MAK Grills Changes & Pricing in 2020

At MAK Grills, innovation is a way of life. Bob’s tireless mind simply won’t let him rest on his laurels. He’s always thinking of ways to make the best pellet grills on the market even better.

Of all the ground-breaking features he’s introduced over the years, one of the most revolutionary is the FlameZone system. It allows users to switch easily between smoking and grilling, and protects food cooked over direct heat from drying out or causing grease fires. The stainless steel funnel pushes heat directly into the cooking chamber helping to reach and maintain temps faster while conserving on pellet consumption, and the perforated pan allows you to sear or smoke with minimum effort.

Until now, the FlameZone has only come standard on the Two-Star General, but that’s about to change.

Experience the FlameZone on every MAK Grill

Due to its popularity and effectiveness, the FlameZone system will now be included with every grill. There are more benefits of the FlameZone than people often realize. The MAK Grills experience is driven by a series of best-in-class components and painstakingly designed systems working together to create incredible results. When one of these systems is absent, the experience just isn’t the same. That’s why all of our grills will now come standard with our funnel FlameZone system.

The new One-Star General with FlameZone will sell for $1,999, significant savings over the previous cost of buying the two together. This slight price increase will offset the cost of adding the nearly forty pounds of 304 stainless steel that goes into making the FlameZone.

The Three-Star General has been redesigned for 2020 and is bigger and better than ever. It will now come with two full FlameZone systems, in addition to other changes and features that will be discussed in further detail in the coming months. 

Rising materials costs mean the Two-Star General will also increase in price. The Two-Star General will be priced at $2,999 and will now include two K-style meat probes and your choice of upper grate. An all-stainless steel version of the Two-Star General will also debut in the very near future, so stay tuned! Priced at $4,499, it will include a cabinet door, a full set of meat probes, and three upper grates.

Both the One and Two-Star Generals are available in the current configuration and at the current price, while supplies last, until May 1, 2020.

Inventory is limited. If you want a MAK Grill at the current price, order soon! There’s no time like the present to join the MAK Family. The current pricing on the Two-Star General will be honored until May 1, 2020; One-Star General Grills at the current price and without the FlameZone will only be available while supplies last.

Buy with Confidence

We make the best pellet grills in the world. We know it. The MAK Family knows it. We hope you will soon know it, too. Still, we know this is a substantial investment and we’re asking you to make it without ever laying hands on the product. We want you to be as confident as we are about your purchasing decision. That’s why we are instituting a return policy. Our products are built to the highest standards, of the best materials, and undergo extensive quality control procedures. We’re confident that you’ll be blown away by the build quality. If you’re not, pack it back up for a return within 30 days. We’ll take it back and issue a full refund. Know that once you burn in the grill, it’s yours.

In an ideal world, nothing ever stays the same. In an ideal world, good things get better, and better things become best. At MAK, we’re committed to only making the best, and we thank you for standing with us as we work to perfect your outdoor cooking experience.

Stay tuned for more innovations and announcements in the coming months, we have a lot planned!

If you have any questions, please write to us at [email protected]


Happy cooking!