Bacon Wrapped Asparagus Recipe

12 Days of Flavor

On the sixth day of Christmas my MAK Grill made for me: six asparaguses a grilling, five golden shrimp kabobs, four prime ribs, three smoked turkeys, two ham glazes and ribs competition ready.

Tender Bacon Wrapped Asparagus (Serves 4-8)

Fresh asparagus is delicious when it’s grilled. It’s even better when you wrap each of the spears with a slice of bacon! Instead of using the same type of bacon you always do, look for some of the more “exotic” flavors like Bourbon Smoked, Brown Sugar, Maple Smoked or other artisanal flavored bacon to create a different flavor profile.

There is no set standard as to how many spears of Asparagus are in a bunch. One pound of asparagus yields approximately 30-40 spears for small stalks, 20-30 for standard and 12-18 for large stalks.


  • 1 lb. fresh asparagus
  • 1 package of thick sliced bacon (depending on how long the stalks are, you might want to cut the bacon slices in half)
  • 3 tablespoons of barbecue rub (and/or salt and pepper to taste)
  • toothpicks
  • optional: MAK Griddle


  1. Rinse the asparagus under cold water.
  2. Shake and towel pat dry.
  3. Remove the bacon from the package and wrap one slice around each stalk of asparagus. (If the stalks are short, cut the bacon in half vertically)
  4. Secure bacon with a toothpick.
  5. Lightly sprinkle the bacon wrapped stalks with seasoning.


  1. Fire up your MAK and adjust the temperature to 400F
  2. Allow grill to come up to temperature. (If you are using a griddle, be sure to put that in place before starting your grill)
  3. Place asparagus spears on cooking grates vertically so that they do not fall through the grates or place in a lightly greased griddle.
  4. Cook approximately 6 minutes per side, or until bacon is crisp.
  5. Remove spears from the grill.
  6. Discard the toothpicks and serve.


Show Off Your Skills

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