Pellet Boss Controller


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Take total control of your MAK Grill with The Pellet Boss® Controller. Engineered locally and exclusively for MAK Grills, our proprietary Pellet Boss® Controller is the ultimate convenient control solution for the perfect outdoor cooking experience every time.

Available to existing MAK customers only. Call 503-623-1234 to upgrade today.

Product Info & Specifications

Pellet Boss Controller Description

To put it bluntly, no other pellet grill on the market even comes close to the level of temperature control, and fuel consumption allowed by the MAK Pellet Boss® controller. Exclusive to MAK Grills, and a standard feature on each and every American-Made MAK grill, the Pellet Boss is one of the reasons our grills are in a class of their own.


This innovative control is fed information from the industrial thermocouple inside the grill to manage both fuel and fan speeds. The result is extremely accurate temperature control. Simply set your desired cooking temperature in 5-degree increments and use up to three meat/temperature probes. When your food reaches the programmed probe temperature, an audible alert lets you know that the food is done.

For more advanced cooking, you can create custom cooking programs which change the grill temperature using pre-set meat probe temperatures or time. The Pellet Boss® also lets you set elapsed time and/or countdown timers with audible alerts. The Pellet Boss will quite simply give you ultimate control over your grill, and allow you to recreate the same results over and over.

Total Control

  • American Engineering
  • Real time temperature control & display
  • SMOKE setpoint for industry leading voluminous clean smoke output
  • Setpoint temperature control up to 450°F
  • GRILL mode for ambient temperatures up to 600°F (can be hotter at the grate level)
  • Count down and elapsed timers
  • Up to 3 user customized cooking programs
  • Alerts for setpoint, timers, probes, user programs, abnormalities
  • Industrial K-Style thermocouple probe connections

Pellet Boss Controller Specifications

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