Introducing the 2-Star Built-In & Smoker Box

Greetings MAK Family,

We have seen many of our customers use their 2-Star General as part of their outdoor kitchen designs, incorporating it into the countertops or building a custom shell to house the grill, and over the last few years we have been designing a 2-Star General that could be built in easily.

Our 2-Star General Built In model utilizes some of the design behind our 3-Star General on the scale of a 2-Star General! It is entirely made out of stainless steel, and will come with all of the standard features of our grills – integrated Wi-Fi, Pellet Dump Door, Grease Drawer, and more!

Our 2-Star General Built In model will retail for $4,499.

As if that wasn’t enough already, we are also announcing our Warmer/Smoker addition to our 2-Star General Built In and our 3-Star General! Now you can cold smoke cheese, nuts, and fish on your 3-Star General or add it to the 2-Star General Built In to finish off your outdoor kitchen!

Our Built In Smoker Box will retail for $1,499.

Thank you for supporting U.S. manufacturing and being part of the MAK Family.