We’re a 2019 AmazingRibs.com Platinum Medal Winner!

We’re proud to announce that AmazingRibs.com, a top online resource for barbecue, smoking and outdoor cooking, awarded our One-Star General a Platinum Medal! We are an AmazingRibs.com platinum medal winner.

Best value platinum medal award from amazingribs.com given to Mak Grills.


All well-seasoned pelletheads are probably already familiar with them, but if not, we strongly recommend checking out their site! AmazingRibs.com launched in 2005 as a passion project that eventually evolved into one of the top online BBQ resources in America. Website Founder, Meathead Goldwyn, is not only a BBQ fanatic but also a New York Times bestselling author. The site provides a wealth of information, including cooking tips, grilling techniques, equipment recommendations, recipes, and the latest food news.

“It is our mission to make you a better cook and have your family and friends worship you. If you spend any time on this site you can see that we work very hard to be factual, accurate, detailed, informative, and innovative.”

– Meathead Goldwyn


Good question! You may be familiar with their site, but maybe not as familiar with their ratings and reviews system, so we’ll give you the quick 411. Their medal system is based on three criteria:

  1. Features
  2. Construction quality
  3. Value

At AmazingRibs.com, they have created a huge Equipment Reviews section with a searchable database of hundreds of reviews and ratings of smokers and grills. From this massive database, they have drawn their 2019 Platinum Medal Award-winning grills and smokers (formerly known as Pitmaster Awards). In making their selections, they tried to cover a wide range of designs and prices and pick the best of each breed.

And that’s MAK! An AmazingRibs.com Platinum Medal Winner

The One Star, Two Star and Three Star General Grills from Mak Grills


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