The Joy of Being a Pellethead

Where It All Began

Interview With OG Pellethead: Bruce Bjorkman

The Joy of Being a Pellethead with Mak Grills


When Did You First Become a Pellethead?

I first became a “pellethead” back in 1991, when the very first pellet grills hit the market. Prior to that time, I’d been strictly a charcoal and wood barbecue fanatic. At first, I honestly thought pellet grills were just toys. That was until I saw the smoke ring the grill produced, and the wonderful, intense flavor of the meat cooked on the pellet grill. I was sold in just a couple of bites! Since then, I’ve been cooking exclusively on pellet grills, both in my backyard and at barbecue competitions throughout the Northwest. We consistently won ribbons cooking on our pellet grill.

What Do You Love Most About Cooking on a Pellet Grill?

I think the aspect I most love about cooking on a pellet grill is the ease of use. Set your temperature, and let the grill do the work. No more having to constantly monitor the grill to attain and maintain the cooking temperature. No more flare-ups or having to add more fuel. Fill the hopper with barbecue pellets, plug the grill in, start it, set the temperature and you’re cooking.

Through the years, I’ve talked with literally thousands of pellet grill owners, who like me, proclaim, “I’m the best cook on the block!” Pellet grills take the guess-work out of outdoor cooking. What used to be a challenge to cook is now a joy, with predictable, flavorful results.

When Did You First Hear About MAK?

In late 2009, I got introduced to the MAK 2 Star General. I was blown away by the many innovative feature that NONE of the other brands of pellet grills had. When I took it home and cooked my first meal–ribeye steaks–I was floored by the fact that I could actually SEAR a steak on a pellet grill. Even my wife commented favorably on how much better a MAK smoked steak was compared to our former brand of pellet grill.  Then, there’s the Warmer/Smoker box. WOW! Imagine being able to create cold smoked cheese and nuts in less than an hour! Or cold smoking avocados for guacamole. It can be done on a MAK 2 Star.

The Pellet Boss® controller is the most advanced in the pellet grill industry. It’s light years ahead of any other pellet grill. Not to mention the Remote Boss™ and MAK Grills Mobile™ wireless controls, which have become the standard by which all other pellet grills are judged. This is true innovation, which is what makes America manufacturing the best in the world. It’s also the driving force here at MAK Grills—always looking for ways to make our grills better.

Even if I didn’t work here, I’d tell you the same thing–MAK is the best of the best. You’ll only have to buy it one time and enjoy it for decades to come.  For those of you who are already “pelletheads”, and are looking at upgrading to a MAK, I’d tell you, “At night, when your grill is sleeping, it’s dreaming of becoming a MAK Grill!” Come over to the pellet side of life. You’ll have a load of fun, and get to eat some of the tastiest food you’ve ever had!

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