The MAK Funnel FlameZone System revolutionizes pellet grilling. Generate more smoke, more efficiently. Switch to grilling quickly and effortlessly. Reach searing hot temperatures, faster.

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Standard on all MAK Grills as of May 1, 2020. Available as a retrofit or upgrade on all Two-Star Generals before serial #3191 and One-Star Generals with serial #1093 to #1692.

We designed the FlameZone® to incorporate a funnel that forces more hot air from the fire-pot upwards to the cooking grate level. This substantially increases the top-end cooking temperatures on the grill. This system helps your MAK Grill achieve hotter cooking temperatures more quickly. It also reduces heat recovery time whenever the grill lid is opened.

**Customers with MAK 1-Star Grills with Serial Number 1091 and below, please get in touch with us before ordering the FlameZone Kit.**

Made entirely from American 304 stainless steel, our FlameZone™ technology takes pellet grill versatility to the next level. Not only can you smoke your favorite foods to perfection, you can grill and sear with direct heat through the perforated holes.

MAK Grills feature a centrally-located removable firepot that sits in the middle of the pit. The FlameZone™ uses a funnel system that sits just above the firepot to divert heat toward the primary cooking surface. A diffuser fits directly over the top of the firepot and inside the funnel to evenly disperse heat to the cooking surface.

The FlameZone™ pan sits under the primary grill grates and covers the entire funnel. 88 perforated holes in the top allow heat to pass through, and will enable you to use the entire primary cooking space of the smoker as a grill—direct heat but the indirect flame will allow you to capture a perfect sear without drying out your food. It also means you won’t have food or grease falling directly into your firepot.

When you want to switch back to smoking, baking, or roasting (i.e., indirect cooking), cover the perforations in the FlameZone™ pan with our stainless-steel covers. With a separate lid for the front and back, you can even cover the back section to smoke a steak and then move it to the front uncovered section for a nice reverse sear.

The FlameZone™ has revolutionized our grills. Not only is heat redirected to the grate (where it’s most needed), the funnel system means your pit will reach setpoint temps faster. You’ll also see better heat distribution, more efficient pellet consumption, much hotter grilling temps, and more smoke, all due to the superior heat management of the FlameZone™ system.

It improves so many aspects of pellet grill cooking you’ll kick your gas or charcoal grill to the curb!

The MAK FlameZone™ comes standard on all 2-Star Grills, and is available as a retrofit kit for 2-Star Grills built before the 2017 model. You can also purchase a FlameZone™ kit for MAK 1-Star Grills (older models may require a Quick-Change kit rather than the complete funnel system).

FlameZone Specifications

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Customers who live in extreme rural or secluded areas will be responsible for paying additional shipping charges which are not covered under our regular residential delivery. Please inquire prior to making your purchase with us. Call (503) 623-1234 or email: [email protected]. Someone MUST be available to receive the grill at time of delivery.

When placing orders online, please allow 3-5 days for grills to ship from our facility. For accessory-only online orders, please allow 2-3 days. Thank you!

6 reviews for FlameZone

  1. Tim

    Alright, so about a year and a half ago I spent hours and weeks researching pellet grills and decided on the 2 Star General as it had the best controller of all the units I looked at. I had read about other products needing countless firmware updates to correct problems with their operation or others that did not have a feedback loop from inside the grill area to precisely control the heat. I was looking to buy a grill that would REMOVE the skill from smoking meat, not make me a beta tester for an unrefined product. I can happily say that after over a year of ownership I am extremely happy with my purchase. The 2 Star General works exceedingly well for what it was designed. It gives outstanding results and is truly plug and play. One tip – if you intend to grill with direct head (at high heat) with the Flame Zone covers removed you should heat the grill to your desired temperature and saturate the grill with heat BEFORE you put anything on to cook. If you can afford this unit you will not regret the purchase.

  2. Leif

    I have had my MAK with the Flamezone for about a year and a half now and I am loving the this product. I was tired of smoking on one unit and then grilling on another so chose to add the Flamezone to my MAK 1 Star General. I will tell you that this product performs as advertised and is worth every penny. I can now smoke when I want to smoke and I can grill and get those beautiful grill marks if i choose all on the same unit. One note, this is not a cheap flimsy project like you will see in so many smokers today… This accessory is built like a tank and will last a lifetime. As with all MAK products the quality, pride and workmanship are the best you will find in the industry. Made in America – Keep it going MAK!

  3. Lee

    I upgraded my 2-Star General with the new flamezone and igniter and I’m very pleased with both. The flamezone seems to hold temperature better than the older version did. This is really nice for me since most of my cooking is low and slow. I have noticed too that it does get a little hotter on the high-end which makes it easier to sear steaks (at least in summer!). One additional thing I like about the Maks in general – once a year, I pull out the flamezone parts and power wash them to get the heavy duty grease and gunk off. The high quality stainless steel parts (304 as I recall) can take the power washing, where I would not have done that with a lesser competitor’s parts.

  4. Michael

    I have the Flamezone as part of my II Star General and it has exceeded my expectations. I initially bought my MAK with a full focus on low and slow smoking. I have other tools in my grilling arsenal and had not planned to grill, reverse sear, or cook at high temps with my MAK. Boy was I wrong!

    After months of superb low and slow cooking, I had six rib eye steaks lined up for dinner and I thought I’d give the MAK a shot since I had been smoking all afternoon with it. The set up of the Flamezone allowed the perfect reverse sear by letting me leave half the plates on, and half off exposing direct heat for grilling. The steaks were the perfect mix of smoke and grill flavor….all with perfect grill marks that I was worried would be unachievable on my pellet grill.

    If making the decision between a I star and a II star, the Flamezone feature on the new II Stars should help you decide towards a II star. If you don’t have the Flamezone on your current MAK or will be buying a I star, I highly recommend this add on feature! It is well worth it.

  5. Aaron Kass

    I upgraded my 2 star to this new flame zone and can’t be happier. The heat recovery is amazing and I can now reverse sear starting at 225 and once they are ready for the sear it only takes 10 min. I can’t say enough good things about MAK and the craftsmanship. Cleaning the ash is also easier with the new set up. If your debating about the upgrade don’t hesitate.

  6. James Pzinski (verified owner)

    I love my 1 Star for low and slow cooking so I decided to add the flameZone so I could grill a steak. Unfortunately that decision turned out to be a $400 mistake as the grill still will not get hot enough to sear or produce grill marks. I discussed situation with MAK and they suggested a firmware update and use oak pellets. I did both and while I got 20-30 degree increase in ambient temperature it still not enough to sear. I read about people catching their fatty ribeyes on fire with their flameZone but that won’t happen on mine.

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