Candied Bacon Recipe

Cook Time: Approximately 20-30 Minutes

Savory, sweet, sticky, sugary, salty goodness. Candied bacon; just those two words together have our mouths watering. Need the perfect topping to the burger you just smoked to perfection on your Two-Star General? What about the ultimate choice in savory sprinkles to expertly balance your sweet dessert like a pro? Look no further. This candied bacon recipe is the answer to every question you have in life (almost).

Bacon on MAK Grill backyard party

Ingredients For Our Candied Bacon Recipe

  • 1 package thick-cut bacon
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • 2 tsp cayenne pepper (add more for heat if you’re feeling feisty)

Preparation & Cooking

  1. On a platter, lay out the bacon strips.
  2. In a bowl, combine brown sugar and cayenne pepper.
  3. Lightly sprinkle dry mixture over bacon strips.
  4. With FlameZone™ covers removed, start the grill and adjust setpoint temperature to 325°F.
  5. Preheat grill, approximately 10 minutes.
  6. Lay bacon strips horizontally on the grates above the FlameZone™ and cook for about 20 minutes, or until bacon is cooked to your liking.

General Tip:

The term “high on the hog” refers to premium hog cuts that demanded higher retail prices. The phrase originated during the 1770s, around the time of the American War for Independence.

A great picture of candied bacon getting ready for our delicious recipe

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