Digital & Mobile Accessories

MAK RemoteBoss Controller

Remote Boss

Control your Pellet Boss up to 300 feet away via the Bluetooth-enabled Remote Boss. Spend less time at the grill and more time with friends and football.

MAK Grills Icon

MAK Mobile

MAK Mobile allows you to operate your grill using any device with a web browser. Change and set grill temperatures, set meat probe alerts, receive text or email notification alerts anywhere, anytime.

MAK Pellet Boss Boot

Remote Boss Boot

This rubber boot fits over the back and sides of the Remote Boss and provides protection and a better grip on your wireless remote. Available in Black or Blue. Made in the USA.

K-Style Probe Coiled Up

K-Style Meat Probes

The K-Style Industrial-Grade Meat Probe sets a new industry standard for reliability, accuracy, and durability. Rated for 650°F, this USA-made probe will help you cook to perfection for years to come.

M4 meat probe not compatible with K-Style connections

M4 Meat Probe

The M4 Meat Probe is a legacy item, only compatible with grills bought prior to 5/1/2019 that have not been updated to the new K-style controller. The M-4 Probe has a stainless steel cable and probe for durability and easy cleaning. Carries a one year limited warranty. The probe should NOT be used at cooking temperatures above 350F. Made in USA.