having to ruin a night’s sleep during a long smoke is wonderful. And on top of that, it’s built in the USA.”

– John H., Illinois

“Impressed with: the easy way the grill lights itself and the smart controller.”

– David H., Oregon

“I am a professional race car driver. I am very impressed with the grill.”

– Robert H., California

“Barbequing with pellets is the only way to fly! Impressed with: the way it’s made, heavy and strong. The beautiful and heavy stainless steel construction of the grill. The ease of cleaning. The ease of changing pellets, if needbe. If there are other things that come up, we will contact Bob at Eastside Grills. You have one very dedicated salesman at Eastside, he is GREAT!!!”

– Darrell H., Oregon

“Impressed with: Good stainless steel construction, easy pellet changing door, warming and smoking compartments.”

– James H., Kansas

“Customer service was excellent!”

– Ed H., Oregon

“Impressed with: all of the accessories, the ability to sear, smoke and bake, and the Remote Boss.”

– Jack H., Oklahoma

“Impressed with: Made in USA, quality construction (304 stainless/powder coat), Pellet Boss, Design of pellet hopper (3 sides angled), quick change of pellets, the list goes on…”

– Craig H., Texas

“Love the grill!”

Wally H., Nevada

“Had purchased a [other pellet grill] and didn’t like that there was no direct flame option. MAK seemed like it was a superior product.”

– Todd H., California

“Impressed with: made in USA, Durability, awards. Replacing Gas grill.”

– Jason H., Missouri

“Did a ton of research on pellet grills before diving in. was probably the review that pushed it over the top. To be honest, I couldn’t find a single bad/moderate review of your grills. I’m a disaster in the kitchen… so hopefully I’ll learn to use my MAK and impress my wife. Impressed with: temperature controls, made in America, solid warranty, nothing but good reviews/feedback.”

Keith H., Nevada

“Impressed with: quality of construction, wood pellet feed, thermostatic control.”

– David H., Alaska

“I am so impressed with this grill. It is built unbelievably well. The ordering process was great. You guys have exceeded my expectations on customer service. I will spread the word on theis great American Product.”

– Dave H., Tennessee

“The representation your company has at the dealer level is phenomenal! Sam (Sam’s NW BBQ) was so helpful in educating me about the Mak 2 Star vs. [other pellet grill]. I have already recommended MAK to many of my friends, and one decided to purchase a 2 Star this past Friday from Sam. I will continue to refer individuals to MAK via Sam.”

– Mitchel H., Oregon

“Impressed with: Fact that it is an all American mad electronic pellet grill with so many options. Thank you very muchly.”

– Randy H., Replacing a gas grill.

“I absolutely LOVE this pellet smoker. I will never own another. The construction is incredible, and it worked out of the box with no problems at all. Really appreciated the box to use as a work bench too! Very much appreciate that this is made in America. Thank you very much for your product, this has revolutionized my smoking! Make sure to thank your team for me, as they do a great job!”

– Paul H., Colorado

“Impressed with: innovation, quality, American made… the list goes on!”

– William H., Texas

“There are three features worth mentioning. The controller, of course, set it and forget it. The warmer/cold smoker, who would not love that. And lastly, your grill is the most wheelchair user friendly grill I have ever used or seen. The lid design stops at a point where I can still reach it when open WITHOUT the fear of burning myself.”

– Ron H., Oregon

“The MAK grill I purchased, makes the best food I’ve ever tasted. This grill takes all the work out of grilling/smoking . Impressed with: self igniting feature, and the fact that you don’t have to babysit this grill.”

– Cary I., Michigan

“Impressed with: stainless steel, made in USA, quality, Pellet Boss.”

– Travis I., California

“We love this grill!! It makes great tasting food. Jimmy at MeMe’s was great! Impressed with: ability to hold temperature.”

– Joseph I., Oregon

“Impressed with: Ability to smoke foods at lower temperatures and not burning anything anymore.”

– Michael J., Washington

“Impressed with: Reputation in customer service which I had the chance to see first hand before my purchase. The easy pellet change and the Wi-Fi!”

– Alex J., Illinois

“Construction is impressive.”

– Allan J., Oregon

“Impressed with: Programmable temp controls, three meat probe outlets, inside height of body and solid made in USA construction.”

– Stan J., Colorado

“Impressed with: Durable construction, made in U.S., wireless control feature.”

– Chris J., Alaska

“Looks to be really well built. Easy to assemble and the packaging is impressive. Gonna try it out on some fresh salmon tomorrow.”

– William J., Oregon

“Impressed with: temperature hold no matter what the outside temp is, and the cold smoking set up.”

– Edward J., Oregon

“Looking forward to using my new MAK Grill. We did extensive research on pellet grills. MAK by far had the most customers advocating for MAK grills. We hope to be advocates too!”

– Rick J., California

“My 2 Star General was truly a pleasure to put together. In an age of cheap parts and cheaper workmanship, there is nothing better than TRUE AMERICAN quality, including parts, materials and craftsmanship. Thank you for that! Our experience with Sam’s NW BBQ was fantastic. I don’t take time to write reviews, but this ‘Purchase Experience’ is worth telling other about. Thank you.”

– Larry J., Minnesota

“Just put it together, it’s built like a tank! Thanks!”

– Mark J., Washington

“Impressed with: Quality construction and Pellet Boss features.”

– Mike J., North Carolina

“MADE IN THE USA!!! I couldn’t have been happier building the Two Star grill. The components fit perfectly and were detailed to perfection. This is the first grill I have owned that has quality stamped on it from top to bottom. No more foreign throw-aways for me!”

– Rod J., North Carolina

“It’s refreshing to put something together where all the holes and pieces line up correctly, no muss or fuss! Well designed and manufactured. Thank you!”

– Tom J., Colorado

“I feel sorry for the folks at [other grill company]!! This is the BOSS grill. I can get [other pellet grill] units at a substantial discount (friend works there). But this MAK Grill is so cool I passed down the old [other pellet company] and bought this! Keep up the good work!”

– Brian J., Oregon

“Impressed with: Pellet and electricity, the ability to add a Wi-Fi if I need it. Made in the USA. Recommended by Meathead.”

– Christina J., Maryland

“Impressed with: Set it and forget it. Wi-Fi.”

– Ryan J., Arizona

“We Love the 2 Star! Last summer we cooked an average of two cases of pork butts a weekend (one case at a time) for a contract we worked on for BullsEye BBQ sauce/Kraft. It was so easy to set the temp, go to bed, and trust that we’d have a finished and quality product in the morning ready to go for the tasting events!”

– Scott J., California

“Impressed with: Build quality, American made, flame zone, capability of higher temperatures than [other pellet grill], stainless steel, responsiveness of the company to questions or complaints on BBQ forums.”

– Darren J., Salem

“Impressed with: Versatile, can sear and slow cook. Accessories, reputation… “

– Jeff J., Texas

“I am used to a 24 x 48 stick burner so space management was my only concern. I cook most foods on an offset so what I was looking for a little easier to use pit for small cooks. The set it and forget it logic behind pellet grills is what impressed me the most. I have always hated the burnt grease taste of direct grilling. I’m looking for is something to sear and give me smoked BBQ flavor.”

– Jimmy J., Texas

“Design and manufacturing details (fit and finish) are very impressive. Please don’t cheapen the product—it’s worth the price.”

– Philip J., Iowa

“Impressed with: Construction, Controller, Cold smoke side.”

– Mike J., Colorado

“Impressed with: Ease of output, ease of use.”

– David J., California

“Impressed with: Versatility. Ease of operation. The Pellet Boss!”

– Robert J., Michigan

“Impressed with: 1.) Cold Smoker Box 2.) Size of cooking area with optional cooking grate 3.) Build quality and materials 4.) Made in USA!”

– James J., New Mexico

“We are enjoying the smoker and intend to improve our cooking. Impressed with: Made in the USA, sturdy frame, Pellet Boss, I read good reviews while on the internet and talked to a salesperson while I was shopping for a MAK. It was on my wish list for about a year.”

– Christie K., Washington

“Bob at Eastside is wonderful. He is very enthusiastic and a true believer of MAK grills. It made it very easy to buy from him. He truly enjoys what he does. Impressed with: Cold smoke, warming tray, fast heating, open flame cooking, fast cool down, ease of use.”

– Mike K., Oregon

“It is time for some smoking and brisket…”

– Keith K., Oregon

“Replaced my [other pellet grill] for the temperature ranges and 5 degree increments that the MAK has.”

– Ed K., Calgary Alberta

“Love the quality and workmanship.”

– Michael K., California

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss controller and all stainless construction.”

– Mark K., Colorado

“Heard about pellet grills from several others. I did as much research as I could online, and decided to try the MAK… have been very pleased with the mechanics and controls. Impressed with: Pellet Boss with wi-fi and Remote Boss are all great features. The ease of repair is great, wish there was more storage area under the grill, but the fabrication is good and the grill is well engineered.”

– David K., Florida

“Impressed with: Controller and gauge of steel used. Very sturdy.”

– Ward K., Washington

“You guys and your company are AWESOME!!!!! Matt Tucker from MAK goes so far above and beyond what I consider to be today’s customer service. I cannot thank Matt enough. I had a problem, sent an email, and the very next day I had a phone call from Matt. Not an email, a phone call. You guys have been so awesome even after the sale and I am very appreciative of that!!!! Impressed with: the very bottom of the wheels to the very top of the lid and everything in between!!!!!!!! If I had to pick one thing, other than the grill itself, would be the felt quality of the grill. The first time I grabbed that lid handle and opened the lid, I felt ‘quality’ in the thickness and strength of the stainless steel. This beautiful MAK 2 replaced another pellet grill I had that was made in China. The grill made in China felt cheap and I had TONS of problems with it. The MAK 2 is somewhat boring—I turn it on and cook food with it. I was constantly working on the “made in China” grill. I should have went MAK from the get- go. Oh well, sometimes we learn the hard way…..”

– Mike K., Alaska

“Meathead’s site had a glowing review of your grills. That review counted highly in the factors I was considering when replacing both my grill and smoker. Impressed with: Durability. I’ve gone through three electric smokers and two grills in the past 5 years, and decided that the price of a durable piece of work was worth it. Also, the digital controller on your grills impressed me when compared with other pellet smokers.”

– Matt K., Tennessee

“Thank you for a great product.”

– Jeff K., Oregon

“Impressed with: Build quality and Pellet Boss, knowledge and help from Neil Spector.”

– Jan K., Kansas

“I was really impressed with the ease of assembly. All the holes line up (yahooooo!!) and the quality of the components and hardware supplied were over the top good.”

– David K., Washington

“Impressed with: workmanship, locally manufactured, stainless steel construction.”

– Steven K., Oregon

“Impressed with: Stainless steel construction, build quality, computer controlled temperature system, and built in the USA. Plus good support!”

– Ralph K., New Hampshire

“Impressed with: The sturdiness of the grill along with the ability to clean, change pellets, etc. The reviews have been amazing and I am looking forward to seasoning it today and getting started!”

– David K., Washington

“Your grill is Superior to my [other pellet grill] that it is replacing. Impressed with: Consistent temperatures, Pellet Boss features, Made in the USA!!!!”

– Kirk K., Texas

“Impressed with: the consistency of cooking temperature/ minimal temperature fluctuations.”

– Dane K., Oregon

“The MAK grills mobile is very exciting. I will get so much more use out of an unattended cook with what little time I have [instead of] spending an entire day at home checking temps. This will work so much better. Very excited. I just put it together tonight and am about to configure the wireless.”

– Simon K., Ohio

“Impressed with: Grill Zone, Pellet Boss, pellet dump door, Quality, warmer/smoker box.”

– Dale K., Washington

“Greatest grill ever—I’ll call with details!”

– Davd K., California

“I love to BBQ and have not owned a pellet grill. When doing research on which one to buy, the MAK seemed to stack up heads and shoulders above the rest. Every MAK owner should have to put it together themselves so they will appreciate the high quality of the grill. Impressed with: High Quality, made in America, and the versatility and capability of the Pellet Boss controller. The stainless steel body and internal components all speak volumes for the high quality.”

– Mike K., Texas

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss, Wi-Fi capability, pellet door, easy cleaning, multiple accessories available, 3 probes.”

– John K., California

“Fire and forget… nice smoke.”

– Brad K., Washington

“Impressed with: the flavor it puts into meats.”

– Loren K., California

“Everything went together well, cooked chicken, my wife was impressed.”

– Ron K., Washington

“Impressed with: quality of product and American made.”

– Kirk K., Oregon

“What a great product from an upstanding AMERICAN company, keep up the outstanding quality and support!”

– Matt K., Colorado

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss technology, durability, reputation.”

– Jim K., Oregon

“I’ve had many conversations with Bruce (Mr. BBQ) as well as emails before making this purchase. I currently have [other pellet grill] and it’s time to move up. We will be trying out the MAK for the first time tonight!!! Would also like to comment on the wonderful support I was given from Bob at Sandy Home Appliances. He is very knowledgeable about the MAK and gave me many tips to get me started. Between Bob and Bruce, we are now the proud owners of a MAK Two Star General!! Impressed with: Made in USA, stainless steel, versatility, ease of hot pot removal for cleaning, and overall set up. Very well thought out design!”

– Sally G., Oregon

“This is our first smoker. So far we love it. Can’t wait to cook for a crowd. Thank you!”

– Pam K., California

“The grill is amazing and I love it. Plus your mesquite rub is by far the best I have ever had.”

– John K., Iowa

“Impressed with: The cold smoking feature. The fit and finish of construction. The Flame Zone feature. Looking forward to years of use.”

– Jay K., New York

“Impressed with: construction, removable firebox, cleanout door and pellet dump feature. And of course USA made!”

– Paul K., California

“Electronic controls are very impressive.”

– Steven K., Virginia

“The grill is amazing. I can’t believe how fast it heats up and how stable the temps are. The build quality is scary good.”

– Jeff K., California

“After assembling I must say I’m impressed with the rugged design and high quality!”

– Tony K., Washington

“I’m replacing my third [other pellet grill] in three years.”

– Mike L., Oregon

“Love the wood smoke flavoring. Impressed with: quality of construction and made in Oregon. Digital control and meat probe input.”

– Kevin L., Oregon

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss, removable fire pot, overall build quality/craftsmanship of the grill.”

– Lonnie L., Kansas

“Grilled for the first time last night. AMAZING!”

– Ken L., Oregon

“Impressed with: The Pellet Boss controller and the ability to control it through WiFi.”

– James L., Washington

“Impressed with: Quality of Made in the USA—particularly keeping jobs in the home state. Also, the tight construction to maintain the temperature, with the programmable controller.”

– Tim L., Oregon

“Impressed with: safe operation in a forested area. Pellet Boss, American made, clean out, grease drains, quality of our grill, quality user reports, dealer (Sam’s NW BBQ).”

– George L., New Mexico

“Very impressed with Sam of Sam’s NW BBQ company. He had a lot of good information about grills and a large inventory so I could make a better informed decision. Fantastic customer service. Impressed with: rated highly on BBQ websites, seems to be the best unit on the market. I am also happy to purchase a product of such good quality and one that is made locally.”

– Eric L., Oregon

“Impressed with: The Pellet Boss and its ability to monitor 3 meat probes at once in addition to the smoker temps.”

– Chris L., California

“Impressed with: all the extras not available on other grills. AWARDS.”

– John L., California

“Impressed with: quality of construction and online reviews.”

– Eric L., Washington

“It occurred to me that you possibly took this to a level that makes it unnecessary to learn how to BBQ with logs if you want to do stellar BBQ. Also I realized [ceramic charcoal grill] is not the way to go to do BBQ. Too hard to learn how to do efficient burn and not overheat.”

– Andre L., California

“I was most impressed with the Pellet Boss controller and the removable fire pot and clean out doors. Also like the quality of the stainless steel. If it had not been made in the USA I would not have bought it.”

– Scott L., Alabama

“The grill is amazing. Impressed with: the ability to switch from direct to indirect cooking.”

– Kegin L., Missouri

“The natural wood that is used to fuel the grill is great! Also the combined unit of grill and smoker is genius! And the main feature that it is made in AMERICA… keep it up MAK!”

– Jessica L., Arizona

“Impressed with: Flame Zone, the amount of smoke, ease of cleaning.”

– Marc L., Washington

“Very impressed with the packaging of the grill. I was concerned it would show up banged up, but so far I cannot find a scratch on it, nice work! Can’t wait to use it! Impressed with: wi-fi controller. Also that it is built in the USA. Build quality was a major factor also.”

– David L., Michigan

“Impressed with: the controller and quality (and made in America).”

– Cole L., Iowa

“Impressed with: Made in America, and the great reviews I read online.”

– Mike L., Illinois

“My [other pellet grill] kept failing at the wrong times. The digital controller, hot rods, temp probe. The [other pellet grill] frame felt sloppy loose right from the start… think Yugo. As an owner of a local company that sells worldwide and a passionate pro American (HAAS CNC Machines) manufacturer for over 25 years, I was appalled post purchase where [other pellet grill] were made. The MAK Grill’s quality backed up by the fact it was “Made in the USA” confirmed again that we as American manufacturers have a duty to our contry to build and sell the very best and not just be a broker for Chinese manufacturing. Shame on the weak minded American companies for selling our skilled workers out for profits! The controller is fantastic and very “Apple” like in its intuitive format. I was able to get up and running in minutes, but was amazed at the custom programming and the multiple probe and alarm options. Good on you for holding up a tradition of excellence! ‘If you build it, they will come!'”

– Brian L., Oregon

“You fixed everything that was not right with the [other pellet grill].”

– John L., Oregon

“Thank you for providing excellent customer service.”

– Mel L., Florida

“Impressed with: smoke and taste.”

– Lynn L., Arizona

“Impressed with: hopper, pellet clean out, digital read out, 5 degree steps, size and height of hood to cook whole turkey, would achieve higher temperature to cook steak.”

– Jerry L., Oregon

“I love the MAK 2 Star! The Pellet Boss is Awesome! Temp control and the warmer/cold smoker box.”

– Thomas L., Colorado

“Impressed with: cold smoke capabilities allowing for replacement of multiple devices. Raving fan reviews.”

– Keith L., Washington

“I have been really disappointed in [other pellet grills]. They did not meet my quality standards. I have had nothing but repair issues with both of them. I discussed MAK with Bob Griffin at Eastside Barbecue. Then I went home and did my research on your product and decided on the Two Star. Impressed with: quality and the reviews from other owners.”

– Michael L., Oregon

“The dealer (Oakdale Ace Hardware) went over all the features and I was impressed with the quality and the capabilities the grill has to offer.”

– Rodney L., California

“I traveled 6 hours on direction to pick this up from Sam’s NW BBQ. I am very impressed with how he treated me and answered my questions while I was considering my grill purchase. Sam is top notch! Impressed with: All Stainless Steel. Components easily removed for cleaning. Temp probe and controls. Excellent ability to control temps, and perfect end product.”

– Jim L., Washington

“Impressed with: reviews, customer service.”

– Mike L., Minnesota

“Impressed with: The stainless steel construction of the grill and its quality. The controller for the pellet feeder. Online reviews and recommendations.”

– James L., California

“Appreciate your attention to detail, and AMERICAN MADE!!”

– Jocelyn L., California

“Impressed with: recommendations and reviews on the web.”

– David L., New Jersey

“This thing is awesome… and I LOVE that it’s made in the USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! It’s awesome.”

– Bill L., Colorado

“Put it together with a few NASA engineer friends. They thought the assembly was easy and admired the workmanship. Thanks for a great grill! Impressed with: hands down the controller. Kicks some [other pellet grill] butt! Also the way to drain the pellets at the end of the day. We fight humidity here so the pellets need to be fresh each time we cook. We had to hand remove the [other pellet grill] pellets each time, and that is a (pain).”

– Drew L., Alabama

“Since I am going to have to do the BBQing, I needed something that I don’t have to stand and babysit, because I will also have to attend to the kitchen foods too at the same time. We saw [another pellet grill] and from there my husband talked to MAK dealer Bob at Eastside BBQ, and we were sold.”

– Denice L., Oregon

“Superior construction.”

– Mike L., North Carolina

“Using in addition to [gas grill] and [ceramic charcoal grill]. MAK is by far the best. Impressed with: ease of use, quality.”

– David L., New Jersey

“Impressed with: even cooking/smoking, quality of build, American made.”

– Debra L., Oregon

“I didn’t plan on spending this much on a smoker, but I believe it’s cheaper to get the right grill on the first try, rather than settle for something lesser. This grill checked all the boxes for me.”

– Richard L., California

“Cook on it nearly every night since I bought it. The food off it is DELICIOUS! Definitely worth the money. Impressed with: Ease of start up and temperature/fuel regulation.”

– John L., Alaska

“Impressed with: Searing, cold smoker, hopper size.”

– Ken L., Kansas

“Made solidly in the USA.”

– Harry L., California

“Impressed with: the materials and convenience features.”

– David L., Pennsylvania

“Awesome grill. Really enjoying. I have smoked pork ribs, beef ribs, and pork butt.”

– Kip L., Nebraska

“Impressed with: cold smoker and Flame Zone.”

– Phil L., California

“Impressed with: the good internet reviews and the controls for the grill.”

– Scott L., California

“Impressed with: quality of workmanship, materials, and being Made in the USA.”

– Mason L., Washington

“Impressed with: 3 probe feature, cold smoke, American made.”

– Tina M., California

“Impressed with: ease of use, taste.”

– Scott M., California

“Loving it so far. Makes my old [other pellet grill], which is one of the last American made ones, look like a toy. Impressed with: the build quality and the Pellet Boss.”

– Curtis M., Texas

“Impressed with: First—American made product. Second, no need for gas tanks!!!”

– Darryl M., New Hampshire

“Love the MAK!”

– Eddie M., Georgia

“First, Randy Melton is an incredible resource. I have cooked on it one time, but that one time was enough to make me a MAK owner for life. The feature that most impressed me was the ability to cook indirectly and directly with your flame zone.”

– Ben M., Oregon

“American made and rock solid.”

– Kunal M., Texas

“Impressed with: the removable fire box, the grease tray. Heavy duty & a lot of stainless steel.”

– Don M., Missouri

“Impressed with: Cold smoker. Essential parts are stainless steel. Pellet Boss. Built in the USA. The interaction from MAK Daddy on and the updates he offers.”

– Ricardo M., Minnesota

“Impressed with: quality of construction, hopper emptying, pellet boss function, ability to cook over direct flame and indirect/smoke.”

– Scott M., Idaho

“I chose the MAK over [other pellet grills] because of the reputation for higher quality construction.”

– Jim M., Oregon

“Keep cranking out the product! Classy! Impressed with: customer service that I read about, 100% American made, Pellet Boss keeps temps better than any other.”

– Clark M., Idaho

“Sam’s NW BBQ gave great advice and service! Well designed and made.”

– Charles M., Oregon

“Impressed with: Flame Zone option, quality built in America, ease of cleaning ashes and pellet replacement option. Very good reviews.”

– Richard M., Colorado

“Impressed with: Quality, Flame Zone, Pellet Boss, locally made.”

– Scott M., Oregon

“I bought the MAK because it’s US made.”

– Tom M., Oregon

“We grill with wood. We plan on using the MAK for smoking our own beef, pork, fresh fish and cheese.”

– Andrea M., Oregon

“Just got it today and put it together. So excited to start smoking. Friends who own a catering company tried to get me to buy [other pellet grill]. I was not impressed. Now that mine is here, they want to buy a MAK.”

– Gina M., Florida

“Impressed with: Quality, US build, and temperature control box.”

– Chad M., Deleware

“All the screw holes line up just great.”

– Ron M., Oregon

“Impressed with: the way it’s built, American made. Pellet dump door and removable fire pot with door to clean bottom of grill out.”

– Karen M., California

“Sam (Sam’s NW BBQ) was absolutely great to work with. I won my own business and understand that “customers will purchase from people they like and trust”. This skill to relate to people is much more important than the actual product itself. After I purchased my grill I showed it to a friend who thought the price was way too much. After I introduced my friend to Sam, my friend is now a proud owner of a MAK Two star grill.”

– Walt M., Oregon

“Beautiful, heavy duty, will outlast me.”

– Doug M., Oregon

“Very impressed with Sam Hays (Sam’s NW BBQ) and how he represents MAK Grills. After spending an enormous amount of time researching MAK Grills on the internet… I am even more impressed with the quality of this product upon seeing it close up in the showroom and at home. Being new to pellet grilling, I am really looking forward to learning and developing my skills in BBQ cooking. Impressed with: quality of materials and workmanship. Temperature control. Versatility—direct and indirect cooking. Evolving innovation in design and construction. Manufactured locally in the USA.”

– Barry M., Oregon

“Impressed with: The electronic controls with the temperature change features, the thermometer feature that can test the internal temperature of the meat, along with the stainless steel and warmer tray. Looks impressive!!”

– Dan M., California

“Thanks to my good friend Chris T. and Sterling Ball for turning me onto this great grill!”

– Rob M., California

“Impressed with: USA made, strong construction, electronic control system, maintaining temps, and the wi-fi add on module.”

– Bob M., Iowa

“Impressed with: The quality of building materials and the design is well thought out.”

– Jason M/, Regina Beach, Saskatchewan.

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss control unit. Overall quality and craftsmanship.”

– Matt M., Oregon

“Very pleased with the quality of my MAK—my first cook is tonight—but if it goes as well as assembly and initial burn, I know I’ve got many many years of MAK’ing ahead of me! Thanks!”

– Bob M., Colorado

“Replacing a [other pellet grill]. The MAK is super!”

– Tom M., California

“Wanted the smoke/wood cook taste from pellet cooking, and impressed with the MAK boss controller.”

– Charles M., California

“Replacing [other pellet grill], learned about MAK from”

– Mark M., Washington

“I use the MAK on average 3-4 times a week. Love cooking on it.”

– Mike K., Texas. (Has had grill 2+ years)

“We do love our MAK grill and every time I get the chance to show someone pics of it I do, and also tell them all what makes the MAK so much better than the [other pellet grill] and other grills too. I’d be a good salesman for you guys. All of my friends at work love when I smoke turkey and other stuff and I share it with them. One of my friends even traded me some deer meat for a turkey breast.”

– Mike G., California

“Thanks again, so much for the info. And yes, we love our MAK very much! Anymore it is the only way we prepare our meat and a lot of our veggies, so it gets used probably a minimum of four times a week!!!”

– Darrell H., Oregon (3+ year old 2 Star grill)

“Impressed with: heavy duty stainless steel construction, high quality.”

– Betty M., Oregon

“Impressed with: The Pellet Boss controls with the meat probes, quick pellet change door and the cold smoker area.”

– Sam M., Oregon

“Thank you, it’s working great. BLTs done, turkey going on 2nd hour. I’m totally impressed!!!! Impressed with the ease of use!!!”

– Dave M., California

“Transport was great, the box and pallet arrived in very good condition. Not only does MAK produce a fine American made Grill, MAK is also well represented by outstanding dealers such as Sam’s NW BBQ. It was truly a pleasure being guided through my selection and purchase by Sam. Thank you!”

– Ray, M., Florida

“Impressed with: The quality and ability to program and monitor with 3 temperature probes.”

– Richard M., Utah

“Impressed with: Made in America, local, sear zone and smoker box.”

– Kelly M., Oregon

“Impressed with: construction quality, and ease of cleaning.”

– Murray M., Oregon

“Bob (Eastside Barbeque) was the most helpful and kind salesman I have ever met!! In fact he wasn’t a salesman at all, more like a friend helping you make the right decisions. I would like to thank MAK Grills for coordinating with quality salespeople, being made in America, and supporting the troops!!! Impressed with: Made in USA!! Quality of materials selected and the overall appearance of the grill.”

– Kenny M., Oregon

“I love your innovation! Keep it up. Impressed with: smoker box, easy to remove pellets, construction, innovation of company, pellet boss.”

– Josh M., Tennessee

“Impressed with: AMERICAN MADE, reviews, salespeople (Eastside Barbecue).”

– Steven M., Oregon

“This is my 2nd MAK, and my family loves it!”

– Kasen M., Oregon

“I purchased the MAK because of the positive reviews I found on the web. I wanted a pellet grill that was of good quality and would not break down.”

– Bill M., Kansas

“Impressed with: consistent heat and great tasting, perfectly cooked food from an amateur smoker.”

– Carson M., Montana

“Impressed with: Sturdy construction and rave reviews online from users. Ability to program in various times for a cooking session.”

– Colin M., California

“Impressed with: build quality, online positive reviews on grilling sites.”

– Kris M., South Dakota

“My first pellet grill. I checked them out for a couple of years & decided to go for what I believe is the best on the market. Impressed with: I really like the whole package, the Pellet Boss is like no other I’ve seen, the high dome so I can double my cooking space, the warmer/smoker box… Above all I’ve been online and it appears the people that run MAK grills take pride in their product & have great customer service so if anything goes wrong of if you just simply have questions they will take care of you.”

– Mike M., California

“Impressed with: Everything. Simple design works nice. Quality and service mean a lot to me.”

– Lee M., Washington

“Impressed with: made in America, construction, material and over all quality, including the Pellet Boss digital controller and the eventual upgrade to wi-fi after I learn more about it.”

– John M., Maryland

“Impressed with: build quality, temperature performance, many advanced features over [other pellet grill] which I owned for 10 years.”

– Mike M., Oregon

“Fabulous quality! Nice and Smokey!”

– Peter M., Arizona

“Impressed with: ability to grill steaks and burgers and sear the meat like other grills. Also the cold smoker/warmer is a great asset.”

– Don M., Oregon

“Impressed with: craftsmanship and American Made.”

– Tom M., Oregon

“Impressed with: pellet hopper clean out, searing area, programmable controller, auto relight feature.”

– Danny M., Colorado

“Impressed with: Quality of workmanship and that it is made in the USA.”

– Rick M., Colorado

“Impressed with: reputation, everybody seems to rave about them.”

– Arif M., California

“I’m more than happy that I chose a MAK Grill. Impressed with: the grilling and cold smoking option on the 2 star.”

– Darren M., British Columbia

“Impressed with: Made in the USA. The way your grills are constructed is amazing. Actually feels like steel, not tin like the [other pellet grill] that I’m replacing. Bob at Eastside Barbecue was amazing, had the grill put together and ready for me to pick up. This will be my last grill I ever buy, thank you for making a quality USA product, and not selling out to the Chinese.”

– Chad M., Oregon

“Well made & made in USA!! Even the Allen key set supplied for assembly was made in USA. Nice!!”

– General M., Florida

“Impressed with: ability to smoke for long periods without having to constantly adjust temperature/move food closer to or away from flame.”

– Vern M., Illinois

“Excellent build quality, and made in the USA!”

– Aaron M., Washington

“Dealing with Sam’s NW BBQ was a very pleasant experience. He’s a good dealer for you. The grill was packed and palletized very nicely. Thank you for the spice samples. I look forward to doing more business with you through Sam.”

– Dave M., Montana

“Impressed with: ease of cooking, quality of grill.”

– Eric M., Missouri

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss, temp probe, the cold smoker/warming compartment. MADE IN THE USA.”

– Galen M., Oregon

“Impressed with: temperature control and the ability to grill, smoke, cold smoke, BBQ low and slow. Also love the pellet boss and its versatility. Can’t wait to start using my MAK Grill.”

– Ken M., Oregon

“I created a spreadsheet for the top 3-4 grills I was looking at, spoke with dealers at least once for each one and weighed the pros and cons. I wanted a smoker grill that would last. I liked how well built the MAK is and the cold smoker/warmer box, roll top lid and fact that you can change pellets. Sam (Sam’s NW BBQ) was knowledgeable and actually uses a MAK, whereas others just sell them. He was a pleasure doing business with.”

– Patricia M., California

“Packing was great, and the delivery service set it right where we wanted it. Unit appears to be well made. Impressed with: Pellet Dump, warming tray, heavy duty construction. We felt we were getting more for our money with your grill.”

– Don M., Nevada

“Set up and break-in was a breeze. Impressed with: the functions of the pellet boss and the cold smoke box were the features I liked most. Being made in USA was a definite plus too.”

– Darrin M., Oregon

“Impressed with: the programmability and quality construction.”

– Jens M., Oregon

“Impressed with: the quality of the grill’s fit and finish, twice the thickness of my last [other pellet grill] and still made here in the USA, thank you for that!!! Called down and talked to Bruce on the phone, and he actually knew his stuff. Answered all my questions in detail and the new inner workings of the grill. Nice to talk to someone one who really knows their product. Love that it really hits 500° and holds a set temp very well. Much impressed, thank you for a great product. PS I might have sold one or two for you already!”

– Travis M., Oregon

“We love the grill— we had originally gone in to buy the large [other pellet grill] but my wonderful hubby (who is a stainless steel freak) bought me this instead. Love the cold smoke option.”

– Debbie M., California

“Impressed with: the controller, the side smoke box, seemed better thought out than some of the competitors.”

– Michael M., Texas

“Just got it assembled and I am seasoning the grill at this moment. We have a small smoke shop locally that has become our main hangout for great sandwiches and smoked treats. The owner recommended the MAK 2 star and we are looking forward to making our own meats, fish and poultry in the coming years. Go USA! Impressed with: 1.) the Pellet Boss and the ease of use it allows. 2.) beautiful fit and finish 3.) quality of materials and workmanship.”

– James M., California

“Very solidly made and made in the USA!”

– Ray M., Kansas

“I went from a humble novice cook to a master BBQ chief with my MAK, my rosemary chicken is fantastic… Buy one today!”

– Louis M., California

“Impressed with: Temp control, meat probe, stainless components, quality of construction.”

– Steve M., Oregon

“Impressed with: 1.) the degree of control the Pellet Boss gives me; 2.) Exceptional quality of metalwork; 3.) ease of assembly—very well engineered; 4.) Ease of cleaning and maintenance compared to other pellet grills—more superior design and engineering; 5.) MADE IN USA (even the wrench set!)”

– Bob M., Maryland

“Well made, easy to use and clean, and made here in the USA.”

– Kirk M., California

“Your packaging is outstanding… maybe the best I’ve ever seen. The assembly was easy and the instruction manual is very well written. Thanks for making that job a breeze. I read many reviews citing the quality and exceptional level of craftsmanship on the 2 Star General before deciding on the MAK. After receiving and assembling the grill, those accolades are well deserved. Thanks for sending a great looking and well-made product 100% made in the USA.”

– Michael M., Texas

“Impressed with: build quality, made in USA.”

– Tim M., Illinois

“Impressed with: How well made and smoking capability.”

– Jim M., Texas

“Impressed with: Made in USA and enhanced features.”

– Chris M., Kansas

“Never cooked or eaten food on a pellet cooker, but after extensive research I decided I would like to give it a try. After extensive research I came to the conclusion that the MAK 2 Star had everything I was looking for. The 2 star versatility by far impressed me the most. The ability to smoke, grill, and cold smoke in one unit was very appealing. The quality construction was the other appealing factor. I am looking forward to purchasing the Super smoker box soon!”

– Joseph M., Texas

“Impressed with: Quality and the fact that you guys are keeping it in the country.”

– Ray M., California

“Impressed with: The versatility of the Pellet Boss. Also, the quality of the craftsmanship.”

– Brad M., California

“Impressed with: The quality and good reviews.”

– Steve M., California

“Impressed with: Quality of construction, controls and Made in Oregon.”

– Sean M., Oregon

“Good product so far. Replacing both a gas & a charcoal grill.”

– Tony M., Oregon

“The MAK folks are superior to work with. Bob and Bruce, thanks for all your help.”

– Dave M., Ohio

“MAK Grills is the best!”

– Garry M., Oregon

“Impressed with: build quality and the Pellet Boss—makes smoking/cooking much easier and almost fool proof. Great flavor(s) and versatility, I would recommend the MAK to anyone looking for a smoker/grill.”

– Rob M., Oregon

“Impressed with: High quality construction, better temp control than [other pellet grill], warming/cold smoke option.”

– John M., Oregon

“Made in USA. Very sturdy and great quality materials. 3 meat probes connections. Pellet Boss is awesome.”

– Mike H., Colorado

“Impressed with: Quality. Made in the USA. STAINLESS STEEL.”

– Eduardo N., Florida

“Impressed with: all stainless construction, American made, reputation for controls, temperature control.”

– Peter N., California

“Every morsel of food we have prepared on this grill has been beyond compare. Impressed with every aspect of it.”

– Laura N., Oregon

“I love everything about this grill.”

– Brandon N., Colorado

“Impressed with: solid construction, fast pellet dump and ash cleanout features, more advanced controls.”

– Eric N., Virginia

“What most impressed me about the MAK is how much cook space is available. I love it!!! Thank you.”

– Jolene N., California

“Impressed with: ability to cold smoke, made in USA, warranty.”

– Chris N., Washington

“Bob (Eastside Barbecue) was outstanding. Knowledgeable and even delivered! Impressed with: quality and reputation.”

– Fred N., Oregon

“Impressed with: smoke flavor, ease of use.”

– Michael N., California

“Impressed with: stainless steel components and Pellet Boss.”

– Don N., Washington

“Impressed with: Made in America/Oregon. The quality of craftsmanship—I was going to buy [another pellet grill] but the wife always tells me “you get what you pay for, buy the better made unit.” So I did. The control box was a big factor in my decision, very nice feature.”

– Brian N., Oregon

“Impressed with: The cold smoking feature and the overall quality of construction.”

– Jeff N., Texas

“Impressed with: Everything! Love it! Thanks.”

– Julie N., California

“Impressed with: Ease of assembly, fit and finish, quality hardware furnished.”

– Michael N., Florida

“Impressed with: The heavy gauge steel, construction, paint and quality finish, stainless steel parts and hardware, and most of all the digital thermostat.”

– Khoi N., Kansas

“Impressed with: US made and reputation. The Pellet Boss.”

– Don N., Illinois

“Love the idea of Wi-Fi controlled. I just assembled the grill and am VERY impressed with the build quality and fit/finish. Also the quality, reviews and design.”

– Jeff N., Utah

“Quality parts made it a pleasure to assemble.”

– Terry N., Oregon

“Impressed with: everything from the ease of use to the great flavor. I have Lupus and several other diseases and love to cook. This grill has made it possible for me to actually host cookouts now & the great thing about it is that I get more compliments on my cooking than ever before. The thing that most impressed me is made in the USA.”

– Wes N., Texas

“I can use it to replace my smoke house for smoking certain types of sausage. Also can smoke lox, due to low smoking temperature. Impressed with: Quality of workmanship. Appreciated the manual written in English by English speaking people.”

– Bill N., California

“I did a lot of research when deciding to replace our old [other pellet grill] I was slighting leaning toward the [other pellet grill] over the MAK 2 Star. Saturday we showed up at Sam’s NW BBQ store just as Sam was closing. Despite the fact that we weren’t going to buy that weekend, he took a lot of time to answer our questions, explain/demonstrate the MAK 2 Star grill and functionality, and provided a knowledgeable comparison of both the [other pellet grill] and MAK grills. Sam was friendly, knowledgeable, and demonstrated a high amount of personal integrity. We knew we wanted to do business with a man of Sam’s ilk and decided to go back on Monday to make the purchase. Note—Sam also let us know that the people at MAK that he deals with have the same kind of integrity and attention to detail and quality. Impressed with: quality of construction and Pellet Boss functionality.”

– Geri N., Oregon

“Great service from Big Poppa Smokers. Amazing design and workmanship on the grill.”

– Laurence N., Washington

“Impressed with: the height of the box. Looked for a long time before I decided.”

– Bill N., Oregon

“Impressed with: The Quality, the pellet dump, the controller. Very nice.”

– Wes N., Oregon

“Impressed with: the size. The features of the Pellet Boss. And that it’s Oregon made.”

– Don O., Oregon

“Cooks great, love it.”

– Kevin O., Oregon

“Impressed with: Stainless construction and made in the USA.”

– Phil O., Florida

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss and quality.”

– John O., Colorado

“I have NEVER seen anything so well constructed… AWESOME! Impressed with: Everything! Especially the Flame Zone grilling capability.”

– Curt O., South Dakota

“Sam (Sam’s NW BBQ) was very helpful in helping me make my purchase of a MAK.”

– JP O., Oregon

“Impressed with: Wi-Fi and probe controlled cooking.”

– Tim O., California

“Looked all over the internet at pellet grill reviews and MAK Grills were always rated the best, so I went with y’all. I look forward to using it.”

– Travis O., Texas

“Impressed with: temp control, quality, cold smoke, side warmer, good looking.”

– John O., Washington

“Impressed with: online reviews are excellent. Pellet Boss Controller, Stainless Steel construction, Made in America!”

– Lee O., Utah

“Impressed with: Quality, and made in Oregon. Dealer (Eastside Barbecue) willing to show grill and how it works.”

– Dave O., Oregon

“Impressed with: versatility, fit/finish.”

– Alex O., California

“If it cooks as well as it’s made, I should have some awesome food! Impressed with: the quality and American made.”

– Alvin O., Iowa

“Impressed with: how many people spoke so highly of the grill and how good the customer service is. Also the grill being made in the US.”

– Troy P., Florida

“Impressed with: Everything, the workmanship is beyond Great.”

– Dale P., Oregon

“Impressed with: Construction, door to remove/change pellet type, casters.”

– Don P., Pennsylvania

“Impressed with: Quality of construction, temperature control, and it is freaking massive!”

– John P., Illinois

“Impressed with: The temp control and Pellet Boss functions. This thing is awesome!!!!”

– Max P., Arizona

“I can’t wait to start using it and learning how to use all the features. My husband is the main BBQ cook at our house, and he is SO excited about this grill! He actually read the manual last night (and he NEVER reads manuals)!”

– Peggy P., Oregon

“Impressed with: Side box cold smoker, easy ash clean out, quality of materials, and warranty.”

– Chris P., Washington

“Love everything about the grill.”

– James P., Oregon

“Impressed with: Automation, Wi-Fi and the quality.”

– Jason P., Florida

“Beautiful workmanship. I used to design sheet metal parts so know the amount of detail and work that went into this. Great Job! Impressed with: Pellet Boss, quality of design and build, and Made in America. Thanks!”

– David P., Colorado

“Sam (Sam’s NW BBQ) was most helpful and very knowledgeable. Impressed with: the control unit.”

– Jed P., Oregon

“Impressed with: American Made! Side mount warming smoke tray.”

– Mark P., Oregon

“I have a high quality stainless steel infrared grill that I am keeping. I enjoy it for searing my rare steaks, but cooking low and slow is a great challenge. So the internet led me to your product. I unpacked it, and all I can say is WOW! This is high quality stuff. Although I paid more for the MAK, right now I have to say the MAK seems like a better bargain. The MAK is heavier, but not too heavy. I am really impressed with the quality of the parts. And I am an engineer. Thumbs up. The Pellet Boss seems universally acclaimed as the best on the market. I like stainless construction that will actually last. Your reviews are outstanding. I like the cold smoke box. I like that the fire pot is in the middle. The availability of the searing grate is a plus. Your grease bucket is awesome. The pellet clean out door, the ash clean out door, the removable fire pot. Not too heavy to wheel to the outlet without damaging my tile. The triple meat probe inputs. The Wi-Fi connectivity. Having said that, I have owned a stick burner smoker, and I was terrible at it. Gave it away. Pellet smokers are all about the automation. And I have owned grills that worked good for awhile then rusted out. So the two main features that impressed me are the Pellet Boss, and the quality build materials.”

– Mark P., Texas

“Low, slow, managed temperature is tough to do on a charcoal and even propane.”

– Steve P., California

“Impressed with: craftsmanship—Made in USA.”

– Ann P., Texas

“Impressed with: construction and reviews of Pellet Boss.”

– Nicholas P., Florida

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss, made in America, thumbs up!”

– Mauro P., Texas

“Quality support! Everyone I’ve spoken to at MAK grills has been awesome.”

– Ashley P., Maryland

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss, I like being able to set the temp and walk away!”

– Nathan P., Minnesota

“Impressed with: calling the company while researching pellet grills and having a friendly, real person answer the phone and direct me to Bruce (the big guy) who is always happy to answer any questions. Build quality, great use of current technology.”

– Michael P., Florida

“Really enjoy the grill!”

– Bob P., Oregon

“Impressed with: consistently high ranking reviews; USA made.”

– Joseph P., Louisiana

“We were interested in a pellet grill and how it smokes. We looked at [other pellet grill] but read all the complaints online with it being made cheaper in China. That’s how we found the MAK. People online highly recommended it because of its quality.”

– Judy P., Washington

“Impressed with: toughness and made in the USA. Also made in Oregon.”

– Sid P., Washington

“Just a couple of comments: The grill arrived in excellent condition and it seemed to us that the engineers put a lot of thought into the packaging, assembly, etc. which made setting up the grill a very smooth process. Everything fit and worked. The grill is pricier than, say, a [other pellet grill] but so far I am extremely pleased with the simplicity and how well the grill performs. Our temps here in Ohio are in the teens and 20s, so the initial seasoning of the grill (oak pellets) got the grill to 485° in 30 minutes. I’m a novice at this so we cooked steak and a roaster chicken so far, both of which tasted great! Impressed with: the ability to control the cooking temperature.”

– John P., Ohio

“I’m very impressed with the quality of the grill. Bruce at MAK Grills has been very helpful in my decision to buy this product. We’ve talked on the phone twice. Impressed with: the construction. You left no leaf unturned.”

– Shad P., Washington

“We have tried hamburgers and they were awesome. Looking forward to trying other things.”

– Richard P., Oregon

“Impressed with: heavy construction. Self running. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Rob P., Ohio

“Impressed with: Made in USA, Quality of your product, the Pellet Boss controller, and it just looks good!”

– Eryn P., Kansas

“Impressed with: durability, ratings.”

– Ken P., Arizona

“Impressed with: Quality, American Made.”

– Cory P., Oregon

“Impressed with: Craftsmanship! Good Job!”

– Dean P., Missouri

“Impressed with : Perfection/Quality.”

– Allan P., Arizona

“Impressed with : Consistent temperature and positive comments/reviews, Pellet Boss software, Wi-Fi ability.”

– Rob P., Utah

“Impressed with :Made in USA. Set it and forget it. The control unit for heat, probes, etc… I’m getting the remote unit too.”

– Rory P., Colorado

“Impressed with : Quality of the materials and construction and MADE IN THE USA.”

– David P., California

“Impressed with : Quality, MADE IN USA, great job! Thank you, fit & finish is very nice.”

– Larry P., Oregon

“Everything so far tastes amazing and the Pellet Boss takes the guessing out of grilling.”

– Robert P., New Jersey

“Impressed with : Quality construction and ease of use.”

– Wes P., Colorado

“Impressed with : It grills, barbecues and smokes—exact temperature control with the Pellet Boss and fan.”

– Chuck P., Washington

“Impressed with :Easy control and wide temp range. Made in the USA. Plus it’s cool. Replacing a Charcoal grill.”

– Reuben P., North Carolina

“Impressed with : Quality construction, made in the USA.”

– Travis P., Utah

“Very impressed with the workmanship found in the grill during assembly last night. Everything fit perfectly and snugly, the whole unit just says “Quality” everywhere. I have been pellet cooking for several years now, but I cannot wait for my first cook on my new MAK 2 Star General. Impressed with : The rugged quality construction, along with the warmer compartment and the pellet dump feature.”

– Rich P., California

“Keep it American made please! Impressed with : American made in Oregon! Gary from Gary’s BBQ Supply was very helpful, genuine, and passionate about MAKs. Seems to be the most versatile smoker grill on the market. Quality craftsmanship backed up by happy customers and great customer support from what I’ve read on the net. Can’t wait to get a smoker box too!”

– Todd P., Washington

“Impressed with :Quality of the build. Overall design. Support for older products. Cooking controller design and operability.”

– Steve P., Oregon

“Impressed with : the electronics. Cooking made easier.”

– Lance P., Illinois

“Impressed with :Quality—well built, balanced with a great set of features, and also made in America.”

– Mark Q., Wisconsin

“This grill is beautiful and construction is first class. I am in the engineering industry and work with many metal fabrication and research & development firms, so that is not an easy thing to say about most products. I hope this is the last pellet grill I have to buy. My last [other pellet grill] was just not up to par on the manufacturing and choices of materials they made it with, so I was let down by that product’s lifespan. Thank you for making a product from your heart, it shows. I am going to be saving up for a Remote Boss unit and the 2 Star searing grate. I like the look and presentation it will create on my steaks when BBQ’d.”

– Kevin Q., California

“Impressed with : Quality craftsmanship, stainless steel, size of cooking area, and controls.”

– Jack Q., Oregon

“Impressed with : Sturdy construction and versatility of the grill.”

– Darlene Q., California

“Grill assembly went very well. The instructions were excellent and the fit and finish of the product is outstanding. All parts were there and extra nuts and bolts were appreciated. This is a well made product! The Pellet Boss is what makes the MAK so user friendly for us less-than-hardcore grillers. Making grilling simple will enhance the experience by helping a casual user create outstanding meals with little effort. Busy people do not want to “tend” a grill all day. Set the Pellet Boss and focus on other tasks while the MAK 2 Star does the work.”

– Jeff R., Oregon

“Impressed with: searing grate, hopper discharge method, ease of getting to burner to clean and service, stainless steel construction, temperature probes.”

– Jack R., Alaska

“Impressed with: build quality, support.”

– Colin R., Florida

“Matt, Katrina, and Bruce are awesome, very friendly and are always there to answer any questions I had both before and after the sale. Impressed with: Made in America. From the time I called and started asking questions 5 months ago and spoke to Matt, I was impressed with your company. After ordering the grill and receiving it, the packaging that protected the grill exceeded my expectations. After putting the grill together I am even more impressed with the fit and finish of the grill and how everything lined up correctly. This is truly a 20 year appliance.”

– Tom R., Florida

“Impressed with: the build quality, the Pellet Boss system, and the fact that it is made in the USA.”

– John R., Virginia

“Impressed with: quality of product, made locally.”

– Ron R., Oregon

“Impressed with: Made in the USA. Initially I was going to buy [other pellet grill], but my research led to MAK grills.”

– Mark R., Washington

“Quality made in the USA, and hopefully being able to produce better tasting food, while stepping up the variety of food that I can cook.”

– JR R., Oklahoma

“Impressed with: all the little ideas that you thought of. Like the pellet change out, hole for the probe, the user friendly Pellet Boss.”

– Jason R., Kansas

“The quality of the construction is unsurpassed. In a grill this price range, I expected the highest quality, but I was amazed. The grill was expertly packaged and everything was protected to prevent scratches/damage. The entire order arrived without even a mark on the cardboard box.”

– Gary R., Kentucky

“Impressed with: Cold Smoker, Burner pot dump, pellet hopper dump, just about everything.”

– Randall R., Oregon

“My [other pellet grill] seems like a toy compared to the MAK. Beyond “made in USA”, your tolerances and QC are simply amazing. It was very satisfying putting the MAK together.”

– Dan R., Nevada

“Keep up the good work—you are making a fine product. Expensive, yes, but after getting the grill I see why. A lot of work and design has gone into the MAK 2 Star. So you get what you pay for—quality. Impressed with: Pellet Boss control. The quality of the sheet metal work was top notch. Being able to sear and grill was very important to me. Customer support has been great helping me with questions. Being American made was also important.”

– Forrest R., Washington

“Meathead’s website ( and the pellet forums convinced me to buy your product. So far I am HAPPY!”

– Mark R., Illinois

“LOVE IT! Impressed with: great reviews, dump for pellets, etc.”

– Barry R., California

“Impressed with: quality, versatility, I have tasted food on other pellet grills and love the flavor. Replacing propane grill.”

– Steven R., Wisconsin

“Impressed with: the controller. Lots of options I have been wanting. Also the pellets. Finally I can use the woods I can’t get around here to smoke my food on. Sam’s NW BBQ. He has got to be your best product salesman. Sam is great, very knowledgeable about your product and really believes in the product as much as the owner and the employees. When somebody like Sam believes in a product as much as he does yours, I’m sold as well. Great guy.”

– Rick R., Washington

“Keep up the great customer service! Special thanks to Bruce and Bob!!!”

– Phil R., Washington

“Impressed with: Made in USA, MAK reputation, and customer service.”

– Mike R., Montana

“Received the grill yesterday and assembled the grill today. Impressed with the fit, finish, and quality. Also impressed with the quick delivery. Anxious to smoke and grill this weekend, if weather will cooperate.”

– Darrell R., Washington

“Impressed with: made in USA, Pellet boss. Replacing [other pellet grill]”

– John R., Tennessee

“Great service with Scott (10 Plus BBQ), delivered and helped me get it into position. Assembly was a breeze, burning in as I am writing. Quality and finish is far above my expectation! Common sense engineering and superior fit and finish. Nice work Guys! Impressed with: Fit and finish, manual being well written, and it performs as stated. Look forward to smokin on this beauty. Local support in Scott is a big plus and it weighed heavily in my decision. Replacing gas grill.”

– Tom R., Iowa

“Impressed with: stainless steel, web app, American made. Replacing [other pellet grill]”

– Richard R., Iowa

“Impressed with: remote control, searing, grilling, and smoking capabilities. Replacing gas grill.”

– Aaron R., Oregon

“Impressed with: too long to list! Great build quality, well thought out design. Replacing [other pellet grill]”

– James R., Nebraska

“Impressed with: features and quality, made in USA.”

– Darrick R., Oregon

“Impressed with: USA made, steel construction quality. Also Pellet Boss was a big selling point.”

– Andrew R., California

“Impressed with: Quality of construction. Internal parts are not cheap Chinese made like [other pellet grill]. Ease of use of the temperature control.”

– Bryan R., Utah

“Impressed with: All of it—American made. Replacing gas grill.”

– Kathy R., Oregon

“Thanks for making an awesome smoker and great customer service!! I liked the large cooking area and the fact that I could get a rack to effectively double it. Big point too, was the Pellet Boss and the ability to automatically regulate the temperature. Reviews I read about its durability was also key in my decision to go with the MAK. The cooking has been very even. Last week I did 8 pork butts all at once. The General was plumb full but all the butts came out even and perfect. Everyone was amazed at my daughter’s wedding reception how good the meat was and that it was not professionally catered. Replacing gas grill.”

– Scott R., Kansas

“It’s a great grill!”

– Gerald R., Nebraska

“Impressed with: construction, controller, remote features, removable firepot.”

– Matt R., Nebraska

“Impressed with: Ability to grill + smoke. Great quality product. Replacing both a gas grill + [other pellet grill] with this unit.”

– Rich R., New Mexico

“Love my MAK grill!”

– Raul R., California

“Sam’s NW BBQ is a great dealer, and it was a pleasure purchasing from him. I will be doing business there for years to come. Impressed with: Pellet Boss, pellet dump door, warmer/smoker box, stainless steel constructin, well thought out design including aids to make cleaning easier, made in the USA, MAK Grills reputation for customer service, etc. etc.”

– Lee R., Oregon

“Really appreciate Bruce’s willingness to take care of the customer before and after the sale. He is the best!!! The grill has been used multiple times and it puts out some really good tasting food. The grilling is made easy with the components of the grill. I really like the BIG roomy cover. Thanks again.”

– Stan R., Oregon

“Impressed with: made in America. Made locally, craftsmanship & construction.”

– Dennis R., Oregon

“Impressed with: The quality construction, the temperature control and the easy way to clean the grill is outstanding. And is keeping the USA at work. More of these companies needed.”

– Ann R., Oregon

“Impressed with: The hot heat for grilling burgers and steaks. Well made unit with lots of thought into the design. Love the side shelves. Love the utensil hanging rack.”

– Renee R., Oregon

“Impressed with: Construction, hopper clean out chute, removable fire pot, Pellet Boss Controller.”

– Richard R., North Carolina

“Impressed with: solid construction, ability to program cook time and temp, reliability of auger and other parts.”

– Jim R., California

“Just a great smoker. Love the Pellet Boss, fire pot and the powder coat on the 1 Star. I like the 1 Star the best. It fits what I need in a smoker and is just perfect for just me and my wife.”

– Sparky R., California

“The controller is great. Holds temp much better than my [other pellet grill].”

– Craig R., Colorado

“I appreciate all the well engineered design and high quality “Made in USA” construction. All components fit precisely and assembly was simple and straightforward. We picked up our MAK after noon, brought it home, assembled and started cooking steaks at 6:00pm! Looking forward to cedar-planked salmon tonight. Impressed with: The flexibility as a smoker and grill; especially the FlameZone pan and searing grates. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Ted R., Alberta Canada

“Thanks for making the grills in the USA! Impressed with: American made, steady/automatic temperature control, ease of use, good warranty, cold smoking capability, rave reviews from my coworker that bought one last summer.”

– Paul R., Virginia

“Impressed with: American made, quality of the materials. Replacing gas grill.”

– Clay R., California

“Bruce B. told me I had to have one of your grills. He was right! (He isn’t always) Love the way it heats and cooks. The 2 Star General is just like me. It looks good and it cooks good!!!”

– Jim R. Oregon

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss, Warming tray, all the positive reviews about customer support on forums, American Made. Replacing gas grill.”

– Patrick R., Connecticut

“Replacing [electric smoker]. Impressed with: programmable controller—wanted to smoke for x minutes then raise the temperature for the rest of the cooking cycle. Also like the wireless access you recently released and will likely add this later.”

– Peter R., New York

“As a metal fabricator I am impressed with the build quality. Well Done. Impressed with: made in USA. Even better that it is made right here in Oregon.”

– Bill R., Oregon

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss and the quality and workmanship of the 2 Star General. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Wayne S., Washington

“Impressed by: product quality and customer service. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Ryan S., Texas

“Made our first attempt at cooking on the grill tonight, Porterhouse & veggies. Turned out fantastic! Replacing a charcoal grill.”

– Ken S., Wisconsin

“The wood pellets smell amazing! The quality of the grill is great. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Ben S., California

“Sam your dealer did a great job in presenting the values of your grills.”

– Joseph S., Virginia

“Impressed with: The features included with the Pellet Boss. This grill will replace both a gas grill and a home made smoker if it performs like I’m hoping. The features of the Pellet Boss should take a good portion of the “watching” out of my smokes. Made in the USA.”

– Wade S., Minnesota

“Impressed with: the people who built it, sell it, and support it. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Matt S., South Dakota

“Just put it together, built to last like anything in the USA should be!!!! Excellent engineering, all the parts fit like a glove, not OJ’s…. Impressed with: Form, Fit and Function, baby!!!!!!”

– Tom S., Florida

“Well built, stainless steel components. I like to purchase equipment that is going to last a long time.”

– Pat S., Maryland

“Made in USA, not like [other pellet grill]. Keeps temp better, cold smoker, looks better, stainless steel.”

– Ron S., Colorado

“Thanks for building what I consider the end-all, be-all of pellet smokers. I’ve waited about two years before purchasing, saving my money, and watching your company grow and respond to the market. I’m now satisfied that you’re the brand to beat, and I’ll be telling (and cooking for) all my friends about you. Cheers! Impressed with: locally made, also US made, with US steel. Continued innovation on your existing product line. Customer support that you have shown existing customer base. Genuine love for the product.”

– Michael S., Washington

“The quality appears to be superior to other products. American made is a big plus.”

– Brent S., Nebraska

“Impressed with: Overall construction, ease of use, and my grandfather was a 2 Star General, so it was the perfect grill for me. This is my first foray into pellet smoking and the convenient features for cleaning and the temperature control made it the easy choice for me.”

– Matt S., Oregon

“We were impressed with the quality of the construction and all the extra features the MAK has that [other pellet grill] doesn’t offer on their grills. Another big selling point was “Made in the USA”. We didn’t like the fact that [other pellet grill] started moving some of their production overseas. Impressed with: the Pellet Boss controls w/ meat probe. The smoking/warming chamber.”

– Steve S., Alaska

“Keep up the good work! I couldn’t be happier with my MAK 2 Star grill, or the customer service that came with it. Besides being made in America, the MAK Grills Mobile option sealed the deal for me.”

– John S., Florida

“Customer service from Big Poppa Smokers is first rate. Please continue to sell through them! MAK Grills are built extremely well and worth the extra $$. Don’t change your business model. Impressed with: the ability to sear and smoke on the same grill. In addition, the Pellet Boss is the bomb!! Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Dave S., California

“Impressed with: quality of workmanship, well thought out features, ease of operation, great tasting results. Replacing an electric smoker.”

– Norman S., Texas

“Impressed with: space, side smoker, controller. Replacing gas grill.”

– Jay S., Missouri

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss and the Flame Zone. Replacing Gas grill.”

– Tim S., Georgia

“Impressed with: Fit, finish, word of mouth regarding quality and build. It is well known as a top tier pellet grill that will last.”

– Chris S., Oregon

“Impressed with: the automation! After 25 years of cooking on a charcoal water pan smoker, I was about to give up (before I found MAK). What a hassle with inconsistent results.”

– Jim S., Illinois

“Made in America, built like a tank, consistent temp. Replacing charcoal.”

– Stephen S., Washington

“I have been the owner of another pellet grill since 1990, and have 3 of their models. I thought it was time to make a change to a finer quality grill, and what a change it was. I purchased the 2 Star and the next day did rack of lamb for 5 people, along with roasted red potatoes. The comment from the group was “Restaurant quality”. You should be proud of yourselves, you MAK people. I am a believer after just the first meal. For you newcomers to pellet grills, just start with a MAK and you will be happy you did. For those of us who want a change, the MAK is the way to go. I think all the features are impressive: even cooking, warming tray, adjustable temperature controls, how quickly it reaches temperature, etc. You did a great job designing this unit.”

– Troy S., California

“My new smoker is working great. Still learning it, but on the way to being a great barbeque artist. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Pete S., California

“Impressed with: craftsmanship and high quality stainless steel. I expect this grill to last a very long time.”

– James S., Ohio

“I cannot speak highly enough about the grill. It has surpassed all expectations! Impressed with: overall quality & versatility. I can Hot Smoke, BBQ, or Grill. The griddle/split grate combo is such a simple but amazing feature. The wife LOVES that she can flip a switch and have it turn on, no muss-no fuss! We just ordered the Flame Zone & Searing grate. We can’t wait to give it a try!”

– Cliff S., Ohio

“Impressed with: stainless steel, ruggedness of unit, use of pellets, size, weight, smoker/grill/oven all in one, grease control, pellet hopper, control mechanism, taste of food which was recommended from others. Replacing gas grill.”

– Coleen S., Kansas

“Employees at BBQ Island have a very high opinion of your products. Shipping packaging was first class and ease of assembly. High quality of all parts. Heavy duty construction and stainless steel components. Rubber wheels are excellent.”

– Jim S., Arizona

“Love the construction and the functionality. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Terry S., Minnesota

“I wanted a grill and a smoker. I also wanted American made.”

– Rick S., Alaska

“Impressed with: quality of build. Innovative features (Pellet Boss, and pellet quick change). User reviews and recommendations on the forums helped me decide on a MAK.”

– Frank S., Ontario CA

“Quality construction built in Oregon! Replacing other pellet grill.”

– Mike S., Oregon

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss, looks, features (Flame Zone, warming box, etc.) Replacing gas grill.”

– Jaime S., Nebraska

“My experience with the retailer was great. I had originally seen the grill recommended on the website, but Sam’s NW BBQ answered all my questions and ultimately sold me on the grill. Impressed with: made in the USA. Replacing gas grill.”

– Mark S., Virginia

“Impressed with: quality and features. Testimonials from other owners. Replacing gas grill.”

– Joe S., Minnesota

“Have only used it for 2 weeks—love it!! Smoked salmon, chicken, beef, ribs, VERY PLEASED!!”

– Ben S., Oregon

“Impressed with: made in USA and West coast. Replacing gas grill.”

– Jeff S., Arizona

“Impressed with: ease of use and construction. Replacing gas grill.”

– Robert S., Maine

“Impressed with: the assembly is pretty easy. Using pellets instead of gas or charcoal. Replacing gas grill.”

– Terry S., Oregon

“I like the finish level of the grill. It is one of the better looking grills on the market. I also like the controls for smoking, elapsed time, and multiple meat probes. A plus when grilling different sized cuts of large meat.”

– JJ S., Washington

“Impressed with: Quality construction, hopper empty-er, cold smoker.”

– Mark S., California

“Love it is made out of stainless steel, live at the beach part time, and everything rusts. Replacing other pellet grill.”

– Will S., Oregon

“Impressed with: ability to smoke and still be able to direct grill steaks! Replacing charcoal.”

– James S., Washington

“Impressed with: American made quality. I’m tired of all the Chinese garbage that doesn’t last. Hopefully this grill will be the last one I need to buy.”

– Nicholas S., Oregon

“Having a great time with my MAK. Impressed with: no Chinese involvement! Replacing other pellet grill.”

– David S., New York

“Impressed with: quality of construction. Replacing gas grill.”

– Patrick S., Oregon

“Impressed with: built to last and made in USA. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Wallace S., Virginia

“You have a great selection of videos online. Impressed with: how solidly it is built. This thing is like an armored truck and weighs a ton. It is a very impressive product. I’m really happy with my purchase decision. Replacing gas grill.”

– Eduardo S., Colorado

“Impressed with: 304 stainless construction, craftsmanship, made in the USA and controls.”

– Pete S., Montana

“Impressed with: the controller and the sturdy construction. Love that it is made in the USA. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Don S., Colorado

“Impressed with: American made! No thin steel used in this product, this grill should last for many many years with proper care. Replacing gas grill.”

– John S., Illinois

“Impressed with: temp accuracy and made in America. Replacing gas grill.”

– Rick S., Illinois

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss, Wi-Fi, pellet dump, easy removal of hot box & ash cleanup. Replacing gas grill.”

– Mark S., Massachusetts

“Works great—a real find. Impressed with: even temperature performance. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Martha S., Maryland

“Very professional in design and delivery. Light it and leave it! Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Gary S., Arkansas

“Impressed with: heavy duty stainless grill grates. Also the variable speed fan and auger maintains the temperature much better than my [other pellet grill]. The programmable settings are also nice with the meat probes.”

– Travis S., Kansas

“My Father-in-Law thinks I will need a shovel to bury my [other pellet grill] after I use the MAK. It has a lot of good features, but I like to change pellets often, this will be a breeze.”

– Justin S., Kansas

“Impressed with: control unit, quality manufacture.”

– Eugene S., California

“Cold smoker, Pellet Boss, overall quality is excellent.”

– Albert S., Idaho

“Heard about MAK grills from friends. Impressed with cold smoking, all stainless. Replacing other pellet grill, gas grill and charcoal grill.”

– Fred S., Oregon

“No one feature sold me—stainless, build quality, easy to use, grill temp and probes. Built in the USA!”

– Jason S., Oregon


– Jeff S., Oregon

“I would like to tell you that I am suddenly very popular because of the food I am able to produce with this grill. MAK Grills are awesome. Impressed with: being able to program the grill, having enough cooking space for eight pork butts or two briskets is outstanding. Replacing gas grill.”

– Jeremy S., Oregon

“Impressed with: American made. And the Pellet Boss. Replacing gas grill.”

– Kevin S., New York

“Impressed with: the grilling feature and the 5 degree increments on controller. Replacing other pellet grill.”

– Larry S., Kansas

“Impressed with: made in USA and durability. Replacing gas grill.”

– Randall S., Oregon

“Outstanding. First night the baby back ribs were perfect. Amazing product. Look forward to lots of good eats. Simply amazing. Replacing gas grill.”

– Tom S., North Carolina

“Best grill I have ever owned. I love cooking on wood, my family also love it. Replacing gas grill. Impressed with: made in USA, cooks at high temps. Replacing gas grill.”

– Tom C., Illinois

“Impressed with: the quality of your product, support, and that it is made in Dallas, Oregon. Replacing gas grill.”

– David S., Washington

“I was so excited to get the grill that I had to run to the store to get some meat to use it right aweay. The first meal was sirloin steaks and salmon kabobs. The quality of the materials was great. I love how quickly it heated up. Replacing other pellet grill.”

– Dan S., Oregon

“Impressed with: ease of use, we love it. Replacing gas grill.”

– Will S., Georgia

“Impressed with: made in USA and made out of stainless. Replacing other pellet grill.”

– Randall S., Nebraska

“Bob Griffin (Eastside Barbecue) is an amazingly enthusiastic and effective representative for your company. I owned [other pellet grill] that was still bran new, but Bob’s enthusiasm for the MAK convinced me to toss the [other pellet grill] and buy a MAK. And he did that without trashing the [other pellet grill]. I’ll suggest Bob and MAK to my friends. Impressed with: craftsmanship and Bob’s enthusiasm.”

– Dave S., Oregon

“Impressed with: Sturdy construction and control module. Replacing other pellet grill.”

– Andrew S., Oregon

“Well built, good controller. Replacing gas grill.”

– Robert S., California

“Impressed with: searing capabilities, made in USA, quality. Replacing gas grill.”

– Brian S., Indiana

“Impressed with: advice from current owners, build quality, ability to grill as well as smoke. Replacing gas grill.”

– Kirk S., Oregon

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss and made in AMERICA. Replacing gas grill.”

– Justin S., Colorado

“Made in USA—– even better MADE IN OREGON. Very well made and well thought out features. Replacing other pellet grill.”

– R.A. S., Oregon

“Impressed with: customer reviews on cooking results, build quality and the Pellet Boss. The unit was very easy to assemble, and looks to be very serviceable. Good job on the design! Replacing gas grill.”

– Mark S., Illinois

“I found out about MAK in online forums about smoking. Impressed with: quality of manufacture, use of stainless steel. Replacing gas grill.”

– Joseph S., Oregon

“Impressed with: made in Oregon, the controller and construction. Replacing gas grill.”

– Blake S., Oregon

“I was recommended by Meathead from to purchase the 2 Star grill. Impressed with: the quality of the grill. I like that it is all made in the USA. I am impressed by MAK customer service. Replacing gas grill.”

– Scott S., Illinois

“Impressed with: construction quality of grill and reputation for exceptional customer service. Replacing gas grill.”

– Jim S., North Carolina

“Grill was very easy to assemble and fired up as soon as I plugged it in. Replacing gas grill.”

– Dale S., South Dakota

“Buying from Sam’s NW BBQ was a great experience. Impressed with: no lump charcoal to deal with and regulate. Stainless everywhere! Replacing charcoal grill.”

– John S., California

“This thing is hands down better than my [other pellet grill] in every way shape and form… I love this thing and I’m just seasoning it!”

– Chris S., Illinois

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss and the cold smoke tray. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Shawn S., Idaho

“Impressed with: The Pellet Boss and made in USA. Replacing gas grill.”

– Darren S., Colorado

“Impressed with: both a smoker and a grill with the control of an oven via the Pellet Boss. Replacing gas grill.”

– Erik S., California

“Impressed with: American made, Wi-Fi and programmability of Pellet Boss. Replacing other pellet grill.”

– Ryan S., California

“Seems very good so far. Impressed with: build quality, Pellet Boss. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Russ S., Oregon

“I LOVE this grill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way easy to operate and the Pellet Boss system makes the grill one of a kind. Replacing gas grill.”

– Phil S., Oregon

“Impressed with: Ability to hold temperature in a tight range. Ease of use. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Thomas S., California

“The dealer (Eastside Barbecue) was very helpful. In fact, I intended on delaying my purchase by about four week. I ended up taking one home on the spot! Impressed with: the Pellet Boss controller, and the amount and quality of stainless steel used.”

– Rich S., Oregon

“Just wanted to add that it’s great! I have used my grill a lot. Probably 2-3 times per week. Since I never had a pellet grill before, I am still in awe of the flavor and ease of cleaning. Replacing gas grill.”

– Scott S., Oregon

“Impressed with: regulating heat. Cold Smoker. Replacing other pellet grill.”

– Jim S., Oregon

“I really like that the fan adjusts its speed for more or less heat! Replacing gas grill.”

– Brian S., Utah

“Impressed with: all of the features and the precision and quality manufacturing in this grill. Replacing other pellet grill.”

– Ray S., California

“Love it! Easy and tastes great. Replacing charcoal.”

– John S., California

“Impressed with: temperature control and remote access. Replacing gas grill.”

– Roger S., Massachusetts

“Impressed with: build quality and end user support. Replacing gas grill.”

– Rick S., New Jersey

“Impressed with: temp control, quality, wi-fi. Replacing gas grill.”

– Randy S., Texas

“Impressed with: quality of product. I had a [other pellet grill] and yours is way nicer…”

– Bryan S., Oregon

“Impressed with how they are built. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Dave S., Minnesota

“The whole grill impressed me. So much more efficient than our other pellet BBQ and looks like it will hold up a lot longer.”

– Jim S., Oregon

“Made fantastic ribs the first time using. Very easy to operate with excellent results. Impressed with ease of use and quality of product. Replacing gas grill.”

– Mat S., California

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss, Remote Boss, Flame Zone, smoke production. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Dan S., California

“LOVE it! Wide possible range of stable temperatures, for smoking OR grilling.”

– Josh T., Colorado

“Impressed with: being able to grill and smoke food in one unit. Replacing gas grill.”

– Wendy T., California

“Impressed with: the Pellet Boss and the construction. Replacing other pellet grill.”

– Anthony T., California

“Thank you for a Quality American Made product. The people at MAK have been great to deal with. Keep up the good work. Replacing gas grill.”

– Stafford T., North Carolina

“Impressed with: the Pellet boss controller and cold smoking/warming box. Replacing other pellet grill.”

– Tim T., Idaho

“The very most important feature to me is the ability to direct sear over direct heat. There are very few models (of pellet grills) that have this feature. I also like the cold smoking/warming section of the 2 Star. I found your smoker by searching extensively online. All the reviews on various websites were very positive. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Chad T., North Carolina

“Impressed with: set temp, no hassle, no mess, no lighter fluid, no gas, no babysitting. I have a [ceramic charcoal grill] and it is hard to duplicate a steak cooked on it, but my wife said I did it PLUS with the General.”

– David T., Florida

“Delivery was excellent. Katrina handled the order very well. In researching the best pellet smokers it took me awhile to find someone who discussed the evenness of the heat in your chamber, compared to other larger grills that actually are not as large when you consider their hot spots. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Burks T., California

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss control and probes. Replacing gas grill.”

– Al T., Oregon

“Impressed with: durability and made in USA. Replacing gas grill and charcoal grill.”

– Chris T., Georgia

“Impressed with: sturdiness, protected from wind, consistent heat. We live in a very windy area. Replacing gas grill.”

– Ron T., Nevada

“Impressed with: American made with industrial quality. Long lasting parts, oversized hood, and customer service. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Brent T., Iowa

“Impressed with: The Pellet Boss and the direct grilling zone. This thing is a tank!”

– Rob T., New York

“I was looking at [other pellet grill]. I found they were now made in China, and MAK are US made. MAK had better features, and I like that you are an Oregon company. Replacing gas grill.”

– Rod T., Oregon

“Impressed with: flame grilling for steaks, and smoking for cheese and fish.”

– Don T., Missouri

“All I can say is very nice product. Hats off to Bob and Betty with Eastside Barbecue. They are two of the greatest people you could ever meet. It’s all because of them that I made this purchase and I’m thrilled I did. Thanks. Impressed with: craftsmanship is outstanding, and that it’s made in the USA. And I can’t forget the cold smoke.”

– Mike T., Oregon

“Impressed with the quality of materials. Replacing gas grill.”

– Russ T., California

“Cooked both ribs and chicken on it and love it so far. Impressed with: smoking ability, good consistent heat. Replacing gas grill.”

– Brad T., Washington

“Impressed with: the heavy gauge stainless steel construction and easy to operate computer are awesome. I use the grill at least 3 times a week and usually more like 5. Great grill.”

– Tony T., California

“Impressed with: Made in USA… durability and ease of use.”

– David T., Massachusetts

“Impressed with: Made in USA!!!! Great quality!! Love the warming section. Replacing gas grill.”

– Jane T., Oregon

“Appears to be a great unit! Built solid as a tank. Beautiful stainless workmanship. Great powder coating. I did my ‘seasoning warmup’ tonight and now I am ready to roll.”

– William T., Michigan

“Impressed with: overall quality, the programmable temp controller, and did I say quality!”

– Jerrold T., Washington

“Impressed with: The Pellet Boss and that they are made in the USA. Replacing gas grill.”

– Robert T., Oregon

“Impressed with: Cold smoking and the taste of food. Replacing gas grill.”

– John T., Oregon

“Impressed with: Made in USA, customer support reputation.”

– Paul T., Colorado

“I am still in dis-belief of such great customer service, and I am happy to tell anyone interested in outdoor cooking the kind of loyalty to product—and customer—that MAK clearly demonstrates. Impressed with: Quality of construction, and the ALL MADE IN THE USA was most impressive. And the features and accessories that are available.”

– Tim T., North Carolina

“Impressed with: MADE IN USA, 5 degree temperature variances.”

– Ernie T., Oregon

“Impressed with: sturdiness, even temperature control, made in America, great reviews. Replacing gas grill.”

– Richard T., Oregon

“Impressed with: Made in the US, heavy duty materials, Pellet Boss best control system.”

– Chris U., Oregon

“Impressed with: The warming drawer and the meat probe. Replacing other brand of pellet grill.”

– Jeff U., Oregon

“I have an older [other pellet grill]. I love how it cooks, but the materials and workmanship are starting to deteriorate. I am impressed with the MAK stainless steel cooking chamber, 20 lb pellet bin, ease of cleaning, and overall quality. Like you said on your website—I think this is a lifetime grill.”

– Kevin U., California

“Impressed with: variable speed fan, cold smoke ability, pellet dump, all SS, controller. Replacing gas grill.”

– David, Connecticut

“It’s American made!

– Rachel V., California

“Love the grill. Impressed with everything!”

– Mic V., Oregon

“Fantastic build quality and great design for cleaning. Replacing gas grill and charcoal grill.”

– James V., Utah

“Impressed with: Quality of construction, Pellet Boss. American made! Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Luke V., South Dakota

“Impressed with: Made in America from American products. Stainless steel construction, solidly built. Made to last, not to throw away when it doesn’t work or rusts out. Pellet Boss controller. Like a Timex, takes a lickin and keeps on… uh… smokin.”

– Gary V., Washington

“Great grill, really well built. Just getting to know how to run the grill, but I just grilled one of the best steaks ever! Impressed with: easy to clean and change pellets. Replacing gas grill.”

– Ken V., Washington

“Impressed with: Quality, Wi-Fi. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– John V., Ohio

“Impressed with: How it was built, reputation. Replacing gas grill.”

– Lorraine V., Pennsylvania

“AMERICAN MADE! I bought [other pellet grill] first and the dealer sold it as American made. When I got home I found ‘made in China’ sticker and he refused to take it back.”

– Tom V., Illinois

“Impressed with: American made. Built like a tank. Stainless still grill was standard. Reputation. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Matt V., Georgia

“I have no ideas for improving perfection. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Dan V., Tennessee

“Impressed with: The fact that on this grill, virtually everything that sees heat is stainless steel.”

– Paul V., Oregon

“Impressed with: made in the USA and local.”

– Terry V., Oregon

“Impressed with: quality, features (i.e. SS construction, clean outs, cold smoke, etc.)”

– James V., Oregon

“Quality! Made in USA! Replacing gas grill.”

– Scott V., Illinois

“Impressed with: Made in America! Construction & features, grease trap & control. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Dan W., Washington

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss and Remote Boss. Replacing other pellet grill.”

– Kirk W., Oregon

“Excellent grill—makes me look like I can actually cook!!! Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Greg W., Oregon

“It’s the Cadillac of Grills.”

– John W., California

“I was very impressed with I finally saw how well built everything is. One of my concerns was the ability to sear a steak—I think once folks understand how well this does it will help them make their decision. Impressed with: The Pellet Boss programmer, and large dome hood.”

– Marty W., Washington

“Loved the sturdiness over the [other pellet grills] I looked at.”

– Keith W., Washington

“Looks, feels, and smells like a great grill. Can’t wait to taste it!”

– Mike W., Arizona

“Thank you for making a quality grill, I’m tired of my pellet grills falling apart and the paint coming off.”

– Chris W., Oregon

“Impressed with: People’s internet forum reviews and mention of your excellent customer service.”

– Bill W., Pennsylvania

“Impressed with: Overall construction, electronics. Replacing gas grill.”

– Loring W., Colorado

“Impressed with: the automation and quality. Replacing gas grill.”

– David W., Texas

“Well made and in the USA! Replacing charcoal grill.”

– John W., Idaho

“Well built, well reviewed, and made in USA! Replacing gas grill.”

– William W., California

“Impressed with: Performance, construction, reviews online, made in the USA. Replacing gas grill.”

– David W., Colorado

“You guys rock, special thanks to Bruce and Felicia for all their help. US made quality!”

– Tom W., Illinois

“The Pellet Boss and lower temperature ranges led me to choose the MAK over [other pellet grills]. I am already looking forward to the Pellet Boss (Wi-Fi).”

– Doug W., Colorado

“Impressed with: the accurate temperature probe and timer. Replacing gas grill.”

– Lloyd W., Florida

“Impressed with: quality of construction, built to last, as well as covering a range of cooking capabilities. Replacing gas grill.”

– Neil W., Idaho

“Impressed with: longevity, reliability, features. Replacing other pellet grill.”

– Brady W., Oregon

“Impressed with: Pellet Boss control. I love the user programs—I can actually sleep at night now. I used a stick burner for a short time, but that requires way too much attention. I then got an electric smoker, but that still required hourly addition of chips for the first few hours and didn’t quite yield the results I was expecting. I am also impressed with the construction. It is very solid and I’m sure it will last for many years.”

– Neil W., Utah

“Impressed with: the taller lid, more clearance on the inside top to bottom. Replacing other pellet grill.”

– Josh W., Kansas

“Thank you for the great customer service.”

– Bill W., California

“Impressed with: Quality. I have been following the comments on the internet BBQ forums, and I’ve been impressed with your improvements, and keeping your customers in the loop so they aren’t left out. Ease of use! Constant improvements! Made in USA. Replacing gas grill.”

– Fred W., Weidner

“I’m very happy I bought a MAK! I researched and compared many grills and, although pricey, the 2 Star General is well worth it. Impressed with: The Flame Zone—ability to smoke and grill. Replacing gas grill.”

– Robert W., Utah

“I had a great experience with my dealer (Aztec Rentals). He was very helpful and really enjoyed your product himself. Most impressed with: has to be the Pellet Boss. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Ken W., Texas

“Impressed with: The accuracy of the temperature and ability to time and control the process with the controller. Also, the great reviews. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Sam W., Washington

“Impressed with: construction, electronic control, grease drain, ash drain.”

– Tom W., Texas

“Impressed with: American Made, Flame Zone pan, quality construction. Replacing other pellet grill.”

– Will W., Oregon

“Impressed with: self-fed auger, wi-fi compatible, and most importantly MADE IN AMERICA. Replacing gas grill.”

– Erik W., North Carolina

“Very impressed with the quality of materials, instructions, and temperature control. Also the Pellet Boss controller, stainless steel construction, ash removal trap door, pellet removal door, record in competitions, and owner reviews. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– David W., Texas

“Impressed with: quick change pellet door and ash clean out, but most of all your staff, everyone is so great. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas to you and yours. Also, how could I forget ‘Made in America’.”

– David W., Florida

“Impressed with: digital Pellet Boss, Made in the USA. Replacing gas grill and charcoal grill.”

– Richard W., Florida

“Impressed with: overall design and recommendation found on Replacing gas grill.”

– James W., Wyoming

“This is the best thing I have bought in a long time… well built!! Hats off to you guys! Impressed with: Everything!!!”

– Aren W., Ontario CA

“Very user friendly! So excited to try it out.”

– Charlee W., Washington

“Awesome grill, very well constructed. Impressed with: Pellet Boss controller. Replacing gas grill.”

– Dan W., Alberta CA

“Impressed with: build quality, controller, fit and finish, reputation, made in America.”

– Doug W., Oregon

“Build quality and attention to detail is impressive! Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Kevin W., Washington

“While I haven’t tasted food of a MAK in the past, I have eaten food off a pellet cooker during a BBQ cooking class. The consistency of the product off the cooker was what sold me (and my wife). I can’t wait to start smokin’! Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Arthur W., North Carolina

“The electronics seem to work (as opposed to the [other pellet grill] I just got rid of). Also you have parts available which the [other pellet grill] had few of. This 2 Star appears to be built correctly, and engineered to function.”

– Don W., Oregon

“So far this grill has worked great with no issues. We ordered [other pellet grill], and had issues from the first start up electrically. So thank you! Now we are just working to become better smoker grillers after being gas grillers for 15+ years.”

– Mark W., Minnesota.

“I’ve never used a pellet grill before, in fact, this is the start of a whole new experience for me. There were a lot of competing grills out there at a lower price, but the fact that your company goes the extra mile to make it MADE IN THE USA made me give out the extra dough. I’m in the Coast Guard, and everyone always thanks me for my service. For all of the families you keep employed, I would like to say “Thank you for your service”. Replacing gas grill.”

– Allan W., South Carolina

“Well built, solid design that is built to last. American made! Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Aaron W., North Carolina

“Impressed with: quality, you stand behind your product. Replacing gas grill.”

– Dave W., Idaho

“Great smoke taste for all meats!”

– Edward W., Utah

“We’ve had the most tender & flavorful steaks since we got the MAK. My husband now says that I make the best steaks in the world. Thank you MAK! Replacing gas grill.”

– Pat W., Washington.

“I was in the market for a lesser (priced) grill, but the feature set and quality of your grill blew me away, and convinced me of the wisdom of the investment. Sam’s NW BBQ is a great ambassador for your product… I’d probably be grilling on something else but for his pride in these grills and his concern for the customer. Replacing gas grill.”

– Tim W., Oregon

“Quality, versatile, Oregon made!”

– Dan W., Washington

“Impressed with: quality and reviews. Replacing gas grill.”

– Rick W., Washington

“Seems like a very well made grill that could become a family heirloom. Looking forward to learning all the secrets of pellet grilling. Thanks! Replacing gas grill.”

– Craig W., Texas

“Solid build & easy to follow assembly instructions. Replacing gas grill.”

– Greg W., Oregon

“It’s a beautiful grill, and well built.”

– Edwin W., Oregon

“This is a fabulous grill! Your design and sturdy materials will make this last so much longer than our old grill. We had an original [other pellet grill] for 9 years. We knew this grill would be an upgrade—little did we know just how much. We love it. At this moment we have ribs smoking. Thank you for your great service also.”

– Deb W., Oregon

“My boss had replaced his [other pellet grill] with a MAK 2 Star General, and told me he has been very impressed with your grill. Replacing gas grill.”

– John W., Oregon

“Impressed with: construction, 3 probe outlets built in. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Jeremy W., Washington

“Impressed with: The Pellet Boss most of all. So many helpful features. However, the biggest reason I went with you guys was because of the reputation you seem to have all over the internet. All say excellent quality, great fit and finish, great customer service, and best of all, Made in America. Replacing gas grill.”

– Mark W., Pennsylvania

“I have been [another pellet grill] user for 12 years. Love the MAK.”

– Jon W., Virgina

“Impressed with: Built in America (Oregon, even!). Solid looking construction when compared to other pellet grills available. Favorable comments/views online. Replacing charcoal.”

– Steven W., Oregon

“Impressed with: quality of construction, made in the USA, precise temperature control.”

– Daniel W., Oregon

“Impressed with: full area perforated plate for direct heat grilling, full top rack for smoking more meat, warmer box, 3 extra meat probe inputs on the pellet boss. Replacing propane.”

– Tye W., Texas

“Your dealer Dave at Bart’s Blazin’ Q is awesome. He represents your product well, and his passion sells the BBQ/Smoker. Plus talking with you on the phone helped a LOT!!!!! Impressed with: Quality in manufacturing. People will always gravitate to quality. Plus made in USA is imperative. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Mark W., California

“I bought the MAK based on reading blogs and doing research. I live near the beach and needed the ‘marine grade’ stainless. Had a small [other pellet grill] and that is what got me hooked, and when it broke, I knew I had to step up to something bigger and nicer based on how much I used it. I have never spent $2500 on a BBQ, so I’m hoping I won’t have to again. As a buddy used to tell me “buy the best and cry once”. Matt at MAK helped with some questions about whether I could built the grill in, and sending pictures of how it would work. Al at Hennings was really good too. Very helpful. Impressed with: 304 stainless, pellet change feature, rolled lid that allows enough height for a turkey. Not really familiar with cold smoking but willing to try!”

– Jeff W., California

“Impressed with: Quality and Made in America, and I can buy local (Kennewick Ranch & Home). The [other pellet grill] I have does not work properly.”

– Rick W., Washington

“Impressed with: 1. Quality. 2. Made in USA. 3. Versatility (ability to sear, smoke, bake, cold smoke, etc.) 4. Excellent reviews on internet. 5. Dealer’s enthusiasm (Oakdale Ace Hardware)”

– David W., California

“Impressed with: the quality, and that it is made in the USA!! Replacing gas grill.”

– Matt W., Montana

“Impressed with: Quality of product as described in numerous reviews. Replacing gas grill.”

– Roy W., Texas

“Easiest assembly I’ve ever encountered with this type of product. Thank you!”

– Charles W., Texas

“Quality made in the USA. Replacing gas grill.”

– Mike W., Idaho

“Impressed with: Temperature control and the quality of workmanship. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Kurt W., Pennsylvania

“Awesome packing job; very well organized. This sucker is built like a tank! What really sold me was the consistent positive commentary regarding the Pellet Boss. It’s all about temperature control. Period. The other reason that made MAK an easy choice was the MAK customer service reputation. You folks build a quality American made product, and back it up with excellent customer service. Please keep doing what you’re doing.”

– Jon W., Illinois

“Packing was extremely good, nothing damaged. Impressed with: American made and customer reviews. Replacing gas grill.”

– David W., California

“Impressed with: being built in the USA & Electronic thermostat. Replacing other brand pellet grill.”

– Doug W., Texas

“Impressed with: quality of materials and good tasting tri-tip. Replacing gas grill.”

– Jerry W., Oregon

“Great grill, looking forward to mastering it. Impressed with: quality of construction, and an Oregon made product. Replacing gas grill.”

– Brent W., Oregon

“Impressed with: Ability to hold temperature in the grill. Well made! Replacing other brand of pellet grill.”

– Clarke Y., Idaho

“Impressed with: The overwhelming reviews I found online about how MAK grills are best in class.”

– Wayne Y., Oregon

“Impressed with: positive feedback from owners. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Colby Y., Missouri

“Impressed with: Remote Boss. Easy to remove fire pot. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Frank Y., Wisconsin

“I bought this smoker because it is American made. I was going to buy [other pellet grill] because my friend has one. But [other pellet grill] are made in China. I found really good reviews on the MAK 2 Star on the ‘smokers’ forums, so I paid more money for an American made product. Thank you. Impressed with: A lot of good chatter on the forums about the MAK 2 grill. This MAK 2 looks well made and should last a long time. Replacing gas grill.”

– Darryl Y., Ohio

“Impressed with: well built, made in the USA. Replacing gas grill.”

– Kevin Y., Colorado

“Impressed with: pellet change door, Pellet Boss with meat probe inputs, cold smoker tray.”

– Matt Y., Massachusetts

“I looked hard at a LNG grill system (I stubbed it to my deck in anticipation) but ultimately went pellet. Looked very hard at [other pellet grills] but the stars aligned with the MAK (see what I did there, with the stars? Ha!) Unit looks beautiful, thank you! Impressed with: US MADE, sturdy, reputation, control of temp, Wi-Fi & Cook profile ability. Replacing gas grill.”

– Russ Z., California

“Impressed with: American made. Quality, versatility, design with user in mind. User reviews. MAK cooking videos where I could see how the grill works, simplicity of design. As a mechanical engineer I look for design detail. Replacing charcoal.”

– Terry Z., Texas

“Impressed with: Multi- Use, stainless steel, Made in America!! Replacing gas grill.”

– Glen Z., Washington

“Impressed with: quality, stainless steel construction. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Thomas F., Georgia

“Love the smoker, impressed with the controller. Replacing propane grill.”

– Steve H., Texas

“Great build quality. Cannot wait to fire it up this weekend. Replacing other pellet grill.”

– Richard G., Colorado

“I like the quick turn-on and cook capability. I also like the ability to both smoke and grill on the same grill. Replacing propane grill.”

– Scott C., Ohio

“Impressed with: Made in USA, design & construction, pellet hopper, warmer box, grease chute and bucket. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Andy R., Texas

“Impressed with: digital display, thermostat, smoke setting. Replacing charcoal grill.”

– Eliceo R., Oregon

“Impressed with: construction, design and programming options. I’m replacing my (kamado style charcoal grill)—too much work for long cooks.”

– Al H., Utah

“Thanks for the great service and thanks for the great product.”

– Keith L., Washington

“Impressed with: quality and workmanship, ability to grill and smoke.”

– Randy B., Colorado

“Impressed with: Pellet boss and customer reviews about customer service.”

– Michael K., Iowa

“Impressed with: The Pellet Boss controller. It also seems that the upgrade path is such that the base model grill will not be obsolete after a few years like so many products today.”

– Aaron H., Iowa

“Friendly service and a good product!”

– Michael S, Illinois

“Reputation for awesome build quality and customer service.”

– Mike L., Illinois

“Impressed with: quick change for the pellets, easier to clean, American made.”

– Robert C., Illinois

“I’m very happy with the 1 Star so far. Impressed with: build quality and ease of cleanup. I appreciate that the 1 star was designed to do indirect smoking. I also love the three meat probes. The probes and the grease system are what sold me on your grill. Plus I love Oregon!”

– Derrell P., New Mexico

“Impressed with: made in USA, stainless steel.”

– David J., Nebraska

“I really like how solid the grill feels when using it. Nice Product!”

– Mark K., Pennsylvania

“Impressed with: The ability to monitor your food from anywhere. I have (another pellet grill) and I like the construction and the design of the MAK.”

– Morgan G., Washington

“Very nicely packed for shipping and the quality is as expected or better. Impressed with all the features.”

– Tom B., Washington

“Impressed with: build quality. Build quality. And build quality. Did I mention exceptional build quality. I’d equate to being on par with our Viking range. Oh, and Pellet Boss very nicely featured controller, plus LOVE the hopper empty trap door. Also though I’ve only used it 4 cooks (in 5 days ownership) must say impressed by its smoke production. Which had read about and have now confirmed.”

– Mike M., Washington

“Impressed with: reviews, especially on Amazing Ribs, on construction quality and temperature control.”

– John B., Virginia

“Love the MAK grill, would recommend to anyone. Impressed with: cold smoke feature, Bluetooth, memory of cooking preferences.”

– Jake B., Utah

“Impressed with: how energy efficient this device is and how little of pellets it uses for a long period of time.”

– Chandler P., Utah

“I know MAK Grills are high quality, and my dealer is high quality too (Eastside Barbecue).”

– Bradly G., Oregon

“Love the grill, so far I’m extremely impressed with Build quality, amount of smoke, and Pellet Boss.”

– Jeremy B., Oregon

“Impressed with: Stainless Steel, American Made, Great design overall.”

– Mike & Beth B., Oregon

“Impressed with: solid build, Pellet Boss, made in Oregon!”

– Tom F., Oregon

“Impressed with: 1. Pellet Boss, 2. Quality construction and 304 stainless, 3. Amount of smoke (my last pellet grill didn’t smoke much).”

– Dave R., Oregon

“Had fun at purchase! Enjoyed you folks! Impressed with: pellet changer, smoker box, flame zone pan, USA made.”

– Nick D., Oregon

“So far I am impressed. Lots of smoke, heats up fast, and holds temperature well.”

– Michael F., Montana

“Impressed with the workmanship—very well built machine.”

– Tanya F., Montana

“Impressed with: versatility. It’s a do it all grill.”

– Brad E., Kansas

“Impressed with quality and ability to smoke and grill. AMERICAN MADE!!!!”

– Paul S., Kansas

“Impressed with: ease of use. Consistently good results.”

– Clinton M., Colorado

“Impressed with the quality of the parts on the grill. Also, really like the coating (finish) applied to the outside of the grill.”

– Clifford C., California

“Keep up the good work guys! Through all my research it seems that you make an excellent product and that, in my opinion, comes from hard work and a love for what you do. The Pellet Boss and the fact that it is made out of Marine grade SS in America were major driving points for me.”

– Jonathan R., California

“The quality and the reviews were exceptional. Found out about MAK Grills on Big Poppa Smokers forum.”

– Daniel R., California

“Impressed with: Quality of manufacturing, quality of stainless steel used. Impressed with the way the system can maintain temperature.”

– John C., Connecticut

“Very Nice work!!!! From design to the materials used to the craftsmanship in manufacturing to the care in how it was packaged for shipping, all well done, thank you. Although each single feature (craftsmanship, material, Pellet Boss, pellet dump door, removable burn pot, flame zone, etc.) stands out on its own, it is the combination of them all being incorporated in one grill that really impressed me.”

– Paul K., Washington

“Overall, made in America build quality and simplicity of operation was impressive.”

– Michael M., North Carolina

“Impressed with: build quality, made in USA, temperature control, the ability to grill and smoke with the same unit.”

– David L., Iowa

“I’ve cooked many a fine meal on the MAK 2 Star.”

– Glenn D., California

“Impressed with: Flexibility (hot smoking, cold smoking, grilling), Stainless Steel construction, easy cleaning.”

– Farrell B., Utah

“Impressed with: made in the USA, and locally. Precise temperature, ability to program the probes. Ability to slow cook AND grill with grill marks. Reviews from the internet were all good.”

– Ellen M., Oregon

“Lots of smoke for a pellet grill… Impressed with: cold smoking chamber.”

– Kevin B., Colorado

“Impressed with: Fit and build quality. AMERICAN MADE, THANK YOU!!!”

– Mark W., New York

“Impressed with: Stainless steel, precision fabrication, Pellet Boss accuracy, completely made in USA. Katrina made it happen.”

– Tom H., Pennsylvania

“Have used this grill several times now—just simple things like hamburgers and steak: GREAT!!! Great reviews, especially about temperature control.”

– Dan B., Montana

“Impressed with: Made in USA, display settings, stainless steel durability, size.”

– Marianus V., California

“Thank you for the great product! Best controller on the market, great customer service (as per many online reviews and comments). Impressed with: the fact that many new improvements are possible to be retrofitted. American made, stainless steel for key components.”

– Gueorgui G., South Carolina

“Made in USA. Very good reviews and feedback from others.”

– Swede F., Oregon

“Well built. Impressed with: comments about amount of smoke produced by the MAK by those who use them.”

– Jack F., Indiana

“Solid construction, made in USA. I go out of my way to support the home team! Thanks guys!”

– Ian O., Nebraska

“Keep building the best pellet smoker-grill and controller on the market! Impressed with: the precision manufacturing and the pellet boss controller.”

– Peter J., California

“Impressed with: Materials, workmanship, functionality.”

– Paul K., Arizona

“Well built and easy to use.”

– Steven M., Washington

“Made in the USA! The quality and craftsmanship is unmatched when compared to competitors.”

– Brent R., California

“Absolutely love my new 2 Star General. Being from Oregon makes it even better. Design, materials, build quality are all ‘A1’.”

– William P., California

“Impressed with: construction and heat management. Liked the idea of a warmer section too.”

– John H., California

“Impressed with: Heavy stainless steel construction, immediate customer support.”

– H Preston N., California

“Solid construction, innovative design, manufactured in USA, cold smoking/warmer box, ease of pellet controller set-up, solid casters/excellent mobility, sharp appearance. As an owner, I love the results and use the MAK nearly every weekend outside of the dead of winter to smoke pork butts, brisket, and ribs, or to grill fish, burgers, chicken, tenderloins, etc.”

– Jerry D., Illinois

“Eastside Barbecue is a first class dealer!! Quality to the 10th power!!”

– Michael C., Oregon

“Sam’s NW BBQ had a great selection of high-end smokers and pellet grills, and the MAK 2 Star General stood out among the lot of them. Great place to shop, and a great MAK dealer! Impressed with: beautiful grills with well earned reputation. Have only cooked with it a couple of times, but very impressed. Can’t imagine going back to the [other pellet grill] now…”

– Jace F., Oregon

“All American and locally made!”

– Guy W., Oregon

“Impressed with: quality materials, great fit and finish, seems very durable. Appears to be designed with maintenance in mind. Tight tolerances on temp control, programmability with built-in probes, warming box is a must have that many do not understand. Flamezone is an awesome development that extends the utility of a pellet BBQ, can’t wait to try it for grilling. In the end, I can’t focus on “a feature”, as I was looking for the whole package; that is what sets MAK apart.”

– Garry D., Oregon

“Impressed with: the smoker, grill ability and slow smoker. Also, the pellet “drain” makes it really easy to change out pellets. I can’t wait to try out everything on my MAK.”

– Rich G., California

“Impressed with: ease of use accurate temp control, craftsmanship.”

– Tom K., Washington

“Very well built when compared to others.”

– Steven H., Oregon

“Impressed with: American made, quality components used, built to last.”

– Joel I., Florida

“Great quality of hardware so far. Shipment was well packed and protected. Instructions were straight forward and easy to put together. Impressed with: quality of workmanship and materials.”

– Eric C., Pennsylvania