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MAK Mobile allows you to operate your grill using any device with a web browser. Change and set grill temperatures, set meat probe alerts, receive text or email notification alerts anywhere, anytime.

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MAK Mobile Description

MAK Grills Mobile® lets you monitor your cook from iOS, Android, or other device with a web browser via your home wi-fi network.

With MAK Grills Mobile® you can:

  • Set, monitor, and change grill temperatures instantaneously.
  • Create and implement unlimited recipe programs to control hours of cooking automatically and to your exact specifications.
  • Create and receive notification alerts by email or text message when your grill or probes reach predetermined temperatures.
  • Turn your grill off remotely once your cook has finished.

MAK Grills Mobile® Wifi takes the convenience and smart control of pellet grilling to a new level with smart, wireless, grilling.

MAK Mobile Specifications

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Customers who live in extreme rural or secluded areas will be responsible for paying additional shipping charges which are not covered under our regular residential delivery. Please inquire prior to making your purchase with us. Call (503) 623-1234 or email: [email protected]. Someone MUST be available to receive the grill at time of delivery.

When placing orders online, please allow 3-5 days for grills to ship from our facility. For accessory-only online orders, please allow 2-3 days. Thank you!

2 reviews for MAK Mobile

  1. Leif

    I went big when I purchased my MAK 1 Star General and purchased the MAK Mobile with it. This feature is outstanding and very user friendly! There are too many features to even start listing but wanted to let everyone that this accessory is fabulous and worth the money! Thank you MAK…

  2. Michael

    If you are a MAK owner, this is an absolute must buy. …..Unless, you plan to be stationed near year grill for your multi-hour low and slow cooks! I bought this as part of my MAK II Star General purchase and it is has become an essential part of my bbq experience and arsenal. It has also blown people’s minds when I show them the status of my brisket cook from my iphone.

    Installation is very straight forward and should be achievable in well under an hour even for the novice. Once up and running, you log into the MAK Mobile application from any internet browser and you can see cook status, change grill temps, even turn off your grill from anywhere. Should you experience any issue, I have learned first hand that MAK’s commitment to customer service and support for everything they sell is exceptional.

    The best parts? The below features are based on my usage of the MAK Mobile after over half a year of steady cooks.

    Real time temp. information wherever you are. (grill and food!)
    MAK Mobile will show you the target temperature you’ve set for the grill, the current internal grill temp, and temperature readings from up to three temperature probes (if you have all three). Wake up in the middle of the night and check the brisket temp. from your bed. Out at the farmer’s market or your child’s soccer game…check and see if you are still in the brisket stall.

    Modify temperature settings wherever you are.
    You’re still at the farmer’s market and your MAK Mobile tells you your pork shoulder is at 150 degrees when you thought you had another hour to get there. Simply dial the grill target temperature back to what you desire….all from your MAK Mobile.

    Turn the grill off remotely.
    A final option when you want your food to rest but are in bed, out and about, sitting in front of the game on TV in the basement and don’t want to move….you can turn your grill off remotely via MAK Mobile.

    Graphs and programs.
    Unless you’ve achieved true pitmaster expertise, you are still trying to learn from your cooks. The MAK mobile provides temperature graphs over the length of your cook so you can watch the time it takes to reach internal grill temp and internal food temps. You can literally see the brisket stall on a graph.

    While learning from the graphs would be good enough….the MAK Mobile let’s you set up cook programs to take your experience to the next level. You can set your grill to run at one temperature for a period of time, or until an internal food temperature is reached and then direct the grill to set a new temperature and so one.

    The naysayers?
    Some may say a tool like this takes the fun out of smoking. For me, a major driver of getting into a pellet smoker vs. a stick burner was a level of added convenience and consistency. I absolutely still get to enjoy being hands on when cooking with my MAK, but the MAK Mobile helps provide a level of convenience, consistency, and control that sets it apart from the pack. And we all know that distractions happen. The amount of meat I’ve saved by being able to control my cook while away from the grill has probably paid for this essential add on.

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